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Cooking Solutions by Kenyon show

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Shot on location in settings ranging from backyards and kitchens to parks and marinas, Cooking Solutions shows you, in easy step-by-step visuals, how to cook great tasting food. The show covers full recipe cooking as well as short "tips" on the preparation of meat, fish and sauces for easy, flavorful cooking. In the "on-the-road" segments, Chef John Engelhorn takes you into local markets and explains how to select the right cuts of meat, the freshest fish and the best vegetables for many different dishes. From "decks to docks," Cooking Solutions is a visual smorgasbord. WEBISODES WILL BE UPDATED FREQUENTLY

By Kenyon Custom

The TMMN Megacast show

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Official podcast of The Mega Man Network, discussing all things Mega Man (and then some). Updates monthly. This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

By themmnetwork

Geek Food! show

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Scott and Kim Johnson tackling the food that YOU wanna eat.

By Scott Johnson

Podcast ULTRAFIXION show

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Abordamos temas de Cultura Popular, Literatura Fantástica y de Ciencia Ficción, Historietas, Cómic Norteamericano, Tecnología, Cine, Televisión, Cultura Japonesa, Internet, música, literatura, juguetes coleccionables, entre otros. Dado el perfil de nuestra audiencia es de sumo interés el uso del Cómic en cualquier ámbito.

By Valente Espinosa

Electronic Knitting Group show

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Join us to discuss all things related to knitting and other yarn-y endeavors. This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

By ekgpodcast

Homespun Journey show

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Welcome to your connection to Midwest Fiber Arts. <br>Talk about Festivals, Workshops, Guilds, Events and Techniques. All Fiber Arts are welcome. <br>Spinning, knitting, needle felting weaving and more!

By Spinning Buddy

MustStashYo show

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Muststashyo is a podcast about contemporary art and craft with a focus on the fiber arts with lots of yarn-centric talk, but also…we appreciate a good moustache! The hosts of Muststashyo are Mathieu from http://www.manspun.com and Cindy from http://www.studioloo.com.

By muststashyo.com

Viral Sugar show

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The Viral Sugar Podcast is pretty much a podcast where Jude, Kaylan and Chris talk about the weekly happenings revolving video games. Giving their opinions on what's happening all the while keeping a light tone.

By Viral Sugar

The jewellery making podcast  show

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This podcast will provide ideas and information on how to make jewellery pieces. It will guide you into getting the proper knowledge and information in making jewellery such as rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and more. You may also check www.jewelleryapprenticeship.com for a free jewellery making course. The podcast will help you understand and apply your ideas into beautiful and creative jewellery design. Here you will learn the basic tools that are necessary in making jewelleries. It is very essential to invest on the tools to be very effective in making one. To come up with nice jewellery pieces, the basic tools are very helpful in order that you are able to achieve what you have in mind. Before we start learning the art of jewellery making, there are important things that we need to learn. The podcast explains the basic tools used in jewellery / jewelry making. It is very crucial for one to understand how each tool works and how to choose the right tool for every action. The initial knowledge you learn from this podcast will definitely lead you to more techniques in the future. Make sure to invest on these basic and advanced tools in order that this journey about jewellery making will be more fun and fulfilling. Remember to know how each tools work and how to apply them. Jewellery pieces are very delicate so it is best that you apply and choose the appropriate tool for each kind. It is best to take courses on jewellery making. It will be very helpful on your part to take effort of gaining more ideas and knowledge.

By mark burgess,jeweller,jewelry maker and teacher of the jewellery craft

knit.theory show

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The knit.theory podcast explores the intersection of knitting and literary theory.

By Ammie Cannon