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The Cosmic Weather is hosted by poetic astrologer and author Kelly Lee Phipps and holistic astrologer Benjamin Bernstein. It includes a weekly analysis of the upcoming astrological influences plus a look at current events from an astrological perspective. In addition, they cover an Educational Segment and a look at the Supernova Star of the Week's chart.

By Kelly Lee Phipps


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Welcome to's blog+podcasts - I am actively engaged in helping you reach your goals and harmonize your life!



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Powerfully energizing! These messages are direct power kicks. Dedicated to your spiritual evolution. Key challenges with best strategies to overcome them.


Maximize Your Metabolism show

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Christopher Guerriero, fitness guru and best-selling author, discusses today\'s top fitness issues.

By Christopher Guerriero

Zencast show

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Zencast is a weekly podcast of inspiring Buddhist Dharma talks for all people. Keywords: Zen, Buddhism, Buddhist, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Mindfulness, Meditation, Wisdom, Love, Peace, Stillness,Compassion.


Happy Wednesday Broadcast show

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A weekly midweek boost of inspirational quotes and tips to inspire you, make you laugh or be just the right thing you need to hear at this time in your life.`````` ``

By Joanie Winberg

Love Smarter: Relationship Advice for Women Who Like Personal Development show

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Do you want a relationship that gets better and better over time? Welcome to Love Smarter! The show for millennial women who want extraordinary love and aren’t afraid to learn for it. <br> Whether you are single, dating, in a relationship or married, you’ll benefit from the lessons taught on Love Smarter on topics like communication, sex, personal development, and femininity. <br> How do you keep a relationship passionate? How do you know if he is the one? How do you create your dream marriage? Why do men do the things they do? How can you inspire your man? How can you be more confident? We cover all of this and much, much more. <br> Hosted by Relationship Coach Laurie-Anne King, each 10 minute episode brings you a lesson that you can immediately apply to improve your romantic life. <br> International Public Speaker and Relationship Coach, Laurie-Anne King has led trainings on male / female communication and gender dynamics for top organizations and institutions including Google and Harvard. <br> Inspired by: Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, Arielle Ford and Oprah

By Laurie-Anne King

Jefferson Harman - Everyday Symbology Podcast show

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Dream Interpreter and Symbolic Intuitive Jefferson Harman talks about all things metaphysical and holistic in this entertaining and informative series. Enjoy interviews with a wide array of practitioners, artists and healers as well as episodes of Jefferson's radio shows. Recommended for followers of all things metaphysical and holistic. 

By Jefferson Harman

Core Confidence Life show

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The Core Confidence Life Podcast is a safe space for pro growth minded men to share their life challenges with others in the hopes that one man's story can help another man's journey.<br> <br> The host, Dennis R Sumlin provides a forum to discuss confidence, communication, relationships, sex, and other issues concerning healthy, authentic, productive manhood.<br> <br> Coming from a nonreligious spirit/soul centered but down to earth prospective, the host engages the guests and the listeners in frank discussions, outlines solutions, and creates a fun, comfortable, informative atmosphere.<br> <br> The purpose of this show is to help men break free of inner limitations, self-doubts and negative stigmas to own their personal power as a man, and be the leaders for their family, friends, and future.<br> <br> Based in New York City, The CCL podcast has had guests from all over the world. Men's coaches, therapists, authors, and others who work with men have appeared on the show, as well as the average Joe sharing his story.<br>

By Dennis R Sumlin

Be Intact Podcast show

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Going beyond what you know about relationships before trying to enrich, grow, work or fix them. Start here for romantic relationships, business relationships, couples coaching, parenting tips and more. As they ALL start with relationship.

By Be Intact with Zach and Sierra