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Kids Stories and Fairy Tales - The Palace of Stories Podcast show

Kids Stories and Fairy Tales - The Palace of Stories PodcastJoin Now to Follow Come on a journey to a Palace of Stories that is filled to the brim with fairy tales and bedtime stories! English Storyteller Leo Sofer tells stories for children that will inspire, delight and entertain. There are over a hundred MP3 stories here addressing themes such as self-esteem, generosity, and self-confidence. These are stories to nourish heart and mind, and remind children of kindness, love and the beauty that is within and all around them. Download free monthly podcasts, buy stories individually or subscribe for access to the whole catalogue.

By Leo Sofer

Fairytales Forever Podcast show

Fairytales Forever PodcastJoin Now to Follow

This podcast is a collection of various fairytales released on creative commons no derivative and noncommercial lcense. Please share them with your family or friends if you like these stories they are only one third of the material created by storyteller Brother Wolf at

By Eric James Wolf

The Daddy Diaries show

The Daddy DiariesJoin Now to Follow

The musings and feelings of a Pregnant Dad.

By Ben Gibbs

Visit London show

Visit LondonJoin Now to Follow

Visit London brings you the best guides to the tourist attractions that other visitors may not find out about. We'll also tell you how to make the most of the famous London sights. If you're a history, theatre, arts or parks lover - these podcasts are for you.

By Global Creative (London)

MommyBrain show

MommyBrainJoin Now to Follow

Looking for some moms just like you - real people with interests, passions and dreams they pursue while raising their children? Join us, Emily and Kristie from every week for FUN, ideas, inspiration, support and encouragement! Friends for more than 30 years (but who’s counting) and mothers of 5 children between them from infant to teen, we feel your pain of trying to be a good wife and mother and not losing what makes you unique in the process. You are not alone, come hang out with us each week and fuel your MommyBrain.

By MommyBrain


DIE MONSTER UNIJoin Now to Follow

Was für eine große Wiedersehensfreude! Unsere Lieblingsmonster aus Disney/Pixars Kinohit DIE MONSTER AG sind wieder da! Freut euch auf den liebenswerten, blauflauschigen James P. „Sulley" Sullivan und den giftgrünen Einäuger auf zwei Beinen Mike Glotzkowski, und erfahrt wie alles anfing! In ihrem neuesten Abenteuer erobern Sulley und Mike als Studenten DIE MONSTER UNI. Aller Anfang ist schwer... Und das gilt auch für Monster wie Sulley und Mike. Denn als sich die beiden an der Monster Universität kennen lernen, können sie sich auf den Tod nicht ausstehen. Kein Wunder, schließlich haben beide dasselbe Ziel: Sie wollen die größten Erschrecker von ganz Monstropolis werden. DIE MONSTER UNI zeigt, wie sich die beiden unterschiedlichen Monster doch noch zusammenraufen und nicht nur das Dreamteam unter den Erschreckern, sondern auch die besten Freunde werden. Zum Schreien komisch! Regisseur Dan Scanlon („Tracy"), der u.a. als Storyboard Artist bei Disney/Pixars Kinohit CARS (2006) seiner Kreativität freien Lauf lassen konnte, holt zwei der beliebtesten und verrücktesten Charaktere aus dem Pixar-Universum auf die Kinoleinwand zurück -- begleitet von einigen alten Bekannten und vielen neuen, frischen Monstergesichtern! Ein großer Kinospaß für alle, die sich von Monstern nicht erschrecken lassen und für schräge, schrullige, warmherzige und rasante Filmunterhaltung zu begeistern sind.

By Disney/Pixar

Turning This Car Around show

Turning This Car AroundJoin Now to Follow

America's number one best and favorite podcast about fatherhood hosted by Lex Friedman, John Moltz and Jon Armstrong.

By Lex Friedman, John Moltz and Jon Armstrong

Enhanced Irish Families Worldwide: History and Genealogy show

Enhanced Irish Families Worldwide: History and GenealogyJoin Now to Follow

The enhanced version of the Irish families podcast, with photos and links. Itunes or Quicktime required for this version of the original podcast. This is the first weekly Irish genealogy podcast in the world. Main topics are genealogy, family history, curious news and notes, book of month, web page of the week, and Irish family name of the day. Find your family history and heritage in Ireland here ! This is one of 5 podcast series from the Irish Roots Cafe. Be sure to listen to all of them, including History of the Irish in America, and Irish Song and Recitation Festival.

By Michael O'Laughlin

Growing Geeks – Troll in the Corner show

Growing Geeks – Troll in the CornerJoin Now to Follow

A podcast where we talk about parenting as geeks and using our skills to raise the next generation of awesome people.

By Benjamin Gerber

Bridesmaid Words show

Bridesmaid WordsJoin Now to Follow

Need inspiration for your upcoming maid of honor speech or bridesmaid speech? Bridesmaid Words' podcast contains a selection of example speeches. Each maid of honor or bridesmaid speech is around two minutes long and each deals with a different scenario. For example there is a maid of honor speech by the bride's twin sister and a bridesmaid speech for a couple who had a terrible first date. Sit back, listen and get inspired.

By Bridesmaid Words (