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On Call With Dr. Rishi Kumar show

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"On Call" is a podcast dedicated to all aspects of medical training - from admissions and clinical pearls to philosophies about medicine and team-based, patient-centered care, Dr. Rishi Kumar uses his experience as a former admissions committee member, board certified anesthesiologist and combined critical care/cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow to delve into the realities of life as a physician.

By Dr. Rishi Kumar, MD

The Music Journal Podcast show

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The Music Journal Podcast is a show that documents trending musical events and topics as they happen. Our host, Wes Yee, is a music producer and artist himself. He’s found himself in many different facets of the music industry – From writing and producing jingles, licensing, teaching and to being an artist releasing his own music. Because of this he’s been able to build an extremely broad network of amazing artists, musicians and people in the industry. On this show, he brings some of them on to chat about not only the trends, but also how you can apply them to your own career if you’re an aspiring music producer or artist.

By Wes Yee

The PTM Podcast show

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The PTM Podcast is dedicated to helping you prepare for a career in the tennis industry on and off the tennis court. Whether you have had a lot of experience teaching tennis, or none at all, this podcast contains quick tips that you can put into practice immediately, answers your questions, builds knowledge and understanding while you prepare and continue your career in tennis.

By Chris Michalowski, USPTA

How to Build a Nation in 15 Weeks show

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Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Harry Sandick along with Jon Hatch and colleagues at Patterson Belknap revisit the hottest topics from each week in the Constitutional Convention of 1787, tracking their current place in our legal and political landscape.

By Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

پادکست فارسی بی‌پلاس ‌Bplus show

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خلاصه‌ی شنیدنی کتاب‌های غیرداستانی

By Ali Bandari

Innovation Happens show

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Innovation Happens is a new podcast from Arizona State University. Each episode will explore HOW innovation happens among students at the nation's top-ranked public university for innovation (U.S. News and World Report). Join us weekly to learn why ASU is #1 in innovation and how you can get involved.

By Innovation Happens

All Selling Aside with Alex Mandossian show

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The ALL SELLING ASIDE podcast is devoted to hard-working coaches, consultants and service professionals who HATE to sell. Alex Mandossian believes if you truly want to ETHICALLY INFLUENCE others in your personal and professional life, then selling through STORYTELLING is the key. As you listen to each content-rich episode, you'll discover practical strategies of how to attract and convert more PREMIUM clients and win the inner game of sales conversion. If you don't yet make a six-figure income ... if you don't have any PREMIUM clients ... if you're uncomfortable with your SALES process, then the ALL SELLING ASIDE podcast is ideal for you. Make sure you download the notes to each episode at

By Alex Mandossian

The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom show

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Are you interested in Real Estate Investing, but don't know how or where to start? Are you a young professional or just starting to explore the possibility of investing in cash flowing real estate? The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom podcast aims to help people just like you build wealth and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, with a focus on investing in apartment buildings. With actionable content from weekly interviews with real estate investors, lenders, brokers, tax attorneys, and other real estate professionals, you'll have the education necessary to begin your real estate investing journey. Jacob Ayers is a young professional who started investing in real estate at the age of 25. As a real estate investor and entrepreneur, Jacob aspires to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. If terms such as passive income, lifestyle engineering, wealth creation, and freedom resonate with you, then you're sure to get value from this podcast! If you want to live a life of fulfillment while doing the things you love, then this is the podcast for you!

By Jacob Ayers

Instru(mental) show

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How and why does music impact human behavior? Each episode we dive into music psychology and music science research from a music therapist's perspective. Come away with practical tips for how you can apply what you learn about music into your everyday life.

By Brea Murakami

Talks Archive show

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This is an archive of various talks and reflections that Peter has given in recent years. The archive is constantly being updated with old and new material, so subscribe to be kept up to date.

By Peter Rollins