Episode Twelve - Lilly In The Weeds

South Mid-West Loud show

Summary: Its episode 12 ya'll welcome back. The holiday weekend really messed us up this week, Its better late than never...right? Joining us on this episode are Mike and Alex, two lovely people from the band Lilly In The Weeds. We talk about dogs, their music, band relationships, meanings behind some awesome lyrics; And their amazing guitarist tells us of his inspirations and an infamous scarf fiasco. You can find them online at lillyintheweeds.com and of course all the links to their social media are on our website at southmidwestloud.com. Please visit us and if you (the listener) have any van stores or would like to be on the show send us an email at <a href="mailto:southmidwestloud@gmail.com">southmidwestloud@gmail.com</a>. Live Life Loud.