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Paul and Rach | A show hosted by two ex-radio co-hosts where nothing is off-limits show

Paul and Rach | A show hosted by two ex-radio co-hosts where nothing is off-limitsJoin Now to Follow

Awarded 'Best of iTunes,' Paul and Rach is hosted by ex-radio co-hosts and great mates, Paul Murray and Rachel Corbett. If you love sitting down with your mates and laughing about random stuff then this show is for you. So crack a coldie, put on the uggies and join the guys as they dissect the great mysteries of life.

By Paul and Rach

Funny, Cuz It's True show

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Stories. Everybody’s got them. Funny, Cuz It’s True hosted by writer/comedian Kevin McGeehan is a bi-monthly storytelling show recorded LIVE at The Second City Hollywood in Los Angeles. People sign up on the night of the show and are randomly selected to come up on stage and tell a five-minute, TRUE story based on the theme of the night. This podcast is a mixed bag of some of the best ones.

By Comedy Podcast Network

Ready Set Reason show

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A show dedicated to being the voice of the people. Ready Set Reason is a show by regular guys who just want to stay informed on important issues in the country, and hopefully take you with us.

By Ready Set Reason

What's The T? show

What's The T?Join Now to Follow

Two best friends wax poetic about the news of the day, sports and all things ratchet. We talk about a lot of sports for a chick and a gay dude.

By Nic and Reg

Man School with Caleb Bacon show

Man School with Caleb BaconJoin Now to Follow

Man School is an interview show dedicated to men’s interesting, exciting, and difficult personal experiences. The show is for guys who want to become better men but hate boring how-to’s, forced advice, and so-called “experts.” Man School is information, inspiration, and a good time. The show’s approach is one that’s transformed the life of host Caleb Bacon. Bacon is a LA-based writer whose work includes television, print, and podcast summaries. New episodes every Wednesday on the Sideshow Network. Show notes and more information can be found at


Up Up Down Down show

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The podcast about what's wrong and right in the games industry. App developers Allen Pike and Nigel Brooke host an interesting guest each week. Chaos ensues.

By Allen Pike and Nigel Brooke

段子来了 show

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主播采采,最热最IN的段子吐槽,微信公众账号→ caicaifm (采采)

By 段子来了

Tales From The Jungle Crews show

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What makes Disneyland's Jungle Cruise special? We sit down with cast members from the years to find out. Join us at

By SkipCast Network

Rant City show

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We have discussions, often heated, about what's going on in the world of sports and other things as well. We have several recurring segments such as: fielding questions from Yahoo! Answers and posing "Would you rather?" questions to each other and listeners. Mainstays of Rant City include: Taylor, Cole S., Gabz, and 1alg. Several other guests include: Notch, Lu, and Z.

By RC Crew

Attack of the Show Video Podcast show

Attack of the Show Video PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Attack of the Show gets you inside, underneath, around, and behind the newest tech, the hottest games, the fastest-breaking news, and the oddest oddities from the fringe. There's the inside track, and then there are those who pave the inside track. Also be sure to look for other awesome G4 video podcasts in the G4 iTunes page.

By G4