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Sensibly Happy show

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Discover logical and pragmatic ways to find yourself and to be yourself. How to build healthy relationships and not feel obliged to society. How to upgrade your mental and emotional intelligence and reach goals with less efforts. Get inspiration from real stories to stop looking around for blessing, but live your OWN HAPPY LIFE.

By Maksym

Voice Training Studio Podcast show

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Vocal coaches Daniel E. Hayes and Kim Snyder share vocal tips and technique to strengthen your voice and help you become the singer you want to be; from singing stronger, to enhancing your range and launching yourself as an artist. Learn what kind of vocal instruction to look for and what to avoid from two seasoned vocal instructors.

By Daniel E. Hayes, Kim Snyder

Garden Geeks Podcast show

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The ultimate gardening podcast covering garden design, planting, going green, horticulture and just about everything you need to know related to gardening. We also interview inspiring green business owners that are bringing something of value to the green space.

By Ben Lannoy: Garden designer, blogger and gardening expert

The Kara Zor-El Podcast - Supergirl's Mightiest Adventures show

The Kara Zor-El Podcast - Supergirl's Mightiest AdventuresJoin Now to Follow

Following the Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern Age adventures of Kara Zor-El, the last daughter of Krypton, and Supergirl of Earth.

By Danny Saab

The IGDC Podcast show

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The IGDC Podcasts is where we talk to creatives, photographers, and artists from the Washington DC Instagram community.


Beer Time Show | Better Beer Enjoyment / Homebrewing Tips / Craft Beer Reviews - beertime.net show

Beer Time Show | Better Beer Enjoyment / Homebrewing Tips / Craft Beer Reviews - beertime.netJoin Now to Follow

The Show All About Better Beer Enjoyment. Hosted by beer and homebrewing enthusiasts, Brodie (@AtlantaBeerGeek) and Christian (@DecaturAngryDad), the Beer Time Show is a craft beer and homebrewing show where we discuss beer styles, beer reviews, homebrewing tips and techniques, and how best to enhance your beer drinking experience. Check us out at beertime.net and connect with us on Twitter @BeerTimeShow and on Facebook at facebook.com/beertimeshow. Cheers!

By beertime.net

歪果 · 神吐槽 We-Gossip show

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用最失控的吐槽 聊最新鲜的社会猛料 We Gossip的特别好笑 每周五更新【歪果Wiggle电台 北美首家华语音乐电台】

By 歪果Wiggle

++Good Games (Double Plus Good Games) Podcast show

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++Good Games is based on the concept of "Newspeak" proposed in George Orwell's book "1984." Newspeak stemmed from idea that there were simply too many words to describe the same thing. The basic concept behind Newspeak was to remove all shades of meaning from language boiling dialog down to simple dichotomies: pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, good and evil. ++Good Games believes that the Dystopian (often post-apocalyptic) "1984″ premise is not only being used as a graphic backdrop for today’s games (Half Life 2, Bioshock, Fallout, et al) but it is also being used in the industry's game reviews system. reducing the need for deep thinking and conversation about games. This ever-expanding games industry shows no signs of slowing down. New gamers are coming onboard every day and older gamers are spreading the gamer-demographic across five (or more) decades. With iPhones, 3DS and downloadable games lowering the barrier for entry into this pastime, we are absolutely in a Golden Age of gaming.

By Bauer Graphics, Inc.