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Yoga Vedanta Tantra show

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Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra, Ayurveda and Meditation. Talks and interviews with Yoga Masters, Ayurveda Therapists, Vedanta Teachers, Meditation Practicioners. Get inspired by great people from all over the world. Podcast provided by Yoga Vidya, a non-profit network of Yoga Ashrams and Centers in Europe.

By Sukadev Bretz Yoga Vidya

Song Soldier Podcast show

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The inspirational podcast for songwriters who want to take their musical journey into their own hands. We feature conversations with guests from various disciplines to discuss artistic craft, music industry, and creative philosophy. Readings from inspirational literature, strategies of travel hacking principals, and announcements for upcoming songwriting retreats will be shared as well. With each episode, we aim to equip you to become the most authentic, liberated, and masterful songwriter you can be. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or a seasoned industry professional, there's something for you here. Life is short, music is powerful, and the world needs you to run to your own drum. Join the ranks of the Song Soldier.

By Ian McCartor: Singer/Songwriter, Podcast Host and Registered Nurse

Not Alone show

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Not Alone is a weekly podcast covering all things mysterious and unexplained. Your hosts, Sam and Jason, have been called 'the Siskel & Ebert of things strange', and others with interest in the paranormal saying that 'as a fellow believer in the weird, it's like coming home'. Join us as we reveal to you the hidden world of the paranormal, nestled within the so called Real World. From stories you've never heard of, to ones you know by heart, we hope our variety of topics, from Curses to Cryptids to UFOS and back again, will provide something for the True Believer and Diehard Skeptic alike. And until next time, remember. We are Not Alone.

By Sam Fredrickson & Jason Moitoso | Ace Podcast Network

Are You Being Real? | The One & Only Podcast show

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We interrupt the noisy &amp; superficial status quo to bring you refreshingly honest conversation, inspiring stories, and deep discussion about life's most important questions. <br> <br> Tune-in weekly for new episodes that will make you think, help you remain clear &amp; connected to what's most important (to you), and keep you motivated to do and be your best. Hosted by former Showtime Exec turned Tedx Speaker &amp; Winning Weeks founder, Mark Shapiro.<br> <br> With over 150 episodes, incredible guests such as Lewis Howes, Ricki Lake, the Real Jerry Maguire - Leigh Steinberg, and with over 200,000 people having tuned in globally, come join the conversation and help us co-create a new norm where honest dialogue about what really matters, courageous authentic living, &amp; working together to make a positive impact, becomes the new standard.

By Mark Shapiro | |

Best Habits You Can Follow To Not Feel Lonely When You’re Single show

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I know being single is not that easy. Sometimes it makes us feel lonesome and tedious. But don't worry as this audio can help you with some of the habits that you can follow to make your single life happier and full of fun.

By julianjohnston

The Think Different Theory With Josh Forti show

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Hi, I am Josh Forti, and I firmly believe that you can do, have, and accomplish anything you want in life. It has nothing to do with where you grew up, the color of your skin, or how much money you have. It has everything to do with the mentality you have, the questions you ask, and permission you give yourself. Things that aren’t being discussed in politics, talked about on the news or taught in the school system. Questions that may be “politically incorrect”, taboo, or out of the norm. Those are things that truly put you ahead in life. Growing up blue collar middle class, I was confused a lot. I started questioning things like “why are so many people unhappy?”, “why am I still struggling to get ahead, even though I did what I was ‘supposed to do’’, “is this it? Is this all life is about?” and seeking out answers to those questions. I discovered a whole new reality of what’s possible, simply by thinking different and changing the way I viewed everything. I was blessed to discover this at a young age, and create a reality that has taken me on a journey across the world that I couldn’t have ever imagined. My goal with this podcast is to take you on a similar journey and help you discover what is possible. I believe that anyone, anywhere, at any moment, is just one consistent set of actions away from a totally changed life… and that starts with a mentality shift. Join me, as I share my stories, life lessons, and ask the critical questions about life, success, and reality, in an attempt to help you go and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. This podcast is for people that want to take off the limits and pressure of society, and experience life in an entirely new paradigm.

By Josh Forti

The Enough Podcast Archives show

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How does one find the balance that is "enough"? Enough — The Minimal Mac Podcast help to explore this idea and helps you find that answer that is right for you. Your hosts are Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley.

By Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley

Exploring My Strange Bible show

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Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Exploring My Strange Bible by Tim Mackie, Pastor, Professor, Lead Theologian and Co-founder of The Bible Project, for free.

By Tim Mackie