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Summary: Khombat is a Detroit based record label focused on the harder sounds of Techno. To find out more please visit


 Khombat Podcast #045 feat. Anthony Jimenez (Khombat) Detroit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:20

This is a live set recorded on August 3rd 2013 at "I am not to be Trusted" in Ann Arbor Michigan for Dub Monitor. The driving force behind the Khombat label, Anthony Jimenez (pronounced hee-MEH-nes) has smashed his way into the DJ circuit with his steady dose of dark driving techno. Using an all-digital platform, Anthony loops and layers different elements during his sets to create a totally unique performance every time he plays. Currently Anthony can be found running his label in Detroit Michigan. His mixes on the Khombat Podcast have reached every corner of the globe in 2013. In 2014 expect him to continue his recent success with the release his first ever EP. Num. Title Artist Label 1 Message One (Anthony Jimenez Intro Edit) End 2 Gate (Audio Injection Remix) Justin Schumacher Ill Bomb Records 3 Protoxyde (Audio Injection Remix) Flex, Niereich Nachtstrom Schallplatten 4 Ground Up (Octave Remix) Dolgener Nachtstrom Schallplatten 5 Banned Substances (Mike Maass Remix) Juliez, Rob L. Klangspektrum Records 6 Durandal (Original Mix) Mattias Fridell Gynoid Audio 7 On The Phone (Bodyscrub Remix) Axel Karakasis Organism 8 Bucket (Original Mix) Octave, Octogone Doppelgaenger 9 Draak (Original Mix) Sync Therapy TK Records 10 Null (Luis Flores Version) Bodies in Pawn Blank Code  

 Khombat Podcast #044 feat. Kata Mercado (Ketra Records) Chile | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:44

Kata Mercado Vrsalovic was born in Santiago de Chile , of Croatian origin . In the 89'. At so young developed a strong interest in the art , in particular : the music. 
She began her career in electronic music in 2006 and soon was recognized for her talent and booked in important events in her country: Equador & Perù . 
Her hypnotic sound is simply best described as 'high progressive techno'. Her performance in consolle are characterized by the energy and powerful beats . 
Her career was influenced by the producers Mark Morris and Luke Santos. 
After she move to Berlin and her sound will change totally in a Industrial and Obscure beat, and there will start a new project with Mark Morris: SUEÑO ARTIFICIAL Records . The principal objective is to transmit with her productions, creating a rapport and making a perfect mix between a powerful beat and a melancholy melody.
Soon she will release her first Ep ''FREED'' on KETRA records with 3 version of a techno track (instrumental-org mix-vocal mix) . Tracklist: spire - shifted provoke - secluded (shifted remix) gates - shifted dirty drive - developer (shifted remix) attract inhibitor - mattias fridell la habitacion de cristal - christian wunsch edit select - shifted telic - shifted blinded - secluded (sigha remix) black dust - ritzy lee sleeper cell - christian wunsch introducing errors - oscar mulero buried mistakes - christian wunsch used - chris page (mattias fridell remix) black horizon - christian wunsch toxic affairs - christian wunsch (bas mooy remix) entropy - coefficient

 Khombat Podcast #043 feat. Revy (Bleepsequence) Pittsburgh, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:34

