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Word Shots, the Podcast show

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Word Shots is for people who want their English to be as effective as possible. Whether it's writing, editing, or public speaking, we can all benefit by learning from others. Word Shots exists to share what Max Christian Hansen has learned about effective English from many great teachers. Graduate from grammar and move up to maximum-strength writing!

By Max Christian Hansen

Learning Spanish for Beginners Podcast - The Place to Learn Mexico ’s Conversational Spanish. show

Learning Spanish for Beginners Podcast - The Place to Learn Mexico ’s Conversational Spanish.Join Now to Follow

This series of free audio Spanish lessons focus on the basics and have been designed for beginners who want to get the fundamentals of the Spanish language, from the alphabet and numbers in Spanish, to frequently used grammar structures, while getting the building blocks required for using the language on everyday situations frequently faced by students and travelers.

By Jose Lira: Online Tutor to Learn Spanish for Beginners. Focused on Spanish from Mexico and Conversational Spanish.

The Behind the Business Card Podcast show

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Dr. Blanche Hayden and Linda Ballesteros share inspiring conversations with successful entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and influential celebrities to help you learn success strategies, common threads of greatness and lifestyle opportunities. Our goal is to get to know the person “behind the business card,” exploring their journey to success, including the good and the bad. We purposefully explore a diversity of ways of earning a living through different career and business choices, in hopes of opening your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t thought of. We’ll spotlight encore entrepreneurs to inspire you if you are considering career or lifestyle changes at a time in life when you can create a Third Act of your choosing – for your passion, higher purpose and financial gain. Start-up entrepreneurs and those who are “stuck” in growth will learn from the struggles of those who made it – and how they survived and flourished. We explore interesting issues, such as diversity, holistic health, and lifestyle options, and many more! We also discuss marketing and publicity strategies and tips for becoming the expert authority in your industry with Visible Authority Marketing – how to become the “go to” expert in your niche.

By Dr. Blanche Hayden & Linda Ballesteros: Online Entrepreneur, Visible Authority Marketer, Publicity Strategist

The Break Room Party show

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Four young professionals give their satirical views on politics, business, pop culture, and life.

By Break Room Party

Car Wash Business 101 Podcast show

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Buzz Glover built two car washes and bought a third car wash in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. He authored the book Car Wash Business 101, The #1 Car Wash Start-Up Guide and now is offering an inside look at what it takes and what you can expect if you want to start a car wash business. Podcasts will include information for car wash newbies to learn the car wash business including, raising capital, finding investors, putting a good bank package together, choosing a location, car wash construction, choosing car wash equipment, marketing your car wash, and great deal of insider information on the car wash business.

By Buzz Glover: Car Wash Business Entrepreneur, Author Car Wash Business 101

BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building show

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BiggerPockets is a free community of over 100,000 like-minded real estate enthusiasts seeking to become better real estate investors. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been investing in real estate for years, is your free source of real estate investor education, networking, and dealmaking. The BiggerPockets Podcast, hosted by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, is an extension of that community - bringing you incredible real estate investing training, interviews, tools, and tips each week to help you grow your business and build wealth. You won't find the latest and greatest self-proclaimed guru here on the BiggerPockets Podcast, but actual real-life, in-the-field real estate investors who are actually living the life they talk about. Be sure to check out for more than 450,000 forum posts, 10,000 articles, and start connecting with over 100,000 other like-minded individuals for free. Whether you are a complete newbie, a house flipper looking to improve your house flipping skills, a wholesaler looking for insight into how make more money, or a buy and hold landlord looking to improve your real estate investing skills - the BiggerPockets Podcast will help you achieve your goals.

By : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

On Stock Trading Podcast show

On Stock Trading PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Stock Trading Blog Posts U Can Hear by

By On Stock Trading

Social Media Social Hour Podcast: Social Media Marketing | Social Media For Business | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ show

Social Media Social Hour Podcast: Social Media Marketing | Social Media For Business | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+Join Now to Follow

Looking to get on the social media marketing fast track? Tyler Anderson, a social media entrepreneur, gets up close and personal with top brands and influencers each week to discuss social media marketing, online marketing, and content marketing tactics that work. Discover what is working and what is not working across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Learn actionable content marketing strategies and tips to improve your social media marketing. Tyler Anderson is the founder of Casual Fridays, a social media marketing agency and co-founder of Scoreboard Social, a simplified social media reporting and competitive analytics tool. Tyler is also the host and organizer of Social Media Day San Diego.

By Tyler Anderson: Social Media Entrepreneur, Social Media Marketing Strategist and Blogger.

Life with Great Friends.  You, yes you can make Great Friends. The World yearns for someone to be brave and ask someone for a journey to make Great Friends. Learn how to make friends in a busy world  show

Life with Great Friends. You, yes you can make Great Friends. The World yearns for someone to be brave and ask someone for a journey to make Great Friends. Learn how to make friends in a busy world Join Now to Follow

There is amazing evidence that Great Friends are a benefit in tangible ways. Yet, why is it so hard? Many people have a wrong idea about how Great Friends are made. This podcast gives you the steps necessary to make friends, how to overcome your own fears, the number one thing that stops us, and more.

By Doug & Andrea Terpening

Beers, Blokes and Business – blokes drinking beer talking business show

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Beers, Blokes & Business was borne out of a casual catch up with a few mates who have an entrepreneurial bent that like having a beer and discussing topics around business - marketing, growth, sales, networking, learning and more. Blokes include Sean Callanan, Josh Rowe, Steve Sammartino, Jim Stewart, James Noble, Luke McCormack, Steve Vallas and Scott Kilmartin. Each week they will dissect a business topic (and a six pack) in their own unique way bring a wealth of business experience from multiple industries. Industry experience from retail, ecommerce, marketing, sports, hospitality, creative, domains, web development, search engine optimisation, web design, startups and more. You know those panel shows where they don't really open up and you think a beer would help? That is exactly what the Beers, Blokes & Business podcast is all about, full strength banter. Grab a beer sit down and enjoy.

By - Entrepreneurs | Business | Marketing