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Tales From the Hydian Way show

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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better

By Benjamin Yendall

Cognitive Gamer show

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I examine how cognitive psychology can help explain and inform how we play games. Each episode looks at how a particular cognitive phenomenon affects game playing. All types of games are considered, from board games to video games to games of chance. Check out cognitivegamer.com for more information.

By Stephen Blessing

Point Hammered show

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Point Hammered is a podcast dedicated ostensibly to tabletop war games. This podcast is intended for people who are into war games, want to be entertained, listen to random somewhat interesting BS, or just want to share in our monthly nerd conversation. This podcast isn't intended for children. Warning: It does contain a fair amount of foul-mouthed tom-foolery.

By Johnny Hastings & Joe Rogers

Current Geek show

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Current Geek, with Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt, covers the most interesting geeky stories with great guests and YOU!

By Scott Johnson

DFS DegeNation Podcast show

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The DFS DegeNation Podcast is tailored around you. We will break down every NFL game. We will also have all of the top plays, value plays, WR/CB matchups, as well as roster construction advice. Our goal is to help you build a bigger bankroll on a weekly basis.


The Digital Hick Review show

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A podcast on Podcasts. Find and review current and up to date podcasts. Some times we find those that are great! and other times find those that are not so good

By The Digital Hick Review

The Mortal Realms: An Age of Sigmar Podcast show

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Each episode we bring you the stories, miniatures, games, and people inhabiting The Mortal Realms and the Age of Sigmar Community.

By The Mortal Realms Team

AppleGeek, les Apps pour iPhone, iPod, iPad et Mac show

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Chaque semaine, Apple Geek présente une application pour iPhone, iPod, iPad ou Mac qui améliore notre quotidien. L'actualité de la semaine y est décortiqué et une astuce y sont présentés chaque jeudi. Le tout, sur un ton décontracté et fun.

By Ling-en Hsia, Blogueur sur AppleGeek.fr

Comic Dorks! show

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Comic books, and everything they touch. Monthly, with Scott Johnson, Scott Kurtz, Stephen Schleicher, and Marc Spagnoulo! Only on the Frogpants Network.

By Scott Johnson

R/Cast show

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The R/Cast is a show about everything R/C. Each week Horizon Hobby's own John Diniz and Gary Katzer give an inside look at the current trends, products and news in R/C

By Horizon Hobby -www.horizonhobby.com