Revy originally hails from the Pacific Northwest, but after slipping into a dimensional rift in Tokyo he has found himself transplanted into the ‘burgh. Armed with a laptop and eclectic tastes in audio/visual design, his goal is to open minds to his unique blends of heady experimental techno and melt eyeballs with architextural pixeljunk. On top of managing his netlabel bleepsequence, releasing his own music on various digital and vinyl labels (Slant, From 0-1, Subsensory), and performing as a dj, vj, or liveact across the U.S., Revy shows no signs of slowing down. Unless you distract him with Chrono Trigger. DOWNLOAD   Tracklist: Bushmech - You Name It [Glitchy Tonic] Mutant - A Certain Momentum [Trust] Kenaz - Uncud [Rune] Groof - Heat [Nheoma] P.God - Sedna [Armatura] Allan Nonamaka - Solitude of Silence (Voidloss Hypnotic Doom Mix) [Singularity] Planetary Assualt Systems - Beauty in the Fear [Ostgut Ton] Filip Xavi - Trespasser [Teskoba] Sev Dah - Otit [Komisch] Snap-9A - Trough the Time [Dark Garden] Oscar Mulero - Introducing Errors [Warm Up] Synus0006 - August [Teskoba] Coefficient - Vacuum Instability [M_Rec Ltd] Noraj Cue - Blood Trail [Stolen Moments] Michaelangelo - The Thaumaturgist (Exium Remix) [Subsist] Joton - Body Sensations (Radial Mix) [Newrhythmic] Zair - Reflections [Dark Garden] Adam Kelly - Hadron [Dark Garden] Agony Forces - Self Excavation [Ballistic Delusions] Magnus - Act Two [Magnus] Doktrin - Opbouw [Trust] The Thinker - World Revolution (Hyo Remix) [Cicuta] Arrestar - Prayer [Ante Rasa] Kenaz - Ungewis [Rune]

 Khombat Podcast #042 feat. Joel Morgan (Blank Code) Detroit, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:32

Joel Morgan is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is part of its ever-present music scene. He has cultivated his roots in this community, and continually sharpens his skills as a DJ and producer. He diligently experiments and creates his music with genuine love and talent. Joel is a down-to-earth and no-nonsense kind of guy. His personality, in combination with his background as a life-long drummer and co-creator of the MINTEC record label, gives rise to a compositional sound that is raw, gritty, rugged, and rhythmically-gridlocked—no fluff or excess, yet still dynamic. Joel’s passion is fueled by the richness of Detroit's techno scene, in which he plays an active role. He is a frequent performer in all parts of the city. You can find Joel charted on Beatport, and heavily involved in the Detroit based record label and artist collaboration known as Blank Code. Joel is an artist who intentionally and enthusiastically weaves what has become a nourishing network of fans and fellow DJs. His work has steadily matured since starting his music career. Many have watched it continue to unfold and engage a wide audience as Joel has consistently pushed himself to develop a sound that is like no other. DOWNLOAD      

 Khombat Podcast #041 feat. Altstadt Echo (Dub Monitor) Detroit, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:47:18

For this episode of the podcast we bring you very special live mix from Altstadt Echo! This mix was recorded live at The Works in Detroit for Khombats very first event in our new home city, Activate! Altstadt Echo is a DJ, producer and writer for Dub Monitor and Resident Advisor. Here is a little bit from Altstadt Echo on himself: "I’m the person currently maintaining the website and authoring the articles. I live a short drive outside of Detroit, and started the Dub Monitor project with Patrick after finishing my Master’s degree, when I had a lot of time on my hands before finding a job. Since then, I’ve also begun to contribute reviews to Resident Advisor." DOWNLOAD   Tracklist coming soon!

