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Summary: Music and Art from the Midwest down into the South is radiant, diverse, pleasing and often overlooked. Coming to you from The Gateway to the South is Lori, an artist, and Cheyenne, an ex-musician. Best friends of 20 plus years and life long arts lovers, who would like to shine a light on these often forgotten areas. Join us, and our guests, every week for open, real, hopefully funny, and sometimes explicit interviews with up and coming painters, musicians, writers, tattoo artists and more.

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 Bonus live episode- South Mid-West Loud 3XO at the Bourbon Hall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 831

Bonus live episode- South Mid-West Loud 3XO at the Bourbon Hall

 BONUS EPISODE MERF FEST! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2442

Welcome back, this is a bonus episode y'all. We got to do our first live episodes at the Bourbon Hall in Louisville KY for MERF Fest. Guy's we had such a great time, even though we were super nervous. Special thanks to the Bourbon Hall for inviting us and to all the talented people who took time out of their night to interview with us. For more information about MERF. Please visit them at, or, you can help out at or Thank you so much for stopping by to listen to this bonus episode and we hope you reach out to help out this great cause and continue to live life loud.

 Episode 19 - Bethnie Rose and "Andrew Poo" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3890

Hello again y'all, we are sorry for being MIA for a few weeks. We have allot of exciting things coming up that will make it all worth it, promise. (Including a bonus episode this week.) On this episode we interviewed the talented and lovely Bethnie Rose and her Guitarist Andrew. We discuss how they became friends and co-creators, (which is hilarious and Andrew is not being held against his will) what inspired them to become musicians, and Bethnie's really incredible life. Bethnie also allowed us to share, not one, not two, but three tracks with everyone! We really enjoyed this interview and as usual, all the links to their social media can be found on our website at and for even more of the music from this episode, visit We hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and as always, Live Life Loud! We also want to apologize for the jacked up outro on this episode. We are aware its just us yacking about schedules and we do not know what happened to the original audio file. So, there ya have it.

 Episode 18 - Roger Paul Mason | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2914

Hello again ya'll and welcome to episode eighteen of South Mid-West Loud. In this episode we interview the amazingly talented, funny, and lucky Roger Paul Mason. He is a fantastic visual artist and musician, and is going to tell us about his life in the world of arts. Roger has a few uneblievable van stories (#vanstories) for us and it was excellent having him on the show. Make sure you check him out on his website at You can get lnked right over to his instagram and bandcamp page from our website In this episode we also give everyone the line up for the Merf fest in Louisville at the Bourbon Hall, for more information on that, and to get tickets check out their website at Remember to like, comment and subscribe to us on all the listening platforms and to follow us on social media. If you would like to send us a message our email is Live Life Loud.

 Episode 17 - The Revenue Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3310

Hello again everybody and welcome to Episode 17 of South Midwest Loud Ya'll. Make sure you listent to all our little updates about our Patreon, our Tumblr, and some other super cool news. In this episode we visted with The Revenue Man, who tells us about his name, his music and tells us some awesome travel stories. #vanstories #vango. He also is sharing a track that was recorded in a pretty epic location. As always for links to any of the people we have had on our show please visit us at Please like, follow and subscribe to us on all the platforms you use to listen to us, as well as all our social media. Remember everyone, Live Life Loud.

 Episode 16 - Shoulda Been Blonde | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2928

Welcome to Episode 16 ya'll. We're back with a fucking awesome interview with some of the Ladies from Shoulda Been Blonde. In this episode we're here to fill you in on some stuff with us, including our fully finished youtube page, Were Shoulda Been Blonde is with us to talk about their music, lyrics and upcoming album, Worth. They are letting us share a couple tracks and you can find all the links to their website, social media, and music, Stay tuned for all the ways you can subscribe to our podcast and infomation about our new tiers for our Patreons. Thank you again for listening and remember to Life Life Loud.

 Bonus Episode! Upcoming Concerts & Shows. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1840

Hello again ya'll, and thank you for joining us for our special bonus episode. In this brief episode we are going to tell you which of our music guests have upcoming concerts or tours and play a track for you. We will also fill you in on which artists have shows or what not in the near future and where you can go see their work or learn more about the art community. If you like what you hear or see about an artist or musician you can find links to all of their info on our website at This is something we are going to do monthly now, so make sure you keep your ears open for our bonus episodes. Were going to start this episode with an apology from Cheyenne to Eris A.K.A Kaelyn, (Episode Seven) because Chey messed up while editing her episode. "I AM SO SORRY! I REALLY SUCK!" We are still looking for great, funny, crazy, road warrior stories or show stories #vanstories and #vango. Please remember to like, follow and subscribe to us on all our social media and listening platforms. Live Life Loud.

