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Get babywearing tips from the babywearing expert Angelique Geehan

By Sheneq Aranda

Twin Talks show

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Twin Talks is an audio podcast encouraging parents who are expecting twins as well as experienced moms and dads of multiples. Together, we explore the unique challenges new parents face when raising two or more children of the same age. Join us as we embrace the joys of parenting when you’ve got double the duty. The show is part of the Parents On Demand Network and is produced by New Mommy Media.

By New Mommy Media

Jenn Pipe & the Areté Today Podcast show

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This is the place where personal development meets personal responsibility. Areté is an ancient Greek word for living your highest human potential. This is a podcast geared towards enhancing and elevating the WHOLE person. We will talk business, life, love, parenting, nutrition, aging, politics, marriage, and personal responsibility. I have a particular interest in creating a world full of powerful, authentic, fulfilled, altruistic, and influential women and girls who are not afraid to shine bright. I believe in the power of art and creativity as a way to soul-search, heal, and gain clarity. I feel most at peace by the ocean; it is the place that makes the most sense to me. More about me and the ways in which I can be of service to you over at

By Jennifer Pipe |

Buff Daddio Podcast – Dad-Friendly Fitness, Diet & Lifestyle Tips show

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The Buff Daddio Podcast is all about getting dads back in shape. We need to look after ourselves better. We need to get fitter, stronger and get some energy back. But standard fitness and diet programs don't often work for us - we are low on time, energy and money. But there is a dad-friendly way to do all this, and each week the Buff Daddio Podcast talks about how to structure your life to get in shape, but still get to have a beer. Or two.

By Chris Davidson: Irish Dad, Fitness Trainer, Guinness Afficionado, Buff Daddio

Pet Radio Show show

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The Pet Radio show brings you exciting podcasts about all pets, including cats, dogs, birds, lizards and aquariums. We have the best dog podcasts and cat podcasts with the best guests.

By Pet Radio Show

101 Homeschool Ideas show

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101 Homeschool Idea Podcast is the podcast for you: the homeschool parent and the homeschool student. Subscribe to the podcast if you ever need a little extra motivation, new ideas for learning activities, or help knowing how to get into college. If you are the teacher or the student, these podcasts definitely have something to offer you. In each episode, people will share suggestions that will help you succeed.

By Brian Ricks: PhD in Educational Leadership, Entrepreneur, Homeschool Enthusiast

Family Life - 5 Minute Podcast show

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JI Family Life Podcast is dedicated to building a healthy community of families centered around raising kids together in a healthy way. We do not have all the answers but we are better together

By Seacoast Church James Island Campus

The Junior Classics by William Patten show

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The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age. (summary from book introduction) This collection consists of Volume 1 of The Junior Classics, and it contains many well known stories in their original forms. Among stories from other authors, you’ll find Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop, and the Grimm brothers.

By Books Should Be Free

Fergus Ferry show

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The Fergus Ferry podcast brings you a new adventure with Fergus the Ferry each week. Inspire your imagination as Fergus patrols the harbour in this popular series of rhyming stories for children. Come with Fergus, the brave little ferry, and his friends, as they have thrilling adventures and make daring rescues on the harbour. The books, written by author J.W. Noble for his son, also contain subtle parent/child messages. Enjoy our stories, and be sure to tell all of your your friends and family too! And don't forget to visit to get the Fergus Apps, Fergus Facts, Games and the full stories with illustrations.

By Fergus Ferry

Daily(ish) show

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Just as it says on the tin – this is a daily(ish) podcast from Chris Enns. Hosted by Chris Enns.

By GoodStuff Broadcasting