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The PreBoot Cincy Podcast show

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A podcast for everyday entrepreneurs and the stories before the startup.<br> <br> This podcast is based out of Cincinnati, OH and seeks to tell the stories of local entrepreneurs. Those who have ideas that they want to put into the world but are not sure how to get there. How do you leave the security of your day job, the status quo, or the your daily routine and step out over the ledge into the unknown world of trying to start your own business.<br> <br> On this podcast I will share with you my journey, as I seek to do this, as it is playing out in real time. As well as tell the stories of those who have gone before us to start their own business. <br> <br> I am driven by a simple mantra. I want to make things better by making better things and think that the world needs our best ideas. I want to help you get your idea out into the world by thinking through a simple but effective framework that helps you understand and evaluate your idea (risk, runway and reward) as well as yourself (tenacity, capacity, and financ-ity). <br> <br> It you want to connect either follow on twitter @PreBootPodcast or go to<br> <br> Enjoy!

By Eric Sillies

The Great Girlfriends show

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The Great Girlfriends, co-hosted by Brandice Daniel and Sybil Amuti, is a podcast conversation series created to connect women with daily tips and solutions for living a passionate everyday life and building thriving business. Serving up conversations that matter to women, this sensational podcast ranges in topics from starting a thrilling business to forgiving double crossing friends, to building an amazing love life and MORE! Brandice and Sybil bring you candid, authentic, vulnerable conversation while also serving expertise, passion, inspiration, ambition, laughter, and solutions that can push every woman to the next level. From building businesses from the ground up, to marriage, raising kids, surviving hardships, to building friendships, Brandice and Sybil fearlessly kickstart the conversations and share every facet of their world.

By Sybil Amuti &amp; Brandice Daniel

The Women in Tech Show: A Technical Podcast show

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A women in tech podcast featuring technical interviews with prominent women in technology. The interviews explore topics in software engineering, software design, artificial intelligence, research, entrepreneurship, career strategy, machine learning, security, and more. Hosted by Edaena Salinas, Software Engineer at Microsoft.

By Edaena Salinas

Portrait of a Freelancer show

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Join me, Ariel Bissett, as I start my life as a freelancer! We'll explore tips &amp; tricks, discuss lifestyle, have Q&amp;A's, and lots more!

By Ariel Bissett

Mindset Coach show

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"Running The Race of Life To Win" is not your average self help podcast - it goes beyond self help into the things people feel but don't see. The mindset needed for success, achieving optimal health, and building a strong internal infrastructure. In life you can run many races, but the most important one is your life journey. Self mastery is key! Run your race to win!

By Damon J. Smith: Engineer | Entrepreneur | Author | Artist | Pro Athlete

Apps4Truckers Podcast show

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Discussion, audio blog posts and tutorial related to the transportation industry are presented. Tech tips, interviews with people who benefit the industry and anything that applies to making life on the road a lot easier.

By Tim Spence

Webcrumbs show

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Why does a chicken? I don't know why.

By The CuteKid.

Oregon NurseCast show

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Oregon Center for Nursing's podcast series


CompassCastâ„¢ show

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A bi-weekly program for people who want greater balance, direction and fulfillment in their life, career and relationships. Hosted by business coach and personal coach Scott Graham. Life coaching to help you get your bearings and get going!®

By True Azimuth, LLC / Scott Graham

Being Professional in English show

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"Being Professional in English" series of podcasts uniquely combines the skills required for you to be perceived as you want to be in the workplace: English language tuition, Effective behavioural guidance, Developing and maintaining solid relationships with colleagues and clients. Produced for those who already possess some competence in English and are looking to excel in their chosen professional field, the series offers concrete tools and techniques to overcome the specific difficulties with demonstrating world-class professionalism in a language which is not your mother tongue.

By Mark Olding