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The Authors Podcast show

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The Authors Podcast is hosted by serial author and entrepreneur Lisa Newton BA MSc. Guests are published authors who share their book writing journey... How they got started, how they managed to write a book and their tips for successful writing, sales, publishing and marketing. Lisa is the Director of Booglez Limited, a book publishing company that teaches students how to write and helps its authors to turn their books into audiobooks and to translate into other languages.

By Lisa Newton

Becoming A Data Scientist Podcast show

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Every two weeks, we air an interview with a data scientist or someone on their way to becoming a data scientist, to learn about their path to get to where they are today. We also discuss a data science learning activity for the Becoming a Data Scientist Learning Club. Topic tags: data science, data analysis, databases, careers, education, learning, technology, python, R, computer programming, statistics, business, machine learning

By Renee Teate

Permanent Time Off show

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Work is hell and everyone knows it. So, Koji Crill speaks to people about their horrible bosses, insufferable co-workers, and whatever else makes them want to take permanent time off. Visit to check out all the other great podcasts on the Boise based EaseDrop Network.

By EaseDrop Podcast Network

C3 Pathfinders | Marketplace Minute show

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Pathfinders is C3 Church's expression of marketplace ministry. We believe God has given everyone an assignment and yours may be in the marketplace as a professional or entrepreneur. This podcast is designed to help you develop your God-given talents and leverage them to achieve your mission in the marketplace. This podcast consists of our weekly Marketplace Minute, our monthly Connect Night Meetings at each campus, and other bonus content.

By C3 Pathfinders San Diego

Side of the Desk show

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This podcast shares the authentic experience of being a professional in today's ever-changing workforce. We highlight employee stories, mentorship successes, and accomplishments to empower all of us to reach our highest potential. Join the conversation around office life hosted by FidelityJobs and the Fidelity Women's Leadership Group. Fidelity is an equal opportunity employer. #FidelityAssociate

By FidelityJobs

Women Mean Business show

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Inspiration meets practical advice in this work-life/home-life podcast from the nation’s largest network of conferences for women in the workplace. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been delivering insights from extraordinary women, such as Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Gilbert, Shonda Rimes, Reese Witherspoon, Serena Williams, Gloria Steinem, and Brené Brown. In this series, you can expect true stories and real-world advice from the sharpest, most successful women out there—in just 30 minutes. Join us!

By The Conferences for Women

SocialPreneur Network show

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Join Ryan O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Instahealthy and the SocialPreneur Network for this, “The SocialPreneur Podcast.” If you are an entrepreneur, a would-be entrepreneur, or want to be part of a socially responsible community of entrepreneurs, this is the forum to learn from and grow your business. Learn the art of reverse engineering your problems and turn it into solutions that can be applied to any industry. Have you wanted to start your own Vending business? Maybe even partner with Ryan and Instahealthy? Whatever your personal goals, you will receive the tools to create value in your own business, while avoiding mistakes experienced entrepreneurs have already made. Learn leverage advertising techniques and technologies to move your business ahead at light speed. Buckle up and get ready to get raw and real with Ryan and explode your business to the next level.

By Ryan O'Keefe

Breaking Barriers show

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A frank and intimate series of conversations between those who hold power in sought-after industries and the people struggling to find employment due to barriers - such as having a disability, holding refugee status or gender discrimination - in their chosen sector. Presented by social advocate and author Yassmin Abdel-Magied, this show is a collection of inspiring and powerful stories about sharing common ground and accessing pathways.

By Virgin

The Lost Verses Podcast show

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In 1999, Prince sued the fan magazine Uptown. This is the story of how the podcast host served as the magazine's defense attorney.

By Alex Hahn

The News Director's Office show

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A Podcast hosted by KTLA 5 News Director Jason Ball and producer Bobby Gonzalez. Jason explores topics in the news, issues facing journalists, and the newsgathering process. Each episode includes an in-depth interview with journalists, newsmakers, or interesting people. Jason also offers reading/viewer recommendations including articles, books, Ted Talks, and more. He also takes listener questions and offers inspirational quotes.

By Tribune