 Khombat Podcast #040 feat. Darw_n (Sphere) Cleveland, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Currently based in Cleveland, darw_n now takes on a selective, quiet role in the tech scene; focusing on intimate settings; events that guarantee a vibe that is simple and pure. But his past, aside from all the gigs and residencies, does have some worth in mentioning. With a childhood background steeped heavily in his family’s evolvement in modern art and theory, being obsessed with the un-natural sounds of late 80′s electronic music, all while enthralled with the theater and drama of alternative and punk, darw_n started his slow steady march through DJ’ing from the very beginnings of this stuff called “rave” or “EDM”, or whatever it is you have these days. Starting first in the very start of the 90′s with the gabber and hardcore. Then playing with the more intricate sound of early acid trance. And then, briefly yet very significantly, physically moving to the east coast and jumping face first into the important sounds of a very specific time and place; 1995, Baltimore. This move to the east was just long enough to get darw_n experimenting with the trippy, funky, groove sounds of the scene of ’95, and he hit (..or rather, more like blindly started to play without realizing it.) the sound, that to this day, is quintessentially ‘darw_n’. Through out the late 90′s and 00′s, during his busiest point of his career, he focused his sound almost entirely on pure rhythm and stark minimalism. Developing the concept of ‘tone-shifting’ during the hey-day of swedish techno, darw_n saw the importance of layered repetition and subtle changes, and how the dance floor may show several different emotions all at once, but to the same music – the audience is just as much the artist as darw_n when he performs. WIth a mixing approach of heavily layered, twisted, tribally, tech house grooved vibe, his over-all sound is distinctive, poignant, dark, yet liberated in some strange sense. To hear him play, in his philosophy, is to be able to hear yourself.   Sphere Productions   DOWNLOAD   Tracklist 1 Silent State (Kereni Reshape) Samuel Hedber 2 How Money (Jon Virtue Remix) Damolh33 3 Zummer Iz Coming (Original Mix) Jazza Jive 4 Fullon (Original Mix) Elektrabel 5 Tectonic (Original Mix) Christian Bloch 6 Narschia (David Zafra Remix) (Remix) Bobby Gasparakis 7 Dub X (Jon Virtue Remix) Johnny Aemkel 8 Definition (Rod B. Remix) Re Dupre 9 Raven (Original Mix) Miss Sheila 10 Night Soldier (Paul Hamilton Remix) Magillian 11 Plex (Original Mix) Victor Martinez 12 Pterodactyl (Original Mix) Ivan Melnik 13 Hot For You (Hot Since 82 Dub) Raffa FL 14 Dexter Ricardo Villalobos

 Khombat Podcast #039 feat. Gene Hoffmann (Jesus Horse) Melbourne, Australia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:44

Gene Hoffmann has been an active part of the world techno fraternity since 1996. He is known for his multichannel DJ sets that blend a wide range of techno, enticing the mind and feet, and for his infectious enthusiasm for techno music in general. Between 1998 and 2006 Gene worked as a busy techno DJ and occasional underground promoter. He has shared the stage with international techno acts including Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, The Advent, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Joel Mull, Oliver Ho, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Green Velvet, Samuel L Session, Slam, Sven Vath, Magda, Mike Humphries, Carl Cox, Ben Sims and DJ Misjah, at renowned Hardware, Earthcore, Enchanted, Two Tribes, Sunshine People, Digital Music Festival, Future and Totem events. He travelled across Australia, Asia and Europe to play, and was a regular act on local Melbourne lineups until his decision to take an extended break in 2006. After a three year hiatus Gene returned in 2009 with recharged batteries and renewed vigor. He now lives in the Australian bush outside of Melbourne and loves nothing more than mixing at home to his wife, kids and select mates in his studio. He doesn't want to play weekly gigs anymore, but feels very privileged to be invited to play occasional good quality techno events and to share his music to the greater techno community on podcasts and Soundcloud. Gene is a passionate controllerist and a music gear junkie, and has been since digital DJing was in its infancy. After learning his trade on turntables for the best part of a decade he progressed on to Final Scratch in 2004. His current workflow includes Traktor Scratch Pro 2, an Allen & Heath Xone DX, an A&H Xone K2 and Native Instruments Maschine. Alongside Matt Van Diemen, he is a member of the #1 techno boy band in the world - JESUS HORSE ( He loves his wife, the Carlton Football Club and his three kids. He's scared of drop bears and bunyips.   DOWNLOAD   TRACKLIST (Artist - Title - Label) Svreca Seda Muerta (Female Remix) Semantica Records   Deepbass & Ness Chemtrails (Smell The Conspiracy) (Giorgio Gigli's Variation) Dynamic Reflection   Exium Trashflow (Jeroen Search's Machine Mix) Nheoma   Delta Funktionen Miss Communication Ann Aimee   Oscar Mulero Reverberation (Original Mix) Pole Recordings   Lucy Dub Man Walking Stroboscopic Artefacts   Dino Sabatini & Giorgio Gigli Proteus Outis Music   Developer Dirty Drive (Shifted Remix) Modularz   Developer Space And Concrete Modularz   Clemens Neufeld Sawtooth Grinder (Sebastian Bayne Remix) Nuefeld   Pfirter Audiometria (Lucy Remix) Stockholm Ltd   Hans Bouffmyhre Demon Within (Pfirter Remix) Perc Trax   Gary Beck Egoist (Original Mix) Electric Deluxe   Par Grindvik The Weak Stockholm LTD   Jeroen Search Mobility (Delta Funktionen Remix) Coincidence Records   Exium Resetor Audio Assault   The Advent + A. Paul Veron (Luis Flores remix) Unbalance Dependence (Jeroen Search Remix V1) Mutex Recordings   BMB Dead Sun Liberation Technologies   Bas Mooy Nastase (Developer Remix 1) Audio Assault   Karenn Studio 3 Bleep   Sigha Dressing For Pleasure (Ideal) Hotflush Recordings   Milton Bradley Trapped In Eternity Prologue   Rrose Wedge EAUX   Developer Programma (Truncate Remix) Modularz   Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC Lunar Forest (Original Mix) Prologue   Traversable Wormhole Transducer (Brian Sanhaji Remix) CLR   Ground Loop Begin (Original Mix) Gynoid Audio   Shifted Razors Mote Evolver   Abdulla Rashim Weldiya 1 Prologue

