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Gossip About Gossip -- DLT Podcast by Hedera show

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Welcome to the Gossip About Gossip Podcast! Join us to learn about the future of distributed ledger technology #DLT and how it will impact you or your industry. Our rotating co-hosts Paul Madsen, Daniel Francis and Ken Anderson will guide you through the business, technical and practical aspects of this exciting industry, sharing different perspectives and interviewing key leaders in the field. We'll focus on providing entrepreneurs, developers, crypto enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about the field with fresh news and ideas. We hope you'll love our episodes, subscribe now! Hedera is a public distributed ledger built on the hashgraph consensus algorithm. It allows anyone to develop enterprise-grade distributed applications on a scalable and stable platform. Hashgraph is based on a gossip protocol, in which the participants don’t just gossip about transactions. They gossip about gossip. Views expressed on this podcast do not necessarily reflect the official policy or view of Hedera Hashgraph, LLC, Swirlds Inc, or their affiliates. The content of this podcast is for information and entertainment purposes and is not intended to be, and should not be relied on for, legal, tax, accounting, investment or other professional advice.

By Hedera Hashgraph

Liebe Zeitarbeit show

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Mit diesem Kanal möchte ich den Ruf der Zeitarbeit und Arbeitnehmerüberlassung verbessern und eine Lanze für alle Personalentscheidungsträger im deutschsprachigen Raum brechen - Wir sind viel besser als unser Ruf. Wenn Du auch in der Personaldienstleistung tätig bist, oder Dich dafür interessierst, dann solltest Du diesen Kanal auf jeden Fall abonnieren. Er behandelt Themen wie z.B. Umsatzsteigerung, Mitarbeitermotivation, Büroorganisation, Outplacement, Recruiting, BWA, Verkauf, Vertrieb, Einstellungen, Gehalt, Tarife, Gesetze oder auch die Kostenreduzierung von Personal und Overhead. Wenn Du noch Fragen, Tipps oder Anregungen hast - Immer her damit. Mehr Infos gibt es auf und in den Socialen Netzen wie z.B. Facebook oder Instagram. Wir hören uns - Dein Daniel Müller

By Daniel Müller

Live Mindfully show

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Do we have to hustle hard to make it? Can we be mindful & have time to meditate whilst still building an empire? Can we become so confident that we don't feel unworthy of dreaming big? On each episode of Live Mindfully, Marjolaine inspires you to turn inwards to reach a higher level of awareness and confidence, allowing you to run a successful business with joy & simplicity. With Live Mindfully, you can start your morning listening to our interviews with inspiring women leaders & entrepreneurs from different areas of expertise. Our mission is to give you a glimpse of their journey. What do these incredible multi-passionate women have to say about mindfulness? How did they manage to build a lifestyle that really suits their vision and align with their values? Start each morning listening to Live Mindfully and get ready to live a more mindful & passion-driven life and learn to tackle the biggest and choppiest waves that come your way. Life is a beautiful journey and this podcast will help you become more patient and caring about each and every moment that unfolds in front of your eyes. We sincerely hope that you will experience bliss along the way. With love, Marjolaine xo

By Marjolaine

Residual Income Report with AM Teachers show

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AMZ Teachers is a brand-new podcast designed to show you the exact process of building passive income online and starting an online business from scratch. (Get our free training video at This eCommerce podcast breaks down finding the right products to sell on Amazon FBA, sourcing from China, shipping from China to USA, how does Amazon FBA work, what is residual income, how to build your brand with Amazon private label, internet marketing online and skyrocketing your business. Whether you are looking to earn an extra income from online, build a 6 or 7 figure income passively, or to skyrocket your existing business, this podcast is for you. You can get some of our free training videos at!


Dream Chaser Show show

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Dream Chaser Show is hosted by Will Lane. It teaches us lessons about business, entrepreneurship, humanity, and life, in general.


darylcolburn's Podcast show

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Outsourcing is one of the modern day miracles of business. If you don't master this now, you only get swamp with a whole ranger of activities you don't really need to be doing. Learn the 10 steps to successfully outsource your own line of business. The benefits range from just plain necessity to more profits and greater personal freedom. Getting up to date is easy. Check us out at

By darylcolburn

Atlanta Real Estate Forum show

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Produced by Marketing RELEVANCE, Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is a podcast focusing on Atlanta real estate news, information, trends, ideas and perspectives. Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio guests discuss wide-ranging, relevant topics including local real estate trends and updates, financing, strategies for buying and selling, hot new communities, specials, incentives and more. The show is designed to be of interest to both consumers and industry professionals. Airing Fridays on Atlanta Real Estate Forum at each show is 30 minutes in length. The series is available at no charge 24/7 from iTunes at Fans of the show are encouraged to subscribe via iTunes and to rate the show. is the recipient of the following prestigious awards: Gold OBIE, Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association for Best Associate Marketing Campaign 2011; Gold OBIE, Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association for Best Interactive Marketing 2007 and 2009; Gold OBIE, Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association for Best Marketing Promotion 2007; Gold Phoenix Award, PRSA Georgia Chapter for Best Blog 2007; and Gold Hermes Award for Best Blog 2008. For more information on, contact mRELEVANCE at 770-383-3360.

By Carol Morgan

WisdomTree Podcasts show

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Hear it straight from the experts. Our podcasts help you learn about the markets, timely investment topics, and WisdomTree ETFs—quickly providing you with the detail and answers you’re looking for.

By WisdomTree

Home Office Chairs Guide show

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Which type of home office chair will suit you and your work area? Ergonomic chairs, Mesh office chairs and Leather executive types are popular. Swivel type office seating and fully adjustable chairs may be on your mind. This guide will help you choose. Home Office Chairs. Luxury Leather Office Chair Styles. Vibrant, High-Tech Lumbar Support Chairs, Comfort + Mesh Office Chairs, Office Chairs UK Orthopaedic, Ergonomic Chair Furniture

By AJ Pipkin

New Millennium Media Group show

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Effective online social media and promotions for independent artists and labels. Promotions are designed to gain the exposure within their niche using the top Social Networks, SEO, radio servicing, and other marketing techniques. If your an artist, or represent several, they can design a custom package and have monthly billing packages. The site is easy to navigate and each promotion is explained well and its easy to purchase any of the promotions

By Michael Callahan