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The Concert - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum show

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Classical Music Podcasts from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

By Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Rendition show

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A mix of short stories and jokes you can re-tell to your friends. Each week, you’ll hear two or three popular tales based around a common (and timeless) theme. Because history may not always repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme

By Alex Cespedes

Earbud Theater show

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An anthology of original audio dramas in the vein of classic series like THE TWILIGHT ZONE and OUTER LIMITS. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror - It's All In Your Head.

By Casey Wolfe

The Death of Dr. John Parker show

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On July 3, 2015, psychiatrist and local celebrity Dr. John Parker was found dead in his Mashpee, MA office. His death was ruled an apparent suicide, but his son-in-law, Dan Zappulla, doesn't buy it. Dan thinks he was murdered, and he's out to prove it. Join us on this journey through Cape Cod as we search for the ultimate truth behind The Death of Dr. John Parker.

By Dan Zappulla

Three on the Aisle show

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From AMERICAN THEATRE magazine, a podcast featuring drama critics Peter Marks, Terry Teachout, and Elisabeth Vincentelli as they talk about theatrical shows and trends from coast to coast.

By American Theatre Magazine

Together Live Presents: Do it on Purpose show

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<p>Do It On Purpose features our favorite talks, interviews and conversations from the Together Live Tour – a national event that brings an array of thought leaders, local artists, athletes and celebrity guests to cities across the country. You’ll hear from some of the most badass ladies around on authentic storytelling, finding your purpose, overcoming fear, choosing love, effectuating change and taking social action. Listeners will have the opportunity for self-reflective work focused on where you come from, why you’re here and where you’re going.</p><p><br></p>

By Cadence13

Broadway Teachers Podcast show

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Refreshingly honest and revealing interviews with Broadway luminaries about their journey from high school to Broadway

By Broadway Teachers Workshop

The Sit-Down by show

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An interview podcast featuring the most engaging conversations from the #1 theater site in the world,


Rayjays World Podcast show

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Podcast Episodes based on Rayjays interests. Vader Nation (Star Wars), S.H.I.E.L.D. Nation (Marvel), Bat Nation (DC) Xbox One Nation (Microsoft Xbox) Conservatarian Nation (Politics), and an Interview show called Rayjays world Summit.

By Rayjays World

Songonauts show

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<p>Doc, Penny, and Jojo had a band that was going nowhere. Until they found a magical drum machine that transports them into their songs. From songwriter Jonathan Mann (Song-a-day) and producer Jonathan Mitchell (The Truth) comes a podcast inspired by 80’s cartoons about life as a struggling musician in the age of the internet.</p>

By Songonauts