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Adoption Hacks: Adoption and Foster Care Support and Education show

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The Adoption Hacks Podcast celebrates and educates potential and current adoptive and foster families. Episodes will provide tips for those starting the journey, support for parents and a look at ministries for vulnerable children. Join host and adoptive mom, Kandace Lecocq as she interviews professionals and moms and dads who have been there. If you're looking for support and encouragement in your adoptive and foster journey, this podcast is for you!

By Kandace Lecocq

VIBES w/ Medvin & Teddy show

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In this weekly podcast, Medvin Baghdasarian, 7 Figure E-Commerce Seller & Teddy Arakelian, Los Angeles Real Estate Agent bring on successful guests and influencers and learn a thing or two about their life, their upbringing, come up, etc. In the midst of it all, Ted & Med make a fool of themselves. If you don't know, now you know!

By Medvin Baghdasarian & Teddy Arakelian

The Daily Jules with Jullien Gordon show

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Jullien Gordon believes that the only degree that matters is your degree of freedom. On The Daily Jules, he drops nuggets of wisdom every weekday to help you achieve more and more degrees of freedom. We've been duped and indebted by the education system and didn't acquire the knowledge to help move us toward freedom. Through The Daily Jules and, Jullien is committed to getting you the information you need to be free.

By Jullien Gordon, Entrepreneur & Freedom Lifestyle Design

The You Project show

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The You Project is a 45-60 minute weekly dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper with great stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high-performers in sport, business, science, media and health.

By Craig Harper

Goulet Q&A show

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Brian Goulet, founder of takes your fountain pen, ink, and paper questions and answers them in this casual podcast.

By Brian Goulet

Poll Hub show

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Poll Hub goes behind poll numbers to explain how polling works, what polls really show, and what the results actually mean. Poll Hub is produced by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, home of America’s leading independent college public opinion poll.

By Marist Poll

Black and Highly Dangerous show

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The purpose of this podcast is to take everyday questions, conversations, and debates and attempt to provide answers by including up-to-date research along with occasional interviews from experts. We like to have fun dialogue about interesting topics while simultaneously educating folks on the various subjects we discuss. This podcast is meant to bridge the gap between the world of academia and The People. We'll listen to make sure the questions you want answered are asked. When you listen to us, you'll always have new facts to bring to the conversation with friends on the hottest topics. And as always, continue to be the oppressor's worst fear.

By Tyrell & Daphne

Kidosaurus show

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A dinosaur podcast for kids, by a kid! Listen monthly to the hilarious and informative adventures of Riley the Kidosaurus.

By Riley White

Success in Life show

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Our objective is to address the pressures and problems faced in everyday life, and challenge our audience to act upon their beliefs, making them work for and not against them. To help utilize your gifts and reshape your beliefs, to stand up like the champoins that you are intended to be.

By Jerry Edmon

Waking Life Podcast show

Waking Life PodcastJoin Now to Follow

By becoming consciously aware, we can realize that we are living in a lucid dream. Manifest wisely.

By Cody Wilcox