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DataFramed show

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Data science is one of the fastest growing industries and has been called the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st Century’. But what exactly is data science? In this podcast, brought to you by DataCamp, Hugo Bowne-Anderson approaches the question by exploring what problems data science can solve rather than defining what data science is. From automated medical diagnosis and self-driving cars to recommendation systems and climate change, come on a journey with experts from industry and academia to explore the industry that will change the course of the 21st century.

By DataCamp

Coders Campus Podcast show

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Learn how to program using the Java programming language. This podcast will teach you step by step how to use the Java programming language to create your own applications or web applications! These Java tutorials are presented in plain English and explain all of the important Java programming concepts needed to excel in the field of software.

By Trevor Page

MicroBrewr Podcast interviews in craft beer Ninkasi Brewing, 21st Amendment Brewery, Anchor Brewing, John Lee Dumas show

MicroBrewr Podcast interviews in craft beer Ninkasi Brewing, 21st Amendment Brewery, Anchor Brewing, John Lee DumasJoin Now to Follow

MicroBrewr is a weekly podcast going deep to get inside the craft beer industry and inside the heads of people who work there. This isn't homebrew or brew talk. This isn't a talk show or a morning show. This is how to start a brewery, entrepreneur, small business startup. Nathan Pierce interviews craft brewers and craft brewery owners, answering all of your questions about starting your own craft brewery. Other guests include experts from other sectors of the industry such as craft beer distributors, local craft beer stores, and marketers. Past guests include Ninkasi Brewing, 21st Amendment Brewery, and Anchor Brewing, John Lee Dumas. We talk with every sector of the industry from nanobreweries, microbreweries and brewpubs, to larger regional craft breweries, learning how to start a brewery. Show notes and more at:

By Nathan Pierce: drinks beer, quit his job, planning to start a brewery

The Digital Publishing Podcast: Digital Publishing  | Internet Business  |  Self Publishing show

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The Digital Publishing Podcast is a show about what's going on in the world of digital publishing. We talk about interesting trends we see as well as how to create information-based digital products (or infoproducts; things like ebooks, membership sites, online courses, etc.) and how to sell them online. In short, the show teaches you how to create your own location-independent Internet business (or a lifestyle business). Apart from digital product creation, The Digital Publishing Podcast also covers other forms of digital publishing such as blogging, self publishing, mobile app creation, and more.

By Tristan Higbee: Digital Publisher, Internet Business Owner, and Online Entrepreneur

Extra Credit with Teacher Michael show

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A podcast about the world of online education. I've created this podcast as a way to share stories & learn from people who are using today's technology to teach things online. Some of my guests are like me, teaching English to students in China with companies like VIPKid, some create educational resources on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers, some make tutorial videos on YouTube. The thing we all have in common is that we're using the internet to reach beyond the traditional classroom to share our ideas and expertise with the world. If that sounds interesting, you're in the right place and this podcast was made for YOU!

By Michael Venn

Blogging with Wordpress show

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Welcome to blogging with Wordpress the show were I give my best blogging tips and wordpress hacks to improve your online business. This podcast is going to increase in expertise and become more advanced as we go, but I wanted to start with the simple things because I want this to be like a progressive training for those of you who are new to blogging and new to Wordpress. We are going to talk about blogging, marketing, social media, seo, driving traffic and then of course, all things Wordpress! Including Wordpress hosting, themes, plugins, hacks and other great Wordpress tools! My goal is to make this the top blogging podcast in all of iTunes!! Enjoy and please don't forget to leave me some feedback!!

By Shawn Ozbun, Online Blogger and Podcaster

Concurrency, Inc. » Podcast show

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Microsoft Experts share their award winning Microsoft and Information Technology expertise. Real Microsoft expertise. Real business value. For more information and to follow their industry recognized blog go to

By Concurrency, Inc.

Blogger Money Talk show

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Blogger Money Talk is a lively discussion between three blogging and marketing experts about the best ways for blogging entrepreneurs to make a reliable, ongoing income to fund the lifestyle they want. The podcast series focuses on the exploding world of brand partnerships, which encompasses new and creative ways bloggers and brands can profit together. We recommend you listen to the podcasts in order as they are recorded in a logical sequence so you can build on your knowledge and begin to take advantage of our advice in your own blogging business.

By Ed Forteau, Dr. Jessie Voigts, Leon Altman

MikesPodcast show

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Most known for his famous characters and imitations, Comedian Michael Clive aka Mike Kaminski channels his unique comedic skills and ADD to do what only he can. It’s all about everything. It’s informative, observant, intellectual, engaging, crazy, funny and cruel all at once! From reviews on anything to comments on anyone, and everything in between. Voices fly all around within Mike’s intense rants on any topic. Colorful commentaries and entertaining delivery with storytelling and interviews. With a great life stories and more, Don’t miss an episode of Mikes Podcast! (For mature audiences.)

By Mike Kaminski aka Michael Clive

Cisco Unified Communications for Government Podcast Series show

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This series of programs for federal IT professionals covers network technology topics such as routing, switching, unified communications, security, mobility, and data center.

By Cisco Systems