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Why You Suck In Bed show

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Transport yourself into a discussion without boundaries. Join Dr. Stacy, sex toy expert Paige, The Johnimal, Henry the Ninth, TP the engineer, and man on the street Bruno, as they talk about sex and how it relates to pretty much everything.  Each week, the crew take a raw and comical approach to the things you can't discuss with your priest.  Why You Suck In Bed will not only tell you how not to suck in bed, but it will rock your world in the process.


2 Homos - Lesbian Podcast show

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Ever wonder what two Lesbians talk about when they get together? Well...wonder no more. The 2 Homos Lesbian podcast is the show with two Lesbians sitting around talking about whatever crosses our minds. We're not always politically correct, and no topic is off limits. Come spend some time and get intimate with us. We're open-minded, we speak our minds...and sometimes, for better or worse, there's no "edit" button. Enjoy the random observations of the 2 Homos Lesbian Podcast.

By (Roxanne and Virginia)

Masocast Podcast show

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Sex, BDSM, fetish, bondage, dominance, submission, kink.. It's all covered in the Masocast. Conversations with real and intelligent people who just happen to be kinkier than average.

By Masocast

Sex, Dating & Relationships with Dr. Paul & Mr. Janka  show

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Sex, Dating & Relationships with Dr Paul Dobransky M.D., a APA board-certified karaoke singing psychiatrist, and Paul Janka, a Harvard educated street-smart Manhattan playboy, bring you adventures of sex, dating and relationships with women to reveal the secret psychology and underground methods used in them.

By Dr. Paul & Paul Janka

Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza show

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Noted sex columnist, author and all around potty mouth Lora Somoza is jumping into the sack with you every Wednesday for a little afternoon delight. Each week the "Bliss in the Bedroom" author and Huffington Post contributor explores the trends, trysts and troubles under America’s covers. Lora welcomes a special guest co-host each show to discuss tantalizing topics that would make your mother blush. From fetishes to fellatio, libido levels to lingerie and every topic in between. Let’s dive in, shall we? Uncensored. Unedited. Underwear optional. Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza Don’t take a shower just yet. It’s going to get dirty. Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.

By Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza

AverageSwingers show

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A couple of average swingers give their rendition of some kinky adventures. We are not the hottest, most intelligent, funniest, and we sure as hell are not the richest couple of swingers you will meet. We are just an average swinger couple, hence the show name. We're doing a podcast because it's fun. When it stops being fun, we will stop doing it.

By Average Swingers

Sex+ Radio show

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Sex+ is a weekly talk radio show focusing on the intricacies and curiosities of sex, sexuality, and sexual health. From birth control to masturbation, STIs to sex toys, politics to personal relationships, no topic is taboo. Hosted by Berkley Staite for the Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon, Sex+ broadcasts weekly on CFCR 90.5 FM (Thursdays at 6pm CST).

By Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon

Vox Erotic Podcast – brought to you by LDW Group show

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Erotic audios brought to you by the femdom mistresses of Voxerotic and Cock Radio

By Vox Erotic Podcast – brought to you by LDW Group

Swinging In America show

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Adventures in the Adult Swinger Lifestyle. We are married couple in the lifestyle. We will be discussing our experiences from our first sexual experience with another guy to our wild swapping orgies. We will discuss all aspects of the lifestyle, including how we became swingers, what internet sites we frequent, and what parties and clubs we attend. Our podcast is about our experiences and is intended for adult audiences only. We hope you enjoy our podcast. Play hard, stay safe, and have fun!

By Rachel and Justin

dawnsworld's Podcast show

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A weekly girly rambling with my buddies.... I am Dawn Porter, writer and broadcaster. Currently I am living in Los Angeles and I have hooked up with my pals Gayle Day and Eileen Lee and started doing a podcast. The general topics of conversation are sex, food and fashion and I love getting emails from you guys with suggestions of what we should talk about. Please email in, or find me on TWITTER and follow me for constant updates. The only thing I don't want to talk about are celebrities. I just think there is too much of that already, so we talk about stuff that matters like why men never call and how to make the perfect sandwich...lets call it, Dawn Porter's Important Things! Be sure to subscribe Dawn x

By dawn porter