 Khombat Podcast #038 feat. Ninna V (Naked Lunch) Porto, Portugal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:26

Ninna V. started working as dj at Mercado Bar, Porto, as a resident in 1992, just after she was a resident at Club Cais 447, in Matosinhos, Porto, as well,where she stayed till 93.When these club and bar closed, she went to Marechal Bar and stayed as resident for 1 year. In that time there wasn't dj agencies yet in Portugal,she had the idea of opening one, called "Beyond the Agency" to represent herself and other dj's to launch, also were starting the rave partys, all new to this country, had this agency for 12 years. So, she started to represent national and international dj's and booking them to play here in PT. She played with some of the best national and international, dj's in the world like : Kevin Yost, Roger Sanchez, David Alvarado, Danny "Buddah" Moralles, Richard Lees Crees, Kid Loco, Victor Simonelli,Benji Candelario, Paco Buggin, Nacho, Victor Flores, Jose Luis Magoya, Mario Roque, Dj Vibe, Carlos Manaça, Petty, Jiggy, Oscar Baía, Luis Leite, Paulo Leite,João Daniel. etc. For 19 years she played everywhere in Portugal, at all knowing clubs, like : Kremlin, Comvento, Alcantara Club, Industria, Swing, Maré Alta, Kadoc , Locomia, Capitulo V,etc etc. Was responsible for many " Leite Night Sessions" Partys, with Luis Leite and Paulo Leite, where they all played together, around the country. Also went to play at : Vigo, Coruña, Barcelona, Spain, Graasmtown Music, Culture and Multimedia Festival, South Africa, Malta, London, NYCand soon Glasgow Scotland! She produced and organized events since 96, the first one was in Lisbon, at Armazem 3, where there was about 3000 people.Later, organized also a Tour around Portugal and Spain, with dj Mario Roque, and to name a few of clubs where they played : Teatro Sa da Bandeira, Kremlin, Kadoc, Vademecum,Vigo, etc. Organized also a New Year's Eve, at Kadoc Club, with dj Benji Candelario. She also had a radio show called " Groovy Planet", and could interviw dj's and play their sets, it was a 2h show, at NFM radio. Had a bar in Porto, called Maré Alta as Club and After hours, knowing as Maré Alta the Oficial After Hours of Porto City, where many great dj's played : Dj Vibe, dj Jiggy, Mario Roque, Dl Costa, David Alvarado ( USA), etc... Went to Zurich to play at Reaktor Club, and will be playing in Scotland next year in February in Glasgow, at The Difference Night at Club 69! Now has her first original with Pedro Monteverde " Good Old Door" remixed by Jonh Hellson Stevie Wilson, Ricardo Garduno and Alex Fonseca out in 2011 ! Her first EP is out with the 2 originals Good Old Door and Alien Magma. New Original Alien Magma by Ninna V. & Salvo Lo Greco! Has now 2 radio podcasts at and onde a month and once every 2 weeks respectivly with increasing numbers of listeners by the show!! Has many releases at many different labels, remixes and collabs also will be out soon ! Originals + Remixes : Black Hole - out now on Bunk3r R3cords Agoraphobia - Out now on CUEBASE-FM COMPILATION Vol. I by SCHICKER Recordings Rage - Out soon Density - Out soon Sonar - out soon Cry - out on Sound of Techno Records Future - out on Sound of Techno Records Urban Vibe - out soon Carbon - out now on Bunk3r R3cords Industrial - out soon on Bunk3r R3cords Floating Probe - out soon on Bunk3r R3cords Nukes - Out soon on Sound of Techno Records Distress - Out now on Bunk3r R3cords Orbis - out soon Chaotic - out now on Voodoo Records Flares - out now on compilation Supernova - out soon on Sound of Techno records Minerals - out now on Subwoofer records Earth - out soon Armagedon - out now on Subwoofer records Fear - Out now on Underground Noise Records Stress - Out now on Underground Noise records Outraged - out soon 2012 - free track Zombie in Progress - Z- Block - Ninna V remix...out soon on Bunk3r R3cords NWO - out now on Geysir Records Psychiatric Deceit - out now Geysir Records

