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The Republic by Plato presented by show

The Republic by Plato presented by ejunto.orgJoin Now to Follow

Plato's most popular dialogue, The Republic, argues for social justice by subjecting the individual to complete state control. The Republic also includes Plato's famous allegory of the cave.

By Andrew Julow

The I Simply Am Podcast: Self Awareness | Relationships | Love | Authentic Living show

The I Simply Am Podcast: Self Awareness | Relationships | Love | Authentic LivingJoin Now to Follow

Josh Becker of the I Simply Am Blog reveals answers to the one question we all ask, "Who am I?". There are a lot of Self Help resources out there and some of them are wonderful. What makes this podcast unique is that you will leave each episode with a specific exercise to work on throughout the week. Josh won't just "talk" about self love, self awareness, forgiveness, relationships, self esteem, depression, anxiety, unlocking personal power, and finding life purpose. Each episode will provide you specific life-changing tools you can physically use in your own life. If you are looking for your life purpose or maybe just want to learn how to live the best expression of you, this is your podcast.

By Josh Becker: Life Coach, Blogger, Your Self Help Advocate

The Random Variety Show show

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The Random Variety Show Podcast (The RVSP) is an eclectic collection of thoughts, ideas, ramblings, interviews, reviews, suggestions and satire generated deep within the vast caverns of the brain of the host and creator, Charley Miller. Each biweekly episode of The RVSP features discussion and commentary; an interview conducted by the legendary Groucho Marx and a variety of guests from all reaches of life, and lastly a few nonsequitur segments that help keep the show together. Join us won’t you? You know you want to!

By Charley Miller

The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly show

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Freeman has lectured around the world and unveils the inner-workings of secret societies. Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.

By FreemanTV

Permaculture Realized Podcast show

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The Permaculture Realized Podcast delivers practical skills and knowledge to build your ecologically restorative homestead, farm, neighborhood, or business based on Permaculture concepts and methods. <br> <br> If you find these podcasts valuable in some way, please consider helping keep us on the air by supporting us on Patreon:<br> <br> Our guests work in many various fields including plant propagation, alternative technology, ecosystem restoration, permaculture design, energy conservation, policy-making, community organizing, animal husbandry, market vegetable gardening, homesteading, organic farming, education and more. Collectively we are developing the structures and systems to supply our basic human needs in a way that improves the health of the ecosystem and ourselves. Dive right in!<br> <br> Broadcasting out of Realeyes Homestead. (

By Levi Meeuwenberg of Realeyes Homestead

Just For Today show

Just For TodayJoin Now to Follow

A daily talk show about alcoholism and sobriety. Like an online AA meeting.``

By Hipfire Productions

A Christian and an Atheist show

A Christian and an AtheistJoin Now to Follow

Tired of one-sided rants from either side? Wish Christians and atheists would actually talk to each other, rather than over each other? So do we! Fundamental disagreements about God, faith and morality are too important to reduce to mere sniping from afar. Respectful, friendly discourse is what's needed, if there is to be any hope of mutual understanding. That is what our show is about.

By Emery and Scott

Be Great TODAY show

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Weekly Inspiration to Start Your Week by Jonathan Bloom AKA Frazley Sparkspan. New Episode every Sunday.

By Jonathan Bloom

The Debt Dialogues show

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In this weekly podcast series, Don Watkins, fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, talks to a diverse range of guests about the welfare state crisis and what to do about it.

By Don Watkins

Back To Basics Podcast show

Back To Basics PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Taking a common sense approach to help you live the life you want no matter what comes your way

By Mike Keene