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The Stupendous Marriage Show: Marriage Advice | Sex | Relationships | Christian show

The Stupendous Marriage Show: Marriage Advice | Sex | Relationships | ChristianJoin Now to Follow

Do you need some encouragement in your Marriage? The Stupendous Marriage Show is the faith-based marriage inspiration show from Stu and Lisa Gray. They answer listener questions about marriage issues and highlight great relationship writers, thinkers, and speakers who are passionate about marriage and healthy relationships.

By Stu Gray and Lisa Gray - Marriage Advocates

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show show

ONE Extraordinary Marriage ShowJoin Now to Follow

Is your marriage everything that you want it to be? Are you ready to make a change? Join Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo to create a strong marriage so you can have mind blowing intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. Marriage is not always easy but it's so worth it. Come and make your marriage EXTRAORDINARY!

By Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

Identity & identitylessness part 1 show

Identity & identitylessness part 1Join Now to Follow

The first of two dharma talks given by Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT, LPCC, SEP at the Marin Sangha on November 10 and 17, 2013. This first talk covers the difference between self and identity, early Buddhist ideas about “becoming” and “taking birth”, and modern perspectives on person identity.

By Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT

De Vidas Comunes: conversaciones con Solvy Hernández show

De Vidas Comunes: conversaciones con Solvy HernándezJoin Now to Follow

Solvy Hernández, periodista y presentadora venezolana crea De Vidas Comunes para ofrecer un espacio donde su audiencia tendrá un acercamiento a una parte más intima de su vida. Comparte sus experiencias y reflexiona en el aprendizaje que estas le han dejado. Al mismo tiempo expone vivencias confiadas a ella por su audiencia a través de cartas, haciendo énfasis en el valor que tienen las similitudes que compartimos como seres humanos. Las dificultades y momentos más felices de la vida, siempre vienen acompañados de aprendizaje. Sin embargo, no siempre nos damos el tiempo para expresar lo que esas experiencias nos están haciendo sentir. Solvy busca ser una mano amiga para quienes necesiten compartir su historia y para quienes busquen escuchar una opinión libre de prejuicios. Se pasea por temas de amor, familia, trabajo, autoestima, convivencia, traumas y por supuesto cómo ha logrado superar episodios difíciles de su vida. Siendo una sobreviviente de cancer, comparte cómo esta experiencia ha cambiado su forma de ver la vida y de abordar momentos de crisis. Acompáñala en su tarea de aprender que todo aquello que busca en el exterior vive dentro de ella, así como vive dentro de ti!

By Solvy Hernandez

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey show

SOUL SCHOOL with AudreyJoin Now to Follow

Join Audrey Sutton Mills on the SOUL SCHOOL podcast where she has real conversations with inspirational people and deep dives into life topics that will fill your heart with purpose and joy. Tune in and learn from experts how to step into your power, passion and creativity and connect to yourself, to others and to the magic of life that surrounds you. Discover tools for your spiritual toolbox and get powerful advice about relationships, entrepreneurship, personal growth and health for your transformational journey to living your happiest and most fulfilled life.

By Audrey Sutton Mills

Life Reboot show

Life RebootJoin Now to Follow

It’s time to live your best life! Need the tools to help you build it? Learn to empower yourself and live life to the fullest by letting Lindsay Rielly, Leah Messer, and Brian Scott help you learn to reboot your life.

By PodcastOne

Evolve Your Life Podcast show

Evolve Your Life PodcastJoin Now to Follow

This podcast will cover a range of topics from personal development, health and fitness, spirituality, and more! With the goal to educate and empower you to live your best and most full life.

By Gabby Male

free buddhist audio : community » Podcasts show

free buddhist audio : community » PodcastsJoin Now to Follow

Welcome to the Free Buddhist Audio podcast, relaunched to mark version 2.0 of the site. Free Buddhist Audio is an entirely user-supported project from the Triratna Buddhist Community. If you like what you hear, come and join us at - and happy listening!

By Free Buddhist Audio

Cosmic Cousins: Soul-Centered Astrology show

Cosmic Cousins: Soul-Centered AstrologyJoin Now to Follow

A weekly astrology podcast dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.

By cosmiccousins

Energy Matters show

Energy MattersJoin Now to Follow

Join two leading experts in spirituality & meditation as they explore energy and how if affects our daily lives. Cody Edner & David Gandelman interview fascinating people in the fields of spirituality, health, & wellness, and uncover the mysteries of the mind-body-soul connection.

By Cody Edner & David Gandelman