 Khombat Podcast #037 feat. Margin Walker (Dystopian Rhythm) Detroit, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:28

Margin Walker got his start DJing at warehouse parties in the late 1990s. After nearly a decade away, he returned and co-founded Dystopian Rhythm Records with partner Garrett Dillon. While concentrating on heavy, dark, and raw techno, he also dabbles in dub techno. His debut release is scheduled for late spring 2013.   RA Soundcloud Dystopian Rhythm   DOWNLOAD     Soolee - Storm - Graphene Shifted - Over - Mote Evolver Mas Teeveh - Spleen - Ketra Adriana Lopez - Estructura - Modularz Developer - Talking with the Analogs - Modularz Max M. - The Kidnapper Bell (Shifted remix) - M-REC Truncate - Mira Mar - Truncate Secluded - Impression - Enemy MPIA3 - Squatter's Dog - Avian Alex Cortex - I Won't Conform - Pomelo Drumcell & Brian Sanhaji - Split (Dub Version) - CLR Lucy - Beautiful People - Mote Evolver Mick Finesse - They Sex Machinas (Perc's Dub Decision) - Perc Trax Bas Mooy - Odd Rok (Pfirter remix) - Audio Assault Developer - Trade Beliefs - Semantica Darqwan - Said the Spider (Surgeon remix) - Texture UK

 Khombat Podcast #036 feat. Aerodromme (Tribal Vision) Toronto, Canada | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:30

