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Box of Neutrals show

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Michael Lamonato, Rob James, and Peter McGinley valiantly attempt to create 30 minutes of approximately F1 radio that is both vaguely informative and mildly amusing, often failing spectacularly on both counts. Heard on ABC Grandstand and Phuket LIVE 89.5.

By Box of Neutrals

The Ground Rule Single Podcast show

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The Ground Rule Single Podcast is a fun, insightful, and humorous discussion of all things baseball. Three fans of different teams, long-time baseball junkies and real life friends get together every week to do what they’d be doing even without a podcast: open a few beers and talk current news and games, baseball history, stats, and theory, throwing in tons of meanderings on movies, music, books, comics, running, beer brewing, games, television, and everything under the sun. Each week Ryan, Dr. Terry, and Pat answer emails and twitter, tackle current events, interview guests, learn about baseball history, and try to teach themselves a new advanced stat. The podcast is for baseball fans of all levels from lifer to someone just trying to learn the sport. Come hear about all things baseball, Major League Baseball, international, Angels, Orioles, Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, Rays, White Sox, Indians, Braves, Mets, Nationals, Phillies, Cubs, Twins, Pirates, Marlins, Tigers, Royals, Reds, Brewers, Cardinals, Astros, Athletics, Diamondbacks, Padres, Rangers, Mariners, Rockies, Dodgers, Giants, Bud Selig, prospects, fielding, stadiums, predictions, statistics, articles, twitter, broadcasts, commentators, umpires, strikes, balls, outs, scouting, labor deals, trades, sports, the draft… and that’s just the on-topic stuff. There’s a chance you’ll hear anything, except the boys taking themselves too seriously.

By Ground Rule Single

AspiraCast show

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Saiba mais sobre a profissão que você sonha em seguir. Se você não sabe o que quer ser quando crescer, nós também não! Venha descobrir com a gente.

By O Aspirante Profissional

The Big Pretty Podcast show

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Host Big Pretty discusses comedy, art, pop-culture, and religion with some of the best guests that the middle of the road can provide.

By Big Pretty

American Craft Beer Radio » Podcasts show

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no show description found

By The Beer Guys on AM760

521 (Five Twenty-One) show

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A podcast about grace, faith, and other stuff

By Steve Glosson

Tell Podcast show

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Tell is a live storytelling event in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Participants tell real, true stories connected by a theme, in front of a live audience. Our podcasts are made up of stories from our live shows.

By Tell Fredericksburg

Travel Oddities show

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We are normal guys that grew up watching "In Search of", Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, Twilight Zone, Scooby Doo, and the Goonies.<br> <br> What goes bump in the night? We want to know. We will discuss locations that are off the beaten path and have history related to the following:<br> Aliens<br> - landing areas famous<br> - abductions sites<br> - mysterious lights<br> Crypto zoology<br> - bigfoot<br> - lake monsters<br> - chupacabra<br> - jersey devil<br> - faye folk<br> - vampires<br> - werewolves<br> Hauntings<br> Mystical<br> - enchanted places<br> - places of power<br> - earth energy<br> - broken laws of physics?<br> Conspiracy<br> - goverment coverups<br> - bilderburg group<br> - masons<br> - uliminati<br> - Colonel Sanders<br> Lost treasures<br> -goonies<br> - arc of the covenent....if we can find the location<br> - the sunken spanish treasure fleet in florida<br> - db cooper<br> - confederate gold<br> Oddities<br> - largest ball of twine<br> - Cadillac Ranch<br> - abandoned theme parks <br> - national monuments<br> Occult<br> - Voodoo<br> - Wiccan<br> - Satanism<br> - curses and cussing<br> - ouija boards<br> <br> Trips on a tankful<br> - memorable trips with the family<br> - off the beaten path<br> - americana<br> - adventures!<br> <br> Places to stay in the area<br> <br> BEST BURGERS!<br> best dives<br>

By Travel Oddities

The Heavy Foot » Podcast show

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Alex and Eric talk about cars and other, sometimes unrelated, topics. Both have two very distinct gear head opinions and there are times when they are driving around or just hanging out during the podcast. Listen as they clash/agree on certain topics. Check it out and enjoy...

By The Heavy Foot

The Nasty Cast:  A Fantasy Baseball Podcast show

The Nasty Cast: A Fantasy Baseball PodcastJoin Now to Follow

A fun fantasy baseball podcast for the masses, with a slant toward dynasty leagues.