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Summary: Music and Art from the Midwest down into the South is radiant, diverse, pleasing and often overlooked. Coming to you from The Gateway to the South is Lori, an artist, and Cheyenne, an ex-musician. Best friends of 20 plus years and life long arts lovers, who would like to shine a light on these often forgotten areas. Join us, and our guests, every week for open, real, hopefully funny, and sometimes explicit interviews with up and coming painters, musicians, writers, tattoo artists and more.

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 Episode 4 - Happy Fathers Day Chaz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2674

We're Back! It was fathers-day this week so our guest is published writer Chaz Hunt, who is also Cheyenne's dad. He shares the idea behind his novel, Above It All, as well as a screenplay that's a work in progress, all while picking on his guitar. It truly was an honor to have him on our show and we want to say once again. Happy Fathers Day & Live Life Loud.

 Episode Three - Book Of Wyrms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3380

Welcome back ya'll! In episode three we have an amazing conversation with Sarah and Jay Lindsey from the band Book Of Wyrms. They were just the best and allowed us to share two of there tracks on this episode. Here you will learn about some great musicians and a funny story about their wheel moving faster than their vehicle. As always thanks for listening and remember to check out our website, and follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. Full episodes are available on spotify, itunes, googleplay, spreaker and stitcher. Live Life Loud

 Episode Two - Graffiti Artist (and Lori's Nephew) Soare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3728

Hello again and welcome to episode two. We are tired but excited to bring you our next episode featuring Soare a Louisville Graffiti Artist who also happens to be Lori's nephew. We have an existential conversation with him about life, making art, and capitalism. We are now convinced this isn't his first time on this planet. Hang tight for a special funny story he shares with us as well. Thanks again for listening and remember to Live Life Loud.

 Episode one - Nick from the Stonecutters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3277

Welcome to our first Podcast Ya'll! With us is Nick Burks an exceptional guitarist from the band Stonecutters. We talk about tattoo's, scary movies and upcoming tours. Nick is super cool and wrote a theme song for us and allowed us to share a track from the Stonecutters new album, Carved In Time. Thank you for listening and please follow , like, and share South Mid-West Loud on facebook, twitter, Instagram, soundcloud, google play, and spotify. Live Life Loud.  

 Hi Ya'll - Introduction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 110

Hello everybody and welcome to our little introduction. Does it sound like we are reading from a script. Well, that's because we are. We are both incredibly nervous and unbelievably excited to introduce ourselves to everyone out there. Our stomachs and hearts are doing flip flops. However, We are on fire about this passion project of ours, and the chance to introduce talented, funny and wonderful people to you on a bi-weekly basis. Join us for our first podcast on June First featuring Soar, an exceptional graffiti artist and painter. Nick Burks, a talented guitarist and vocalist from the a metal band Stonecutters. As well as Aaron Fritsch from Lit AF Productions. We are looking forward to this adventure and hope ya'll will join us as we live life loud. In the meantime were gonna go find us some Tums... and red wine. Banger by | e s c p | & frosthardr | https://escp-music.bandcamp.comMusic promoted by 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


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