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Getting Goosebumps: The Power of Storytelling show

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Great story-telling is at the centre of any great marketing philosophy so Bryan Adams, CEO of digital marketing agency Ph.Creative takes this a step further to hear the invaluable thoughts of his favourite marketing experts, including Seth Godin, Joe Pulizzi and Brian Clark. Thankfully, they were kind enough to take some time out of their schedules and answer the questions we’d all love to ask!

By Ph.Creative | Digital Marketing Agency

The Product Podcast show

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This is your product management podcast featuring PM’s from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter, and other technology startups on breaking into product. Tune in if you're a manager, designer, engineer or marketer who wants to learn more about product, an entrepreneur, or anyone else looking to break into tech.

By Product School

최진기의 뉴스위크 show

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수능시장의 스타강사! 인문학 강의의 새장에 뛰어들다! 세상에서 가장 쉬운 강의, 세상에서 가장 재밌는 강의, 그러나 깊이를 잃지 않는 강의가 시작된다. 스타강사 최진기와 오마이뉴스가 함께 만든 '최진기의 인문학 특강' 맛보기 동영상입니다.

By OhmyNews

Meditation & Mindfulness For Children By Children show

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This is a podcast by children for children! It is all about meditation and mindfulness and how to do it! We explain it all in an easy way for you so anyone can understand!

By Dharma School

오마이스쿨 경제학 특강 show

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배워서 남주자! 오마이뉴스가 만드는 '오마이스쿨 경제학 특강'. 김상조, 우석훈, 홍기빈 등이 함께한 오프라인 강좌를 온라인에 담았습니다. 이 동영상은 '오마이스쿨 경제학 특강'의 맛보기 영상입니다. 오마이TV 공식 트위터 @OhmyNews_TV를 팔로우 하시면 '오마이스쿨 온라인강좌', '오마이TV 저자와의 대화', '이해찬의 정석정치', '최진기의 인문학 특강' 등 다양한 컨텐츠들의 업데이트 소식을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

By OhmyNews

Red Giant TV Podcast show

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Find episodes that put you on the fast track to creating the hottest motion graphics and visual effects. The shows feature one or more Red Giant products used in combination with the tools built-in to After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro. Host Aharon Rabinowitz demonstrates the techniques you need to produce higher quality work in less time.

By Red Giant Software LLC

The DigiPen PodClass (iTunes) show

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Tune in monthly to the DigiPen PodClass, the podcast about computer and video game development from one of the top game development schools in the world. Hosted by veteran podcaster Omaha Sternberg, the podcast features industry news, interviews with game industry professionals, and DigiPen faculty who will present topics about game development including business issues, programming, production, art, and design.

By DigiPen Institute of Technology

Node University show

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Short lectures on software development with Node.js, JavaScript, and React. Start listening from 1, e.g., 1, 2, 3, ..., 15 for better learning experience because this podcast is more like an audio course or an audio book than a normal podcast. Node University and its creator Azat Mardan tells you about advantages of using Node.js and why its such an absolutely, positively, amazingly awesome technology. Watch on YouTube, Node University, or listen on Google Play, Stitcher or iTunes:

By Azat Mardan

Avaya Tech Talk Podcast show

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The Avaya Tech Talk Podcast features host Guy Clinch, Government Solutions Advocate, bringing the latest and greatest technology to the masses in this informative interview setting. Find out what's new, what's hot and what you need to be looking at to streamline your government technology solutions.

By Guy W. Clinch

EdReach » ToolZeit show

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ToolZeit is every educators' opportunity to catch up on the latest and greatest innovative education tools. Join hosts Renee and Fred, as they share quick and easy resources for the innovative educator.

By The EdReach Network