Aerodrömme is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created by was created by Boris "Shankar" Kurtzman and Steve Chan, the two members share strong passion for music. Aerodrömme has emerged as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Their style is an effective blend of progressive house and minimal Techno with a deep connotation. Aerodrömme has rele ased music on such prominent labels as Tribal Vision, Baroque, Blue Tunes, Spiral Trax, Plusquam, Nuuktal Records, Air Snare and Balkan Connection; and received support from heavyweights such as Wehbba, James Harcourt, Perfect Stranger, Re-Zone (Toolroom Records), Astronivo, Chloe Harris, Timo Maas, Fiord, Danny Howells, Tomcraft, Duca, John Deere, and Simone De Caro (Binary 404) just to name a few. Please tighten your seatbelts, as the jet is about to take off!DISCOGRAPHY-CD's: VA - Reflection Vol 3. [Blue Tunes Records] VA - Platform 02 [Spiral Trax] VA - Acoustic Elastic [Air Snare Records]DIGITAL: Tapwatr - Steady Politics (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Tribal Vision Records] Aerodroemme - Dahab (Original Mix) [Teggno Records] Aerodroemme - Sleepless Nights [Plusquam] Aerodroemme - Pop the Cherry EP [Drumlore] Fog - Windflower (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Plusquam] Likewise - Kiss My Aura (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Drumlore] Aerodroemme - Slingshot EP [Future Lovers] Aerodroemme - Amistad EP [Balkan Connection] Aerodroemme - Detour EP [Desert Trax] Duca- Wide (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Future Lovers] Canna Circus - I'm Sorry Dear (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Balkan Connection] Aerodroemme - Breakfast at Bonni's [Baroque Records] Aerodroemme - Dinner & Disco EP [11 Hz Records] DJ Neba - Bugler (Aerodoremme Rmx) [Balkan Connection] Dmitry K and Beeswax- Hypnotica (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Balkan Connection] Aerodroemme - Bahia [Baroque Records] Aerodroemme - Snuff [Tribal Vision Records] Les Limaces - Serotonine (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Tasty Bytes Records] Brisker and Magitman - September (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Tribal Vision Records] Aerodroemme - The Wired (John Deere Rmx) [Echoplast Digital] Simone De Caro- In The Line of The Thunderbolt (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Nuuktal] Aerodroemme - Drum Bum EP [Nuuktal] Aerodroemme - Jupiter One EP [Sex Panda Recordings] D-Nox and Beckers- Call Me (Aerodroemme Rmx) [Nuuktal, Baroque] Bes - Remember the Days (Aerodroemme Rmx) [West One Recordings] Aerodroemme - Bells and Whistles EP [Twisted Frequency] Aerodroemme - Big Fish EP [Freegrant Music] Links: Facebook Soundcloud Website DOWNLOAD   Track list coming soon!

 Khombat Podcast #035 feat. Funk Detective (Khombat) Cleveland, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:28

Jason has spun many forms of minimal and techno for the past ten years, honing his track selection for maximum listener enjoyment. He has bumped beats at events with some of the worlds most prominent djs and producers (3 Channels, Dan Bell, Someone Else, Miskate, dj Swamp, Worthy, Derek Plaslaiko, Smash TV, and Lee Curtis to name a few). His extreme love and appreciation for the music has kept this man on the cusp of what is the newest and greatest in techno. Digging deep with the funky beats that will empower, enlighten and destroy the dance floor, Funk Detective does not disappoint.   DOWNLOAD     1. Barnacles - Billy Dalessandro - Soniculture 2. Wysilek (Du Sant Remix) - Shibbstarr - Plastik.FM 3. Take The Rhythm - Macromism, DJ Kool Dek - Ba As One 4. Klimawandel - Sonntagskind - Tretmuehle 5. Wind (Steven Campodonico Remix) - Kaitaro - Frucht 6. Warehouse (Android Cartel Remix) - Lazy M - Teggno Records 7. The Return of the Legendary 303 - Daniel Sanchez - Bla Bla 8. Be Up - Astronivo - Desert Trax 9. Beyond LFO (Pig & Dan Dub Remix) - Tagtraumer - Doppelgaenger 10. 42-42-562 - Scalameriya - Der Hut 11. Krowork - S100 - Stockholm LTD 12. Pause It (Technasia Remix) - Subotic - Dmom 13. Erie Salad - Steven Compodonico - Frucht 14. Everyone Has a Dark Side - Doubtingthomas - EssentialReload UK 15. Chapitre 1: En Ville - Andy Moor, Alvo Noto - Raster-Norton    

 Khombat Podcast #034 feat. Anthony Jimenez (Khombat) Detroit, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8:53

