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Aroma Bytes show

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Lessons learned and motivation from the leader of a multi-faceted business, church, and ministry

By Aroma Bytes

IABTI show

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The IABTI is a non profit organization dedicated to the continuing education of Bomb Technicians and Investigators around the world.


The Gray Mask: true espionage show

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The Grey Mask takes true spy stories from espionage history and brings them to life with enhanced audio and professional actors. Here you will find true stories of criminals and heroes, clandestine missions at midnight, black ops, or perhaps a suave James Bond like spy will peek around the corner. <br> <br> Spy mission are not always crime stories; sometimes the spy is a military hero fighting for his or her country and sometimes the clandestine operation can turn a war in another direction. Indeed, covert spies have altered the balance of power, whether it be nuclear weapons, or today’s Wall Street financial markets.<br> Spies also exist in the world of modern corporate espionage. Here you will find brazen spies, stealing company secrets, or playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse between competing conglomerates. <br> <br> All the stories are fascinating because they lay forth every aspect of human nature found in a Shakespearean tragedy. Love, power, greed, honor, and betrayal are all found in the Gray Mask. The podcast looks at the history of espionage, from the days of the ancient Greeks, up to today’s cyber spies hacking into a competitor’s network to find dark web secrets not accessible to the public. <br>

By Mark Hillenbrand

Pocket Sized Politics show

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Hosts Amelie Halleman and Mallory Snodgrass, who are politically active high school students, provide a young voter's perspective on the most pressing issues in politics in UNDER 10 minutes. Join them as they look at both sides of every story.

By Amelie Halleman &amp; Mallory Snodgrass

On The Ground show

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In 2019, a Black person can walk in Walgreens and they cannot refuse you service because of the color of your skin. We can run schools, organizations and corporations. Delta Airlines cannot say, "we don't serve Black people." We can attend any college or university that we like and they cannot openly deny us access because of our race. Why? The answer is simple. As Black people in the United States, every right that we have is a direct result of community organizing. Community organizing is the people directly impacted by a problem, strategizing and building power to win policy change, or resources to improve their quality of life. For our entire history in this country there is a long and committed record of people speaking power to power in order to change their living conditions. Today, we see a resurgence of black led grassroots community organizing. Community organizing is not activism. Join the On the Ground family to learn the difference. This podcast hosted by Jitu Brown, National Director of the Journey for Justice Alliance, is dedicated to "spreading the gospel" of community organizing to the public. We are not in an ivory tower, intellectualizing about what Black people need to do. We are in these streets, waging our struggle for liberation. We are ON THE GROUND.

By Journey For Justice Alliance

Internships show

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unpaid internship Cover art photo provided by Vanessa Ives on Unsplash:

By Kelsey Seehusen

The Game of Life Mentoring Podcast show

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The Game of Life Mentoring Podcast is Big Brother Big Sister of Miami's in house podcast hosted by President &amp; CEO Gale Nelson.

By Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami

Work Worth Doing with Gov. Doug Burgum show

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Welcome to Work Worth Doing, hosted by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Far and away the best prize life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” On Work Worth Doing, we tell the stories of people across North Dakota doing exactly that.

By Gov. Doug Burgum

The Wacoans Podcast show

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A podcast about the people, news, and events of Waco. We want to help Waco lift up Waco one person at a time.

By Garrett Simmons

Caveat REALTOR show

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Podcast by Virginia REALTORS® Podcast Network

By Virginia REALTORS® Podcast Network