Bonus Episode! Upcoming Concerts & Shows.

South Mid-West Loud show

Summary: Hello again ya'll, and thank you for joining us for our special bonus episode. In this brief episode we are going to tell you which of our music guests have upcoming concerts or tours and play a track for you. We will also fill you in on which artists have shows or what not in the near future and where you can go see their work or learn more about the art community. If you like what you hear or see about an artist or musician you can find links to all of their info on our website at This is something we are going to do monthly now, so make sure you keep your ears open for our bonus episodes. Were going to start this episode with an apology from Cheyenne to Eris A.K.A Kaelyn, (Episode Seven) because Chey messed up while editing her episode. "I AM SO SORRY! I REALLY SUCK!" We are still looking for great, funny, crazy, road warrior stories or show stories #vanstories and #vango. Please remember to like, follow and subscribe to us on all our social media and listening platforms. Live Life Loud.