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Maximizing Life in the Middle Podcast show

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A podcast featuring two people consciously living and loving as husband and wife, parents and individuals working to make the most out of their lives.

By Jay and Erin Taylor

I Like Your Mom Bun show

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How is it that when we're surrounded by little people all day, that we feel so alone? Well we are here to put an end to that. We truly believe that motherhood shouldn't be lonely - That motherhood is better with a momma friend by your side. We are passionate about bringing moms together to make this journey though motherhood the magical experience you always dreamed it would be. Join us each week as we our share secrets on how to build friendships, connect with other moms and help you bring a little more joy into your mom life. We're your hosts Nicole White and Mandy Roberson, and this is I Like Your Mom Bun Podcast.

By Mandy Roberson & Nicole White

Talking To Teens show

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Parent-teen researcher Andy Earle talks with various experts about the art and science of parenting teenagers. Find more at


Better Together with Datebox show

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A podcast for couples, by couples.

By Brett & Devon Kolomyjec

Bear Essentials show

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A behind-the-scenes look into the journey of Christian parenting. We’re Charlie and Kristina Matz and we're committed to raising our children according to God's biblical standards. Join us as we navigate the day-to-day decisions that every Christian parent faces. The Bear Essentials Podcast is brought to you by Bear & Squirrel, providing Tips, Tools, and Training to Confidently Navigate the Journey of Christian Parenting. Find out more at

By Bear & Squirrel

Monterey Bay Aquarium's "Aquarium of the Air" show

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Podcasts from California's Monterey Bay Aquarium share fascinating stories about sea otters, sharks and other sealife. From the ocean's edge to the deep sea, listeners can explore Earth's last great wilderness and the remarkable creatures that call it home.

By Monterey Bay Aquarium

Rapid Fire, Marriage Straight Talk: No Sugarcoating, No Protecting Egos, Just Man to Man show

Rapid Fire, Marriage Straight Talk: No Sugarcoating, No Protecting Egos, Just Man to ManJoin Now to Follow

Rapid Fire, Marriage Straight Talk is a 5-7 minute weekly podcast that goes straight to the issue, no sugarcoating, no protecting egos, just man to man. Your host Robert Cossick is a marriage coach who understands that men don't want fluff, just tell them what to do then move on to the next issue. The content is applicable, brief, to the point and it's presented with excitement, purpose and resolve.

By Honor The Vow with Robert Cossick: Marriage Coach and Bible Teacher. Saving Marriages One Marriage at a Time

         CARM Radio Show Podcasts show

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Matt Slick LIVE of and guests in discussion of topics and questions concerning Jesus, Bible, Theology, Faith and Apologetics in Christianity.

By Administration

필스교양 show

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팟빵 오리지널 : 아빠의 주도로 시작된 비밀스러운 교과서 편찬 프로젝트 2030년 우리 아이를 위한 필수교양 교과서, Phil's 교양!

By 팟빵오리지널

Dr. Joan Kenley's Conversations on Wellness, Love, Relationships, Politics, Health and Green Living, and Transformation show

Dr. Joan Kenley's Conversations on Wellness, Love, Relationships, Politics, Health and Green Living, and TransformationJoin Now to Follow

The Joan Kenley Show is a unique offering in today’s talk radio marketplace. The intention is to delve more deeply into what really matters – offering meaningful conversations, timely topics, and action ideas on subjects ranging from the personal to the global. Using her talents and experience as Host and Executive Producer, Joan and her team craft each episode of The Joan Kenley Show to explore a specific theme from various angles, ranging from what has been previously envisioned with her guests to the spontaneity of the moment in the studio. Joan not only engages with her guests and asks thoughtful questions, she also contributes to the conversation by adding her own extensive professional and personal insights.

By (Joan Kenley)