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Summary: My Yoga Online is a weekly video podcast featuring premium wellness resource video content taught by world class teachers. Our podcast includes short video yoga classes and tips on yoga poses, alignment, pilates technique, meditation, prenatal and postnatal pregnancy yoga, and a variety of other health and wellness video content. At we aspire to enliven and enrich people's lives with our inspiring, innovative, and dynamic wellness classes.

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 True Purpose of Yoga Asanas - Ep 03 | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 3:10

Dharma Mittra talks about asanas (yoga poses). What they do, how they affect the body-mind, and what really matters in their approach.

 Proper Alignment in Chaturanga Dandasana Plank Yoga Pose - Ep 01 | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 2:53

Alignment technique for attaining correct pelvic placement in Pilates matwork exercises; the foundation necessary to perform these exercises correctly with maximum safety and benefits.

 Lower Back Safety in Yoga - Ep 02 | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 5:44

This lower back safety in yoga postures session examines alignment and integrity in the lower back to move into forward bending postures with safety and awareness.


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