 Episode 15 - Artist Chris Reiss | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2852

Welcome back for Episode Fifteen Ya'll! This week our guest is Chris Reiss an artist and painter currently based in Florida. We talk to him about his art work, his medium, inspirations and overall just have a very cool conversation with a charming and intelligent artist. Be sure to check out his work on our website and his website You can also find Chris on Instagram @chrisreissart - Twitter @ChrisReissArt - and facebook You can also go see Chris's art work in person at the Riverside Arts Market every week. As always please like, follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. And pretty please like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE to us on any of the app's you use to listen to South Mid-West Loud. Remember to Live Life Loud.

 Episode 14- Happy Birthday Lori!!!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2839

Happy Birthday Bestie!!! Hay everyone and welcome to episode fourteen Which is dedicated to our very own Lori because October is her birthday month. In this episode I interview South Midwest Loud's Best half and she talks about why art and music is so important to her. She also tells us a little about her personal journey as an artist. At the end of this one there are special surprise B-Day wishes for our Lori and I want to encourage everyone to comment with birthday wishes here and on all our social media. Fill her birthday with love and remember Live Life Loud, especially on your Birthday. I love you Sis

 Episode 13 - Ricky | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2522

Welcome back to South Midwest Loud ya'll. This week we explain our absence while updating our social media and working. Then we have a great conversation with Ricky, an amazing artists, director, writer and music lover. He will talk about an upcoming pilot he has been working on, his wonderful art work, Legalize Worldwide, and the recent loss of singer- songwriter Daniel Johnnston. Check out Ricky's instagram youtube you can also see his work and find links to all the guests we have had on our show at Thanks as always for listening and remember to Live Life Loud.

 Episode Twelve - Lilly In The Weeds | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5071

Its episode 12 ya'll welcome back. The holiday weekend really messed us up this week, Its better late than never...right? Joining us on this episode are Mike and Alex, two lovely people from the band Lilly In The Weeds. We talk about dogs, their music, band relationships, meanings behind some awesome lyrics; And their amazing guitarist tells us of his inspirations and an infamous scarf fiasco. You can find them online at and of course all the links to their social media are on our website at Please visit us and if you (the listener) have any van stores or would like to be on the show send us an email at Live Life Loud.

 Episode Eleven - Singer Songwriter Chris Hurst | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4138

Welcome back for episode 11 ya'll. In this episode we have a great conversation with Chris Hurst a Nashville based guitarist and singer songwriter. We discuss his muisc, life, and living in Nashville. Make sure you check out his website and Spotify Also we are going to be doing a listeners episode featuring van/road stories. Message us on facebook, instagram, and twitter with the #vanstories. Also our Patreon is up Patreons will recieve a shout out and official Thank You on our next episode.

 Episode Ten - Lightning from Da Screech | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3706

(EXPLICIT) Welcome back for episode 10 ya'll. Sorry for the space between episodes guys, we have been busy with vacations and back to school with the kiddos. In this episode we get the awesome opportunity to speak with Lightning from DA SCREECH. A self taught bass player with an interesting career and who is an overall genuinely cool guy. We could have spoken with him for literally hours. Its safe to say we have been "SCREECHED". Thanks for listening everyone and remember to Live Life LOUD.

 Episode Nine - The Great First Eight (recap) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4554

Hello Ya'll and welcome to episode nine. Lori is away having some mommy time with my two wonderful nephews. This episode is a recap of some of the best moments from the first eight episodes. This is actually a great place to start if you haven't listened to our podcast before. From episode 1, Nick and Lori Discuss tattoos. Episode 2, Soars great arrest story. Episode three Jay and Lindsey Discuss weird road warrior stories. Episode 4, My dads Idea for his published novel, Above it All. Episode 5, Gayles beautiful gift to Lori. Episode 6, Justin explains why hes afraid of being afraid. Episode 7 Eris and I discuss dreaming. Episode 8 Cory talks about why he produces and his prom idea. Thanks everyone who has listened to South Midwest Loud. We need you to like, follow and subscribe. Live Life Loud.

 Episode Eight - Cory Liner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5135

Welcome back to South Mid-West Loud ya'll. Sorry we missed last week; we were on a much needed and very overdue vacation. But were back now and this week we have Cory Liner an up and coming pop musician, singer, songwriter and producer. We still cant believe he is only 19, he's AMAZING. We are going to talk about his music, prejudice and of course a few scary stories to top it all off. Thanks for listening we love you. Live Life Loud.


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