  The driving force behind the Khombat label, Anthony Jimenez (pronounced hee-MEH-nes) has smashed his way into the dj circuit with his steady dose of dark driving techno. Using an all-digital platform, Anthony loops and layers different elements during his sets to create a totally unique performance every time he plays. Currently Anthony can be found running his label in Detroit Michigan. His mixes on the Khombat Podcast have reached every corner of the globe in 2011. To find out more about Anthony: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Khombat Artist Website    DOWNLOAD     This mix was recorded for the Beatmatrix radio show in Cleveland. 1. Circle 1 (Original Mix) Mutate vs. Multiverse (Original Mix) Pfirter (Anthony Jimenez Intro Edit) - Blankcode/Mindtrip 2. Estructura (Original Mix) - Adriana Lopez - Modularz 3. Stereotype (Original Mix) - Remotion - Konstrukt Records 4. Restless - Manic Brothers - Drumcode 5. Bauer (Original Mix) - Edit Select - Ostgut Ton 6. N Gray (Original Mix) - RFS - Kaputt 7. Alliance (Original Mix) - Gayle San, Jochen Kling - GSR 8. Gunslinger (Original Mix) - Jack Di'Che - Eastar Records 9. Black (Octave Remix) - Wave Form 10. Side Bells (Original Mix) - Wave Form - Brood Audio 11. Orion (Original Mix) - Deepbass - Krankenhaus Musik  

 Khombat Podcast #033 feat. Digital IQ (Mintec) Detroit, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:14

Brandon Vanno has been an avid and uncompromising EDM enthusiast since the mid-nineties. Having listened to many forms of music prior to age 21, he always felt he was missing something. Upon relocating to Detroit in 1996, Brandon found what he was looking for. Electronic music gave him a since of identity.... and ignited a life long passion unlike anything he had experienced before. It wasn’t by chance that he came to Detroit to explore a new life... it was fate. Like many in the 90’s scene, Brandon first went the wrong way. Unable to separate the music from the scene’s illicit substances... he almost died in 2002. From there he underwent intensive mental and neurological rehabilitation for well over a year. “The music didn’t almost kill me, my terrible choices did” says Brandon. Embarking on a journey of recovery, Brandon’s love for the music only intensified. Making the separation now was a life or death decision. After some years, Brandon established a successful graphic design business. Having always been a creative in one way or another, this was one of his good decisions. Now is the time for his full creative aptitude to come alive. With his unique experiences and a new found since of maturity Brandon has been reborn as an unparalleled producer and dj... coming to you from an all music and no bullshit perspective. “I’ve never just listened to the music, I’ve always studied it” Brandon says. Moving from analog turntables directly to the latest in today's digital dj software, Brandon is catching ears and turning heads throughout the Detroit scene. So, enjoy the sets here on soundcloud. Please look him up on facebook, twitter, and of course spindetroit... and stay tuned. He is now rocking this scene. This is a live mix from Digital IQ featuring all original tracks played live by looping and layering tracks and individual samples! To find out more about Digital IQ: Soundcloud Facebook Mintec DOWNLOAD   1. Charlie Sheen robotic intro - Digital IQ 2. Sweet Dreams - Digital IQ - MINTEC 3. Donkey Punch - Digital IQ - MINTEC 4. Happy Monster (Dani Sbert Remix) - Digital IQ - MINTEC 5. Schweres Atmen - Digital IQ - MITNEC 6. Aneurysm - Digital IQ - MINTEC 7. Untitled / Unreleased - Digital IQ 8. Hobo With A Gun - Digital IQ - MINTEC 9. Mr. Wallace - Digital IQ - MINTEC 10. Ghosts of Packard - Digital IQ - MINTEC 11. Techno City (Darkworks Remix) - Digital IQ - MINTEC 12. After Dark - Digital IQ - MINTEC 13. Alan's Euology - Digital IQ - MINTEC

 Khombat Podcast #032 feat. Naoko (House of Styles) Pittsburgh, USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:31:10

