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Broken Podcast show

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Broken is a weekly conversation co-hosted between therapists, Hannah Mirmiran and Alexa Theisen. Hannah and Alexa discuss everything that's broken in the world today: relationships, honesty, marriage, communication, dating, trust, sex, consent, politics, respect, and people. The issues, the psychology behind what's broken, and ideas about how to both repair things, and to find the beauty in the broken.

By Hannah Mirmiran

Double Date with April Macie and Shane Mauss show

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Shane Mauss, a self-described “gangle-puss” (adj. a gangly snuggle-puss) with a penchant for animal mating behavior and science facts and April Macie, a self-denied “angry feminist” (Betty Freidan in a bikini) met on a bus… SHANE: “You can’t just say we met on a bus!” APRIL: “It was a bus!!” SHANE: “People are going to think we met on a Greyhound.” APRIL: “Okay! We met on a DAMN tour bus!” Anyway, after dating for a little over a year, these two professional touring comedians and lovers are running out of things to say to one another and are in the market for new couple friends to squelch their boredom. DOUBLE DATE is a weekly 30-50 minute podcast/ application for couple friends that will cover topics like: Sex, relationships, religion, politics, evolutionary psychology (mostly Shane), and women’s rights (mostly April). Listen weekly as these two talk with another couple in an attempt to push social boundaries and slowly dismantle their own relationship in a desperate bid for attention.


Erotica Magazine: Playboy Lifestyle | Erotic Audio |Erotic Models | How to Pick Up Girls » Spanking (Erotica Magazine Audio) show

Erotica Magazine: Playboy Lifestyle | Erotic Audio |Erotic Models | How to Pick Up Girls » Spanking (Erotica Magazine Audio)Join Now to Follow

Adult entertainment and erotic stories. Erotica radio brings you several podcasts created by intelligent girls performing erotic scripts that cater to your kinks. Topics will include sexuality, fetishes, phone sex, stripping, masturbation, wincest and kinks of every type. It doesn't matter if you're interested in wearing girls panties or sniffing them, this is the podcast with erotic stories that cater to your needs! Explicit content, adults only.

By Erotica

The Naked Truth About Sex show

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Are your relationships too much fizzle, not enough sizzle? Heat is a candid, eye-opening series about Love & Sex based on the Song of Songs. From hook-ups to heartbreak, discover God's design for relationships that go the distance.

By Liquid Church

Sexxx Talk Radio show

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Hosts Alyssa Royse and Lanae St. John discuss the ways that sex is shaping the world around us.

By Progressive Radio Network

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage show

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Dr. Liz Hale and author Laura Brotherson, CFLE (Certified Family Life Educator) discuss the delicate subject of sexual intimacy in marriage with candor and reverance.


Bromantic Comedy show

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Two buddies enjoying each other's conversation for your entertainment.

By Timothy Lawson and Brandon Johnson

Gay History: Uncut show

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A gay history podcast hosted by Ryan J. Davis.

By Ryan J. Davis

The Man Cave Podcast show

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A weekly podcast hosted by Jeff Schaeffer and Shawn Staerker. Talking about sports, beer, wrestling, and beautiful women. My goodness its all the crap you love to hear about check us out and welcome to The Man Cave!

By Jeff Schaeffer and Bobby Shortle

Save Your Marriage with Liam Naden show

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If you are experiencing problems in your marriage or relationship, this podcast will help. Relationship coach Liam Naden shares tools and strategies that get to the heart of how to rescue a marriage and give you the passion and intimacy that you really want to have.<br> This podcast deals with the real causes of problems in a marriage and how to solve them. Fun, engaging and practical, it's a valuable resource for anyone experiencing marriage difficulties.

By Liam Naden: Marriage and Relationship Coach and Author