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Do you have LEGOs around you that are no longer used? Consider donating them to brick recycler's Lego drive community instead of collecting them in a garage or a store room. We need lots of Legos for those who need them. You can download and fill up our form from our website to help us "Spread joy and create a safe environment at the same time."

Parent With a Pro show

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Being a parent of a sassy, spirited, or strong-willed child can be very challenging. With you child misbehavior, frequent power struggles, and more, you can be left wondering what to do. That's where we come in. In this podcast, we ask child therapists your questions so you can have expert guidance as you parent your child. Each episode is like a FREE coaching session that will give you the tools to decrease negative behavior and increase your joy in parenting. You can parent with confidence knowing that the everything you learn from this podcast is evidence-based and designed with your child in mind. Finally, the parenting handbook you've always wanted!<br> <br> Join our private <a href="">Facebook group</a> to submit your parenting questions and to join our weekly Facebook live where our experts answer even MORE of your parenting questions!

By Parent With a Pro

Talking Life | 96five Family Radio show

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Talking Life is a talkback program that tackles a wide range of life issues from a Christian perspective and many of the topics are issues that the church has difficulty in discussing in open forums. The program is often challenging, thought provoking and helpful, and aims to connect listeners with community and Christian support agencies.

By Peter Janetzki

The Circle of Birth - Story Medicine - Birth &amp; Transformation  show

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In depth podcast and photo blog sharing birth stories, transformative journeys, people and information to better our understanding of the wise traditional wisdom of pregnancy and birth. Australia &amp; worldwide this podcast shows the intimate and ancient patterns of our stories and how birth ultimately transforms us and those around. Dive in to our journeys and seek the rich wisdom of how birth can shape you. Teamed up with resources, photos and links to keep you informed and surrounded by a supportive group of contributors. <br> <br> Great resource for mothers, fathers, birth partners, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and especially birth workers, midwives &amp; doulas or people looking to heal and create more awareness in their own personal journey.<br> <br> Sign up &amp; stay updated with each inspiring episode -

By Ayla Myra - The Circle of Birth

Purple Rocket Podcast show

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The Purple Rocket Podcast brings you educational audio stories for kids! From exciting adventures through fairy forests and outer space to traveling the world through a magical globe, the PRP has something for the whole family! FOR MORE EPISODES SIGN UP AT

By Greg Webb

MommyCast show

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MommyCast is a weekly talk show for and by women (and dads). A family friendly show, Paige and Gretchen talk about parenting and the never ending issues that come with motherhood. This is real talk by real moms. Paige has 5 kids and Gretchen has 2. From infant to tween to teen, they have experienced it all! But MommyCast is not just for moms! Dads love MommyCast too! Join the conversation at!

By Paige and Gretchen

Plant, Run, Family  show

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A (more or less) weekly podcast about eating plants, running triathlons, and doing it all with and while raising a family.

By Plant, Run, Family

Creating Forever Love : Couples Advice for Amazing Relationships show

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Ready to learn about men and women? Ready to find love like you've never known it before? Even if you have a good husband or a good wife or you've done marriage counseling, I promise THiS is relationship advice that will inspire you in a brand new way. You'll find love comes ALIVE when you see your husbands and wives with a new understanding of how DIFFERENT they are from you, for a VERY good reason. Even if you're single, and you're more interested in dating advice than the marital relationship, I promise your time here will be well spent. What is a relationship where Forever Love exists for you?...This podcast will give you an incredible model of what's possible for your relationships, if you choose it. What else will you get? Woman to woman, mom to mom, you will hear yourself in the examples I share about what works and doesn't work in my parenting. As we learn about men and women, you'll see newly how to parent the young men and young women that are most important to you... your kids. Even if you're a dad and mom that study child development and have read all the books, you'll be shocked at how some of the couples advice we give will show you how to create peace among siblings and stop the suffering. Creating Forever Love is possible in whatever relationships are most important to you. There's something for everyone. Let's learn together. PS - I was SHOCKED by how much I learned about sex that I didn't know will be too.

By Jenny Angell | Relationship and Forever Love Enthusiast

Baby Time: 3-6 Months Old show

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Follow along week-to-week with Kerry and Dan as they raise their growing newborn, including the switch to solid foods, buying new baby equipment and furniture, and the arrival of teeth! It's BABY TIME!

By Kerry &amp; Dan Gorgone

Baby Time: 9 Months-1 Year Old show

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Follow along week-to-week with Kerry and Dan as they raise their baby, who is about to turn 1 Year Old! Topics include reaching development milestones, dealing with a sick baby, and learning how to childproof your home. It's BABY TIME!

By Kerry &amp; Dan Gorgone