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Healing With The Masters Transformational Workshops show

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Each one of these podcasts delivers new insights, inspires new thoughts and moves you inward to discover new points of opening and expansion within yourself. Join Host Jennifer McLean as she brings you some of the world's most sought-after thought leaders, master teachers and intuitives to offer a wealth of transformational teachings and life-changing insights.

By Jennifer McLean

Messages from Above show

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Kinda like the Long Island Medium with an extra dose of soul, Erica shares messages from the other side. Messages are coming in for you from Michael Jackson, Prince, Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, Paul Walker, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr or is she tripping? You be the judge. It all started on the basketball court. Erica was running full court when the spirit of Michael Jackson asked her to write a book. She turned him down. Not everyone turns down Michael Jackson. Erica is a little stubborn. Then when the spirit of Prince asked her to encourage people to write music, Erica was inspired. But she didn't get into action. She listened and was curious, as the energy of Prince is actually intoxicating. So now when Maya Angelou asks Erica to inspire people to write -- it is simply not possible to turn that down. So today, Erica is turning it up. Messages from Above is a short inspirational podcast designed to give your spirit a boost of energy & joyful exuberance.

By Erica Glessing

Paradigms show

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Paradigms is a radio show that brings you inspired, inspiring people exploring visions of a viable future for life on Earth, including humans; and great music from around the world!

By Baruch Zeichner

The Spirit Side show

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The Spirit Side is a podcast that endeavors to talk about a wide array of subjects with a balanced and spiritual perspective. We will discuss such things as current events, strange stories in the news, spirituality, the Paranormal and much more. But most importantly, it is my hope that this humble podcast will keep people informed and have a positive impact in the lives of those who listen.<br><br>Paul James Caiden is a certified spiritual counselor, author, ordained spiritualist minister and spiritual advisor. He is a student of metaphysics, spiritual healing and the prophetic Ministry.

By Wrestling With Reality Podcast

Spirituality Unpacked show

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Spiritually based discussion on a wide variety of topics.

By Laura Bungarz

This Catholic Life Podcast show

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This Catholic Life is a show about Ordinary Catholics having a relaxed, informal, and genuinely searching conversation about current issues, the challenges and hardships of life and what light “This Catholic Life” brings to these things.

By Peter Holmes

Just Thinking with Stan Wanglund show

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Want the answers to all of life's toughest questions? Just Thinking with Stan Wanglund breaks down all of the topics in life you want to hear about from someone who has been there, done that, and lived through it. No topic is off limits and all things will be discussed with thought provoking knowledge that will make you look at things in a different way!!!! All episodes are short, sweet, right to the point , and will change the way you look at life in a good way!

By Reality Check Podcast Network

The Dream Show with Jane Teresa Anderson show

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The Dream Show offers listeners the opportunity to have their dreams interpreted by one of Australia's leading authorities on Dream Analysis and Interpretation - Jane Teresa Anderson

By Jane Teresa Anderson

Leading Ideas Talks show

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Leading Ideas Talks brings to the table cutting-edge leaders on subjects you care about — navigating change, reaching younger people, financing your ministry, communicating effectively — to help you be the leader God is calling you to be.

By Lewis Center for Church Leadership

Real Rebel Podcast show

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The Real Rebel Podcast is for the people who push the boundaries of our society. For the people who live on the fringe. For the people who aren't afraid to question the status quo and live life as exactly who they are. Not as who they should be. These are the people who make us uncomfortable. Who speak truth and break glass ceilings. Who aren't afraid to stand up and face themselves. Who refused to be oppressed and help us expand and evolve the edges of humanity. These are the Real Rebels. And this podcast is for them.

By Katie Buemann