Born and raised in Hikone, Japan, Naoko had very little exposure to modern dance music. Infrequently, she would hear dance music when visiting nearby towns( like Kyoto) but not enough to impact her. It wasn’t until she moved to Pittsburgh in 2001, that she was exposed to underground dance music on a consistent basis. A friendship with fellow Japanese visual artists Lab Type-0( who were doing video work on an international level) afforded her the opportunity to attend rave events on every imaginable scale, week after week. She attributes the House of Styles events, and Electrasoul, as primary influences which feuled her passion for Techno. And friendships with Techno artists such as Product 19, Colin Pierce, and Shadowstarr, eventually inspired her to pursue Djing in 2006. In the last 5 years…Naoko has established herself as a crowd favorite, and one of the few representatives of Hard Techno and Acid Techno. She has devistated floors of all sizes w/ her energetic and full throttle sets. When Naoko hits the decks…dancing shoes are required! DOWNLOAD     Traklisting:  Next Door's Cat Zoid Pest Infest (Wasp Sting Mix) Tassid Rock It Now (Original Mix) Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss Acid In Your Soul Darc Marc & Syndrome Anarchy FM - Steve Mill Remix Steve Mills 911 Was An Inside Job – Remix original by Mobile Dogwash remix by Dirty Rebels Mosquito's Tweeter - 2012 Remix Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss Acid House Rejects unmasterd The Badger Usual Pharmacology MK303 Dumbass OB1 The Follower Of Josh Inc. Sick Of Capitalism Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss 22 Millones Palo Acid Corp What A Can't!! Tassid Dadawas Guy 'Geezer' McAffer & Fantompowa One Bassline D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Chris Liberator & Steve Mills Wax Is All (Chris Liberator & Darc Marc Remix) Chris Liberator & Darc Marc Scumbag Jamie C Booty Assid Mobile Dogwash & Si McLean

 Khombat Podcast #031 feat. Oliver Koop ( Brussels, Belgium | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:27

Oliver Koop resides in Europe’s capital: Brussels, Belgium. Influenced by artists like Derrick May, Surgeon, Jeff Mills and UR, Oliver started mixing in 1998. In 2004 he started to produce his own tracks. His own productions can be called deep and dark minimal, strong techno and everything in between. He really has a passion for producing and you can hear that at labels like M_Rec, TMM Records, Contrast Records, RapidFireRecords, RBL Records. Early on, Oliver was very much into electronic music and more so by Detroit Techno which made him dive into this passionate world. Influenced by May, Surgeon, Mills, UR & Scan7 Oliver Koop started mixing as a resident for LinePhase, a Brussels after party concept from 2003 until 2007. Through this residence he did not only play in Brussels, but also in different cities to make a name for himself. In a very short time period he was quite relaxed behind the decks and found a way to impress the audience and make his mark as a DJ. Nowadays you can spot Oliver at Fuse, Dali’s Bar (KONTAKT) and the NEMO- parties every weekend. Besides spinning the vinyl he has also started producing himself. Thanks to this, you can find the fruits of his passion on labels such as M_Rec, TMM Records, Contrast Records, RapidFireRecords, RBL Records, and more… Oliver’s future is quite promising as every day he works on his own tracks and at the same time he stays close to the party scene of what people move. To find out more about Oliver: Soundcloud Beatport Twitter Podcast   DOWNLOAD     Jeroen Liebregts - Harnas (intro loop) Exercise One  - Colony (original) Andy Todd - Master On (concrete djz re-dubbed mix) Astra Teck - preview promo Unam Zetineb - Reaction (original) Dmitry Recon - Labyrinth (Feyser rmx) Gregor Tresher - Papercuts (original) Vocal loop - sample Maelstrom - Pool Chicks (original) Aril Brikha - Vision (original) Mladen Tomic - Flat and Positive (original) Enrico Fuerte - Milfshake (original) Rafal Furst - A.M.S Lolo aka Acidus - Lenguajes (original) Reeko - Look at Me (original) Chris Colburn - Wide Awake (original) A-Brothers - Drugged Matter (original) Roberto Capuano - Antares (original) Jens Qn - Dungeon (original) Lazy M - Tekno Train (Microcheep,Mollo rmx) Bas Mooy - Wesp (original) Jeroen Liebregts - Harnas (end loop)


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