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"A scared world needs a fearless church."

By Fearless LA

A Course in Miracles Explained show

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Many of us have heard of A Course in Miracles in some way or another. You might have read a quote from it from your favourite author, or heard a speaker reference it. But who wrote it? Where did it come from? What does it say? Why is it so frustratingly difficult to understand? What exactly is A Course in Miracles? Don’t fret – because help is near! These are the very questions that A Course in Miracles Explained hopes to answer in plain, everyday language! Join me and our amazing line-up of ACIM guests, as we demystify the complexity of the Course in a fascinating journey through the multi-faceted nature of the Course: nondualism, forgiveness, communication with the Holy Spirit / Higher Self, relationships, music, philosophy, poetry, physics, psychic ability, psychology, Buddhism, Advaita, Christianity and Taoism – all pointing to the same Universal Truth that has been taught by all of the great spiritual masters in history. Find out why some consider A Course in Miracles to be one of the most important spiritual documents on the planet today, how so many have found lasting inner peace through application of the Course, and how it is relevant and helpful to YOUR life!

By Kenneth Bok

Risking Failure show

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A project developed to explore conversations and ideas of ordinary people leading "so-called ordinary lives". The show focuses on topics such as various human experiences of authentic living, mindfulness, vulnerability, spirituality, ethics, morality, work, play, entrepreneurship, travel, meditation, love, relationships and subjects and ideas that bring growth.<br> <br> The project was developed by co-hosts Mark Dobson (aka Dobbo) and Mick Dunn, and seeks to expand beyond the personal development industry, to access the remarkable ideas and actions of everyday thinkers who have profound insights and experiences to share.

By Mark Dobson &amp; Mick Dunn: Philosophers of Human Experience

Making Connections Within show

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Making Connections Within introduces Shamanic Journey meditation to beginners, providing practical instruction to experience this unique, fulfilling method of personal growth. Episodes introduce key concepts about the spirituality of Shamanism, and provide you with resources to learn more. Learn how to journey. Discover how to get in touch with your inner self through guided journey meditation.

By Terry Jensen | Journey Guide

Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic with Charlotte Szivak show

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Listen to the show LIVE every Tuesday at 2:00pm Pacific Time and 5:00pm Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1! Join Charlotte Szivak as we step through an illuminated multi-dimensional doorway on a cosmic adventure ride through time and space bridging the merging time lines where the past, present and future collide. Experience your vastness, elevating your consciousness, synthesis all of your Souls dimensions in a moment to moment format that ignites your creativity to explore the many yet undiscovered horizons. Each broadcast is infuses with ascension Light body activations, transmissions, shadow wisdom transformations and meditative journeys assisting with awakening, anchoring, and actualization of the Language of Light as you embrace your divine essence. Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic also welcomes many Special Guests - all experts within their fields of personal and planetary transformation.

By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.

Yoga Vedanta Tantra show

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Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra, Ayurveda and Meditation. Talks and interviews with Yoga Masters, Ayurveda Therapists, Vedanta Teachers, Meditation Practicioners. Get inspired by great people from all over the world. Podcast provided by Yoga Vidya, a non-profit network of Yoga Ashrams and Centers in Europe.

By Sukadev Bretz Yoga Vidya

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing Podcasts!  show

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These podcasts are designed to help you recognize how we create the limiting situations and circumstances in our lives. Learn how to experience more of what you want and less of what you don't want and take back your power to design the life of your dreams! Like me on facebook: www.facebook.com/health.wellness.success or visit my website: www.healthwellnessandsuccess.com. Thanks and have an AMAZING DAY!

By Wenda O'Neill

Psychic Soul Radio with Emily Stroia  show

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Psychic Medium Emily Stroia presents Psychic Soul Radio, a show exploring topics such as psychic ability, mediumship, spirit communication, developing intuition and being aware of Spirit. Emily Stroia is a New York psychic medium who gives accurate psychic readings out of a convenient NYC space. She is also available by phone and Skype.

By Psychic Medium Emily Stroia

The Liberated Woman Podcast with Amber Chalus | The only show for women who question the status quo! show

The Liberated Woman Podcast with Amber Chalus | The only show for women who question the status quo!Join Now to Follow

The one and only podcast for women who crave more freedom and bliss in their life. You'll discover ancient wisdom, holistic practices and simple everyday rituals that will help you FINALLY calm your busy mind, nourish your body, re-ignite your heart &amp; reveal your authentic spirit! Join us every week to get a glimpse into the lives of incredible women just like you who reveal their personal journey to freedom in health, life and business!

By Amber Chalus

Live and Dare Podcast: Meditation, Consciousness &amp; Nonduality Wisdom show

Live and Dare Podcast: Meditation, Consciousness & Nonduality WisdomJoin Now to Follow

The quality of your mind is the quality of your life.<br> This free podcast covers the topics of Meditation, Mindfulness, Consciousness and Spirituality in Daily Life. Interviews with teachers from different paths, both traditional and modern, sharing insights on the practice of meditation and its integration in modern life and in society. There are also some episodes with guided meditation. Brought to you by LiveAndDare.com blog. Follow me on twitter @gio_self.

By Giovanni Dienstmann: Meditation Blogger, Consciousness Hacker, Spirituality Geek