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자동차 전문방송, 이차저차 show

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[자동차에 대한 모든 정보], [팟캐스트 방송 최초 자동차 전문 방송] 자동차 상식, 브랜드스토리, 법규, 시승기, 현장취재, 업계에 대한 모든 이야기!

By 팟빵오리지널

Excited Utterance show

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Excited Utterance is a legal podcast that interviews authors of new or forthcoming legal scholarship in the areas of evidence and proof.

By Edward K. Cheng

The Laracasts Snippet show

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The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development. Nothing more, nothing less. Hosted by Jeffrey Way.

By Jeffrey Way

The Global Mom Show: The Podcast for Moms with Global Worldviews show

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THE GLOBAL MOM SHOW connects moms around the world who are seeking to live with a global vision right where they are. Whether in their home countries or abroad, moms from around the world share their experiences as expats, immigrants, aid workers, diplomats, or homebodies. Anyone can be a Global Mom, all it takes is a love for the world and a desire to share that with your kids. We talk cultural differences, travel, educating global kids, teaching languages, bilingualism, learning, and basically anything you want. Sign up for the newsletter and find show notes at!

By Mary Grace Otis: Writer / Traveler / Globally-Minded Mom

Real English Conversations show

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Listen to English Conversation Lessons in American English

By Real English Conversations

Learn Spanish online for free - show

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Learn to speak Spanish with our free lessons, podcasts, videos, tips and tricks. Improve your Spanish listening skills. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently once and for all. Speak Spanish automatically and effortlessly. Start here!: <a href="">Learn How To Speak Spanish</a>. You'll also learn about Spanish culture, gastronomy, breaking news, useful expressions... Real Spanish! Transcripts, tests and other resources available for free at: <a href=""></a>. --- Español: Aprende a hablar español con nuestras lecciones gratis, podcasts, vídeos, consejos y trucos. Mejora tu comprensión oral del español. Aprende cómo hablar español de forma fluida de una vez por todas. Habla español de forma automática y sin esfuerzo. ¡Empieza aquí!: <a href="">Cómo aprender español</a>. Aprenderás cosas sobre la cultura española, gastronomía, noticias de actualidad, expresiones útiles... ¡Español auténtico! Transcripciones, tests, y otros recursos disponibles de forma gratuita en: <a href=""></a>.

By Vanesa y Alex

Jazz Piano School show

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Have you tried learning jazz piano before and felt frustrated? I created Jazz Piano School to provide a roadmap that would enable to learn jazz piano with ease and success. Learning jazz piano can be like navigating through a dark forest without light. In this podcast I will educate you using Jazz Piano School's learning category system of, Technique, Theory, Repertoire, and Improvisation. I also include interviews from well known jazz pianists such as Eric Reed, and provide analysis to solo's. Jazz Piano School is dedicated to bringing you the highest and most structured jazz piano education so that you may learn and progress with ease. Feel free to visit our website at for more!

By Brenden Lowe : Professional Jazz Pianist and Jazz Piano Educator

Leaders Huddle show

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Developed and produced by the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) and the Center for Company-level Leaders (CCL) at the United States Military Academy, West Point New York. This podcast features engaging discussions and is intended to educate and inspire to current and future generations of junior officers and other company level leaders in the US Army. Published every other week, the content of this podcast will help develop your capacity as a leader and provide actionable guidance for improving your organization.


Learn French with French Podcasts - Français avec Pierre show

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Learn French listening to French podcasts made by French teacher Pierre. You can often have the podcast transcripts in the BLOG . Whenever there is a transcript available, I will put the blog post URL in the podcast episode description, please check it out. You can learn and improve your French listening to the podcasts with lots of interesting topics, French lessons and a lot more. Learn French the fun and easy way!<br> <br> Aprender francés es muy fácil con los podcasts en francés de Pierre. Muchos de ellos vienen con la trasncripción, así que busca la url del post del blog en la descripción del podcast cuando esté disponible. Aprende y mejora tu francés con estas clases de francés de la mano de Pierre, profesor de francés en las Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas de Madrid.<br> <br> Apprendre le français c’est facile avec Pierre. Ecoute ces podcasts en français et regarde la transcription quand c’est disponible (je mettrai la url dans la description de l’épisode). Tu trouveras des petits cours ou des podcasts sur des sujets divers.<br>

By Pierre - Français avec Pierre

Watching the Tudors show

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Husband and wife watch The Tudors. He knows nothing about the 16th century. She has been podcasting about Renaissance England since 2009. In this episode by episode guide he'll ask her questions, and they'll discuss the stories behind the drama, looking at what really happened at the Tudor court. We think it's a fun way to make the 16th century more accessible, and any excuse to see more of Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a good thing. (She wrote that part). Learn more about us at which is also part of Heather's Renaissance English History Podcast website, at

By Heather Teysko