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#1 Spiritual Leaders Community committed to developing world-class spiritual leaders. Dr. Rev. Erin Fall Haskell is a Doctor of Divinity, Founder and TV host of Good Morning LaLa Land and Soulciété.

By Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, D.D.

Exploring More show

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Zoweh's Exploring More Podcast is an invitation to conversations committed to sharing our discoveries of the wild and wonderful Kingdom of God… how it works, who we are in it, and the Love and Life that is constantly pursuing us. The Kingdom of God isn’t easy nor is everything in our story good—there are predators and parasites in the spiritual realm, another kingdom, the kingdom of darkness that exists and violently opposes our discovering and becoming more. Exploring More is hosted by Michael Thompson, produced by Zoweh, and recorded in Durham, NC.

By Michael Thompson - Zoweh

MoonWise show

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MoonWise is a podcast featuring conversations with women of power. Join host Dorothée Sophie Royal each new and full moon for lunar forecasts and interviews about natural approaches to self care, health and creativity. Our guests are wisdom carriers, artists, mothers and leaders who are ushering in a new era of feminine wisdom in their own lives and in the world. Each episode is created to help you connect with nature's rhythms and celebrate the beauty medicine in you. Follow us on Instagram @MoonTentCo and check out the show notes at moontent.co.

By Dorothée Sophie Royal

This Week's Lectionary with the CEB show

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Listening to the Bible changes the way you understand scripture. Each week on This Week’s Lectionary with the CEB, you’ll hear that week’s scriptures from the revised common lectionary in the Common English Bible translation. Our audio version of the Bible was produced with a multitude of diverse voices. The Common English Bible Translation: An Invitation to Engage with Scripture with Your Heart and Mind Readable: It means more than reading phrases on a page. It means truly comprehending the words, the sentences, the ideas, and their meaning. Within its refreshingly approachable language, the CEB sets the reader on a path to new understanding. Reliable: The CEB was built on the assembled knowledge of a diverse, cross-denominational group of men and women, 120 biblical scholars translating directly from the original ancient texts—not revising tradition or inserting church doctrine. Exhaustive attention has been paid to ensure the work is impeccably balanced and rich in context. Relevant: The times change, but the Bible meets you where you are, providing guidance for every situation you face and every season of life.

By Common English Bible

Meditation x Attachment with George Haas show

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Welcome to the Meditation x Attachment with George Haas Podcast (formerly The Meaningful Life). Each episode will explore the connections between ancient Buddhist meditation techniques and modern psychological attachment theory. Learn more at mettagroup.org.

By Mettagroup | George Haas

Your Daily Prayer Podcast show

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Every morning, the team of women behind iBelieve.com bring you a devotional and prayer through your favorite podcast app to help you start your day in conversation with God.

By iBelieve.com

What's Your Sign? show

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A comedy podcast for astrology lovers AND haters. With your hosts Julia Loken, Stevie Anderson, & Lisa Chanoux.

By Stevie Anderson, Julia Loken, & Lisa Chanoux - Astrology

The Morning After Ministry Show show

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Each Monday morning, pastors and Download Youth Ministry authors Andrew Larsen and Timothy Miller take a a caffeine-fueled look back at the week and ministry that was. You can join the conversation on The Morning After Ministry Show’s facebook live broadcast.”

By DYM Podcast Network

American Intelligence Media show

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Esteemed patriots Thomas & Betsy from American Intelligence Media share their insight into world events and domestic politics.

By American Intelligence Media

Son of a Preacher Man show

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Welcome to Son of a Preacher Man with Jonathan Martin, a new podcast that’s all about finding beauty in brokenness, grace in grit, and God in the ambiguity of the in-between. Spirituality isn’t sanitized here, because your life isn’t. Like and LP, each episode is divided into side A and Side B. Side A could be a sermon, a conversation with a guest, but will always introduce some idea. Side B will always be a creative exploration of that idea, through music, Q and A with listeners, or quirky rabbit trails off of Side A—for people who want the deep cuts, not just the singles. 

By Jonathan Martin