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Relaxation Music for Anxiety and Stress Relief (mp3) show

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Relaxation Music is four relaxation music recordings developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw to help you relax deeply and as a result lower your anxiety and stress. The four recordings are Fantasia, Cosmic Energy, Healing Vibrations and Inner Reflection. Listening to these recordings will relax you immediately and help you to reduce daily anxiety and stress as will as assist you in improving your health. All recordings are 30 minutes, come with a Full Money Back Guarantee and are only $1.95. Dr. Harry Henshaw is the Clinical Director of Enhanced Healing Wellness Center in Miami, 305-498-3442. CLICK on the WEBSITE link in this PODCAST to BUY NOW and DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY.

By Dr. Harry Henshaw

The Cricket - A Kids Bedtime Story Podcast show

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The Cricket Podcast is a project to capture the art of storytelling at bedtime with the stories that we tell our kids. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are scary, usually a bit of both. But they are always kid-safe, entertaining, yet calm enough to fall asleep to. Most importantly, we get right into the story without a bunch of self-promoting meta talk. Production is kept minimal with intention: we try to preserve the craft of storytelling by presenting the story exactly as we would when telling our own children, using only our voices. Read more at

By The Cricket

Bilingual Avenue with Marianna Du Bosq show

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Bilingual Avenue is a podcast created for parents raising bilingual children and educators teaching dual language learners. The Bilingual Avenue podcast is a guide on what to do, how to do it and what to expect when working with multilingual children. Tune in for insightful interviews with experts and parents as they share best practices, failures, obstacles and inspiration to guide your journey with bilingual children. If you are looking for resources, strategies and actionable tips, Bilingual Avenue is for you!

By Interviews with experts and parents sharing best practices for raising and teaching bilingual children.

Birds In A Tree show

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Parenting perspective.

By Bridget Manley

Focus on the Family Minute show

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In just 60 seconds, the Focus on the Family Minute provides a daily "nugget of truth" for building strong families. Hosted by John Fuller, the Focus on the Family Minute features helpful advice on how to strengthen your marriage and raise your kids on the right path.

By Focus on the Family

Parenting with Ease show

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Parenting with Ease brings to life the challenges and ways of being with children that both honor yourself and the kids. Sometimes the conversations are light, sometimes the conversations are challenging, yet leave with real life examples of more possibility.

By Erica Orosco Cruz

Canine Master - Dog training and behavior on Pet Life Radio ( show

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I am Chris Onthank, the Canine Master. I am an advocate of everything to do with dogs; sharing info, tips, stories, photos &amp; videos. Follow my blog for an in-depth coverage of dog-related topics including training, health, innovative pet products and general information on how to keep dogs happy, healthy and safe.<br> <br> Join me for practical information and tips on all aspects of dogs and their well-being. Topics will include understanding how a dog thinks and feels, the importance of proper training to develop a confident and happy dog, health information and tips on how to keep your dog healthy, choosing the right puppy for your family and so much more!

By Chris Onthank

Hans Christian Andersen: Fairytales and Short Stories Volume 1, 1835 to 1842 by Hans Christian Andersen show

Hans Christian Andersen: Fairytales and Short Stories Volume 1, 1835 to 1842 by Hans Christian AndersenJoin Now to Follow

A collection of some of Hans Christian Andersen's works. He is a Danish author and poet most famous for his fairy tales.

By Loyal Books

Old Time Radio DVD show

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Old Time Radio DVD has the largest collections of Old Time Radio, Classic TV, Movies, Serials, and Cartoons on the internet. All delivered on external hard drives. Visit,

By Dennis Humphrey

Dumb it Down show

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Are you brilliant? Okay, then explain your genius to a 12-year-old. Bo Mabry takes a year off of school (6th grade exactly) to interview geniuses, er, pepper them with questions, until he can understand what they do. Sure, you can make smart grown-ups understand what you do... but can you Dumb it Down?

By Bo Mabry