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Podcast discussing all things Walt Disney World! Theme Parks, Resorts, Transportation, Restaurants, and other travel information.

By Tim Scott, Bob Coller

We Are Breeders show

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Two parents - one experienced, and one rookie - talk about how ridiculous parenting really is.

By Jody and Leslie

Made My Day Podcast show

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Join with James Kennison as he celebrates the kind of things that make a day worthwhile. Those who need help thinking positive, finding something worthwhile in their day to day or dealing with depression, anxiety or just plain down in the dumps will benefit from this show.

By James Kennison

Life.Church: Craig Groeschel iPod/iPhone show

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Life.Church is one church in multiple locations. Listen weekly to the relevant Biblical teaching from Life.Church that inspires and changes thousands of peoples lives. Visit Life.Church online at for additional messages.

By Life.Church: Craig Groeschel

FernDog Podcast: Dog Training & Behavior Tips and Advice show

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If you want to understand your dog more, get more out of your relationship with him and have more fun with your furry best friend, this is the podcast for you. Dog behavior consultant and trainer Fernando Camacho explores the many aspects and issues that come with sharing your life with a dog. Everything from training simple tips to serious behavior issues is covered. Our dog's lives are way too short so we have to make sure we get the best out of every single moment with them.

By Fernando Camacho

Truth Reconstructed show

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I have the urge to write something wordy and presentable to you about the structure of this podcast and organization, but part of me is tired of creating hoop-la for people to have to read through the lines. So here it is in the simplest way I can explain it. Truth Reconstructed is a collaboration (still a big word) of True Family Men and Truth Built Women. What we aim to do is build strong families in the midst of life, love, heartache and triumphs. We want to address struggles and needs that are specific to men in the True Family Men podcast, and the venture into the heart of a woman and her needs in the Truth Built Women podcasts, sometimes we will come together and hash out life and love together in general in our Truth Reconstructed Podcast. We seek to have good conversations for you to listen to with people who are just like you and I. These people have dealt with various struggles many of us can relate to and found great personal Truths in the midst of pain to be able to triumph in this thing we call life. We hope that you can identify with these interviews and be able to tear down some walls of lies that have been built around your similar situations and begin to build on Truth again.

By Truth Reconstructed

Old Time Radio Mysteries show

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Old Time Radio Network Mystery Stories. Its a fogy night, a perfect night for a mystery. The unknown, your enter fears and those unexplained noises all make Mystery Stories come alive in those chilling tales as told by early radio. Join us each week as listen to tales of mystery.

By Humphrey OTR

Old TIme Radio Suspense show

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Taking you back to the early days of early radio with the best of Old Time Radio Suspense.Suspense is not exclusive to fiction, though. Suspense may operate in any situation where there is a lead up to a big event or dramatic moment.experience suspense when they expect something bad to happen and have (or believe they have) a superior perspective on events in the drama's hierarchy of knowledge, yet they are powerless to intervene to prevent it from happening.

By Humphrey/Camardella

Parent Driven Development show

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Turns out children arrive with no manual. There's no coherent online tutorial. Between staying up to date with emerging technologies and balancing work and home life in an industry that often requires un-timeable bug fixes, on call schedules, and more, working parents are balancing a lot. Parents are also exploring additional technical issues like "screen time" or internet privacy, coming at these issues from a different perspective as technologists ourselves. We cover all of these topics and more using a panel of parents coming from diverse perspectives and a variety of technological backgrounds. We'll shine light onto these issues and provide a valuable food for thought for these folks. Want to ask a question that the panelists can discuss in an episode? Email us at And if you're loving the podcast and want to support us, please visit our Patreon (!

By Parent Driven Development


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FINDET NEMO kehrt ins Kino zurück – erstmals in aufregendem Disney Digital 3D™ – und wird eine ganz neue Generation für das großartige Unterwasser-Abenteuer begeistern. Regisseur Andrew Stanton, zweifacher Oscar®-Preisträger für FINDET NEMO („Finding Nemo“, 2003) und WALL•E – DER LETZTE RÄUMT DIE ERDE AUF („Wall•E“, 2008), findet die 3D-Version des Films buchstäblich atemberaubend. „Nach den ersten Szenen von FINDET NEMO 3D kam es mir vor, als hätte ich noch nie zuvor einen 3D-Film gesehen“, sagt Stanton. „Ich war sprachlos. Ich fühlte mich wie unter Wasser. Die aufregenden Momente sind noch aufregender, die schönen noch schöner. Man wird noch tiefer in die Geschichte hineingezogen, einfach alles wirkt durch den 3D-Effekt noch stärker.“ FINDET NEMO in Disney Digital 3D™ kommt am 14. Februar 2013 für kurze Zeit in die Kinos und erscheint am 7. März 2013 erstmals in High-Definition Blu-ray™ und Blu-ray 3D™.

By Disney