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Empty Mags show

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If my mags were full, I'd be out shootin'.

By Jason Phelps

This Week in Pipes (TWiP) show

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The official podcast for the pipe tobacco reddit, /r/pipetobacco. DrScience, Renholder, and ProbablyInteresting lead discussion on a variety of pipe topics, featuring a rotating 4th guest from the community. Join us for pipe and tobacco talk, funny stories, great banter, challenges, and lots and lots of fun! www.Reddit.com/r/pipetobacco

By r Pipe Tobacco

Positively Nerdy show

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Positively Nerdy is the place where fandom is celebrated and enjoyed! Positively Nerdy is the home the Comics Countdown, Radical Corner of Turtle Comic Talk, Ryan and Leah: At the Movies and more! Celebrate your fandom!

By Positively Nerdy

I am A Super Nerd Podcast show

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Super Nerd Podcast source for Movies, TV, Comics, Games, Science and more!

By IamASuperNerd.com

KnitPurlGurl show

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A podcast about my adventures in fiber arts!

By KnitPurlGurl

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Podcast show

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The Pipes Magazine Radio Show is a 1-hour talk show where we interview different pipe and tobacco industry people and chat about all the different aspects of enjoying a pipe, and collecting pipes.

By Kevin Godbee & Brian Levine

About.com Home and Garden Videos show

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At About.com, our seasoned experts teach you how to make your home more comfortable, your garden more beautiful, and even how to fix your car. In this series of home-focused videos, learn how to edge a garden, mend a tear in your clothing, replace a garbage disposer, install a dimmer switch and a deadbolt, repair brick wall mortar, fold fitted sheets, dry flowers, pick a paint color, paint interior walls, remove pet odors, and even get a better value on a used car and remove scratches from your car's paint. Whether you need to buy an MP3 player, try a new recipe, or learn to hand wash clothes, About.com videos give you the information you need to help navigate life and make informed decisions. Founded in 1996, and now part of The New York Times Company, About.com is recognized as a top 10 content site, with over 35 million users per month. About.com is one of the largest producers of original content on the Web.

By About.com

Fluffy Fibers show

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The French podcast in English on sewing, knitting, reading, and living green; all of course with the occasional help of the kitty of the house. Isabelle, who also blogs at www.kittycouture.blogspot.com, chats with you from Southern France.

By Fluffy Fibers

Narrative Control show

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Narrative control is a podcast to reflect on the gaming experiences on Sean Nittner and his co-hosts. We present our reactions to game sessions, conventions, and other game theory. In turn, we're contributing to the existing conversations presented in podcasts, blogs and forums with our own perspective.

By Sean Nittner, Justin Evans

Pointy Sticks show

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Knitting through life with too much yarn and lots of pointy sticks, this is all about my knitting experiences. News, advice, podsafe music, rants, book reviews, essays, and much more.

By Christine Selleck