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Rad Parenting show

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She’s an expert. He’s not. But they're both parents. Together, they help you navigate the willful waters of parenting. Hosted by author/self-esteem expert Anea Bogue, M.A., B. Ed, and comedian/record label owner Joe Sib, Rad Parenting is your go-to podcast to answer all of the difficult questions that come along with raising kids that don’t totally suck.

By SideOneDummy

Department of Parenting show

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Department of Parenting is a short, humorous podcast about parenting, being a parent, plus listener questions. It's a clean show, which means there's no swearing...should your kids listen? Well, that's your call, parents. Hosted by Chris Quintos and Christian Spicer. New episodes release Tuesdays and Thursdays.

By Chris Quintos and Christian Spicer

Assault Rifle Basics Video Podcast show

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Interested in assault rifles? Want to know how they work? Want to know what accessories are available? Interested in what the military and law enforcement uses? Want to know what's legal to own in the United States, and who can legally own them? This video podcast is for you as we explore the world of assault rifles. Meet Buck and Perry who will ask the questions you would like answers to; they will find the experts who have the info. We go over each weapon from butt stock to the end of the barrel. We cover the statistics, and what they mean for each weapon covered. This won't be some dry podcast - we'll try to keep it "edutaining." We won't get into the politics of guns, just show what they are about. No bloodshed, unless you are a watermelon. Episodes will be released approximately every week, so whether you're a gamer, gun expert, or just curious, subscribe and enjoy!

By Sunnybrook Video Productions

EMS Garage show

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EMS Garage is a weekly Podcast for EMS professionals. We talk about EMS, tech and life. Guests include: Skip Kirkwood, Roger Coit, Will Dunn, Gary Wingrove, Ben Dengerink, Thom Dick, Greg Friese, Jamie Davis, Thom Dunn, Kyle David Bates and Chris Montera

By EMS Garage

Sometimesdaily with Amanda Congdon show

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Sometimesdaily is an interactive online variety show. What does that mean? Throughout the work week Amanda and Co. tackle the topics of the day through short videos handcrafted for easy digestion, just like homemade pasta. These episodes include Amanda-on-the-Street interviews, quirky skits and news vignettes. Because videoblogging is an interactive medium, we incorporate viewer feedback throughout the show.

By (c) Oxmour Entertainment Inc.

Eli's Dirty Jokes show

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Hilarious dirty jokes as told by Eli, a real 77 year old accountant with a not so smooth delivery. Eli the Accountant has been cracking up tax payers with dirty jokes for nearly 50 years! This podcast brings Eli's classic jokes to life with animation by Doogtoons.

By GoPotato TV

Best of Gerry Anderson show

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From Monday to Thursday you'll get a short daily compilation of the very best bits of the Gerry Anderson show. Stories, impersonations, philosophising, musings, jokes and interviews - all without a script. What's it all about? Listen on.

By BBC Radio Ulster

American Ringtone Band show

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Chronicling the fortunes of America's foremost ringtone band. Here you will be able to download a smattering of their world renowned ringtones and have an opportunity to experience the palpable excitement of being in America's number one ringtone band (through the magic of vicarious podcastness). Share in the laughter, tears and sexy times of A.R.B. as they attempt to scale the dizzying heights of cellular based music performance whilst maintaining not only their composure but a fully stocked bar. Will they manage to kick their myspace friends into double figures? Does their manager actually exist? Will Dave overdose on household cleaning products again? Would an icecream van be a wise marketing investment? All the this and less may be answered here..........


Janice Long’s Greatest Bits show

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Weekly highlights from the Janice Long show featuring interviews with special guests. Expect Janice's trademark warmth and musical knowledge from her Radio 2 programme, broadcast from midnight til 2am every weekday.

By BBC Radio 2

Barely Podcasting show

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Dorky Stuff by an adorkable guy. Life isnt a spectator sport and this is the Play-by-Play

By Barely