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The Jennifer Allwood Show: Helping creative business owners build a highly engaged online audience and monetize their business. show

The Jennifer Allwood Show: Helping creative business owners build a highly engaged online audience and monetize their business.Join Now to Follow

How can you turn your creative talent or hobby into a lucrative business? How can you escape the production pressures of "making" for a living? How can you improve so you're not just selling one-off products? How can you adapt to the online world? How can you alleviate the stress of seasonal high- and low-sales periods? How do even you put a price on your talent? How can you get your right-brained thinking to accomplish business-related tasks? Welcome to my podcast where I help creative business owners, like you, answer these questions and learn to build an online business using their God-given talents. Each week I share topics that will help you learn how to build an audience to sell your knowledge and creative products. I bring in business experts to share their invaluable insight, wisdom and best business tactics, and we talk about how to apply this to your creative business. We discuss how to overcome and be aware of mindset challenges that creative business owners usually face. We talk about effective ways to brand, market, price and scale your business so you can reach more clients, make more money and work less. And there is so much to share with you! I grew my local Kansas City decorative painting business to a 7-figure online brand and it's my heart's desire to help, empower and encourage other creatives! I know what you're going through as a creative business owner and you are not alone. I want to help you share your gifts, run a successful business and become an expert in your industry. You don't have to be miserable in a 9-to-5. You don't have to fall for the starving artist lie. You can make money with your passions. You don't have to be the best in the industry, you just have to know how to out market your competitors. Please subscribe to get my podcasts and listen in weekly to learn how to turn your hobby into a full-time gig. Get more business tips + encouragement + DIY fun: Instagram: @jenniferallwood Facebook: @themagicbrushinc Show Notes: www,

By Jennifer Allwood: Creative Business Coach, DIY Blogger, Painter, Home Decorator, Designer

The Veterans Nation show

The Veterans NationJoin Now to Follow

Hosts Tori and Matt Eversmann (1SG, US Army, retired) discuss using the art of disruption to beat the Veterans Predicament. They are dedicated to introducing disruptors from all around the world to anyone stuck in transition hell, otherwise known as The Veterans Predicament.

By Matt Eversmann

So You Wanna Write A Romance: A Publishing Podcast show

So You Wanna Write A Romance: A Publishing PodcastJoin Now to Follow

A Publishing Podcast Sharing Tips and Insights for Aspiring Writers of Romance (or any genre).

By Sarah Younger: Literary Agent, Romance Lover, and Podcast Host

Empower with Clayton Morris | Crush limiting beliefs. Create financial freedom. Cultivate productive habits show

Empower with Clayton Morris | Crush limiting beliefs. Create financial freedom. Cultivate productive habitsJoin Now to Follow

Clayton Morris is a news anchor, real estate investor, public speaker and former ball of stress. The mission of the Empower podcast is to help us achieve financial freedom. Empower tackles this on two fronts, first by helping us overcome our limiting beliefs around money, second by providing practical wealth building advice from our remarkable guests. Each week Clayton interviews brilliant guests like Tom Krol, Adam Carroll, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Lewis Howes, Todd Henry and more to find out how we can achieve financial freedom, reduce stress, and accomplish more by living a more intentional life.

By Clayton Morris

The Role Models Podcast show

The Role Models PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The Role Models Podcast is a series of interviews that captures and shares the stories of inspiring women. These are far-reaching conversations with female leaders we look up to. We discuss how they got to where they are – including the lessons they’ve learned, the decisions they’ve made, and the challenges they’ve tackled.

By Role Models

Start An Online Business show

Start An Online BusinessJoin Now to Follow

Learn how to start your own online business from scratch even if you have NO Experience...

By Passive Online Secrets

9-5 Dropout Show show

9-5 Dropout ShowJoin Now to Follow

Because You Deserve to Have IT ALL. Welcome to the 9 to 5 Dropout Show where you learn from leading experts how to quit your job and successfully start your own business. With your host, Author, Owner of Mind Body & Spirit Entrepreneur and Creator of the 9 to 5 Dropout Academy, Rachael Thompson.

By Rachael L Thompson

Titan Thought Leader Podcast show

Titan Thought Leader PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The QCR Titan Life Science Podcast series links trends, & innovations to the information age with strategic content useful to the biopharmaceutical industry.


Charged: Stories from the Women Leading Health Care show

Charged: Stories from the Women Leading Health CareJoin Now to Follow

How do you truly connect with others and lead with empathy? Why is heart disease different for women? What can we do to make addiction treatment more accessible and more successful? How can you maintain the balance between rising in your field and taking care of your family? Charged, a new podcast from Mass General, is devoted to answering these questions and many more. We’ll be uncovering the stories of the relentless daily pursuit to break boundaries and provide exceptional care. In each episode, you’ll hear from the passionate and talented women of Mass General, who are leading the charge on some of the most significant innovations in health care today.

By Mass General

The Daniel Gefen Show: Daily Motivation and Inspirational Sound Bites show

The Daniel Gefen Show: Daily Motivation and Inspirational Sound BitesJoin Now to Follow

Get a daily dose of motivation, confidence and inspirational soundbites<br> from Best Selling Author of the Self Help Addict - Daniel Gefen.<br> <br> This is NOT your average inspirational podcast!<br> <br> Daniel candidly talks to you like a friend about his journey as a<br> successful entrepreneur his personal development strategies and daily life<br> lessons.<br> <br> Get ready to boost your confidence, take imperfect action and improve your<br> overall wellness.

By Daniel Gefen, Self Help Addict, Inspirational Entrepreneur and Motivation Mindset Expert