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Discussions with Dao show

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What are the different sounds of “Discussions with Dao”? The Low Dao: an evolution of one-to-one guest interviews that has butterflied into “the Asian Oprah that seeks motivational insight and success stories” The Jack-n-Out Connection (w/co-host Blackout Trainer): health and fitness trends? At the beginning, sure. Then we started highlighting our guests’ backgrounds and specialties. And now, we’re back to doing health and fitness trends via roundtable discussion. Lots of side rants and tangents to be had. Huge fanbase at Fitocracy. The Vagina Dialogues (w/co-host the $93 Million Girl): a channel to explore the psyche and differences between men and women. Profanity and explicit topics abound. This show is the reason why all Discussion with Dao podcasts are tagged with the explicit rating.

By Jon Dao & Friends

Front Row Dads:  Family Men With Businesses show

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For family men with businesses, not businessmen with families. Front Row Dads is a growth centered brotherhood that focuses on… 1. Intentional Parenting 2. Thriving Relationships 3. Vibrant Health 4. Emotional Mastery 5. Integrated Living This show is for fathers who value working on themselves so they can deepen their sense of purpose. It's for Dads who want to find the most effective and efficient steps needed to fulfill their role at home. On this show you’ll get an authentic look into the lives of men who want to wins as dads as much as they do within their professions. My mission is to bring together the worlds greatest dads to have meaningful conversations through sharing honest stories of both struggle and success — all while giving practical advice so you can maximize the limited time you have with your family. PS. Be sure to join the free “Front Row Dads” facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas and be part of a supportive group of incredible brothers who help one another navigate the role of marriage and fatherhood.

By Jon Vroman

Ready Set Love! show

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Want a better, stronger relationship?  Want to find the right partner and develop a great relationship? This podcast is for you. Therapist John Howard takes you through the A to Z of awesome, rockstar relationship using the very latest science. He interviews top experts on topics from sex to money to the secrets of how to stay connected and love your partnership! Those in partner relationships will learn practical secrets for taking it to the next level. Singles will find tips on choosing well and navigating the dating process. This is information you won’t find anywhere else! Listen to the cutting-edge of relationship and romantic tips with the Ready Set Love Podcast! John Howard, MA is an experienced couples therapist who teaches professional and public audiences the new science of relationships. Working with couples and singles in his practice everyday, he knows what matters and what works when it comes to awesome relationships and starting relationships right. Previous to being a therapist, John travelled the world studying indigenous healing traditions. He brings his sense of humor and irreverent style to helping you get the most juice out of your closest relationships. You’ll learn how to make your relationship life more connected, more intimate, and more playful with tips from true relationship professionals and from disciplines such as neuroscience and attachment theory. If you’re dating, you don’t want to miss our expert analysis on the dating process! If you are ready to have an awesome, rockstar relationship and learn secrets that will blow your mind, click subscribe and tune in to a new episode every Wednesday!

By John Howard, MA

CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit show

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Is building a business with your spouse the best thing ever--or the craziest? Or both? How do other couples do it? We interview successful couples who are crushing it and ask them everything from how they met to how they do it to how they argue. Whether you're working with your significant other, just thinking about it, or just like modeling other successful business owners, welcome to CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit.

By Blaine & Honey Parker

HANNAHLYZE THIS with Hannah Hart & Hannah Gelb show

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<p>Hannah Hart (wildly successful, super fly, very amazing) and her best friend, Hannah Gelb (her middle name is Ruth) discuss life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in a frank and no bullsh*t manner in this self-help podcast that just can’t help itself. </p><p>Every week the two Hannahs test out a new self-help fad and provide the listeners with candid feedback about their experience. Despite their differing opinions and stances, the two are best friend at the core. Also they have great vocabularies and love to giggle. Hannah Gelb is single BTW. Just in case anybody wants to hit her up sometime.</p>

By Harto

How To Talk To Girls Podcast show

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Tripp Kramer is the man behind the popular Youtube channel Tripp Advice: Dating Advice For Shy Guys, author of Magnetic: Cultivate Confidence, Become Rejection-Proof and Naturally Attract The Women You Desire and host of the How To Talk To Girls podcast. Thousands of men around the world are now in long-term relationships with the girl of their dreams by using his strategies and step-by-step systems for turning yourself into the type of man that women are naturally attracted to without using cheesy pick up lines, memorized routines or acting like somebody you’re not. You’ll learn where to meet beautiful women, how to approach without getting rejected, how to get numbers, how to turn texts into dates, and turn those dates into relationships.

By | Dating &amp; Relationship Advice For Men

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder show

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Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an ongoing conversation between Andy Burnfield and his wife Julie Burnfield about the topic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Julie has suffered from severe OCD for over 20 years.

By Andy Burnfield

The Art of Living Extraordinarily show

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The Art of Living Extraordinarily distills the journeys of trail blazers from all walks of life. But this path is not for the faint of heart, which is why Olympic Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler has created this podcast. By sharing these conversations, she hopes to show that the path to following your heart looks different for everyone. And yet within the diversity, there are common themes woven within all of the stories. Themes that are applicable to all of us. The listener will be more equipped with tools, inspired and empowered to go out and create their own extraordinary life.

By Gretchen Bleiler

Pillars of Progress show

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Don't conform to the ways of the world and stymie your great potential and purpose in life. Learn the Pillars of Progress and lead a successful, happy, and peaceful life.

By Pillars of Progress

Words Matter show

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Words Matter is a biweekly podcast hosting powerful conversations with people who are using words to make the world a better place. Episodes are released every other Thursday.

By Car Window Poetry