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The Gray Mask: true espionage show

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The Grey Mask takes true spy stories from espionage history and brings them to life with enhanced audio and professional actors. Here you will find true stories of criminals and heroes, clandestine missions at midnight, black ops, or perhaps a suave James Bond like spy will peek around the corner. <br> <br> Spy mission are not always crime stories; sometimes the spy is a military hero fighting for his or her country and sometimes the clandestine operation can turn a war in another direction. Indeed, covert spies have altered the balance of power, whether it be nuclear weapons, or today’s Wall Street financial markets.<br> Spies also exist in the world of modern corporate espionage. Here you will find brazen spies, stealing company secrets, or playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse between competing conglomerates. <br> <br> All the stories are fascinating because they lay forth every aspect of human nature found in a Shakespearean tragedy. Love, power, greed, honor, and betrayal are all found in the Gray Mask. The podcast looks at the history of espionage, from the days of the ancient Greeks, up to today’s cyber spies hacking into a competitor’s network to find dark web secrets not accessible to the public. <br>

By Mark Hillenbrand

Making Change show

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Hildy Gottlieb interviews leading thinkers in the nonprofit world to discuss how those who are working for the greater good seek to create social change.

By The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chris Bronson Show show

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Current events and news opinion/discussion from a libertarian perspective. Featuring interviews with authors, experts, and leaders within the American liberty movement.

By Chris Bronson



Discussions on Constitutional gov't, Local (Maine) gov't., and Keeping Globalism Out of America. This program is live on the air on WXME am-780, Monticello, ME This Podcast was created using

By aroostookwatchmen

IPS Open Source Daily Brief show

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This Open Soure Daily Brief podcast is brought to you by the Institute for Preventive Strategies at the Center for Rural Development

By The Institute for Preventive Strategies (IPS)

Conceptual Guerilla Radio Syndication show

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Had enough? Have you figured out that your government has been hijacked by corporate imperialists, hellbent on plundering the globe? Are you tired of rightwing hoodlums, fundamentalist hypocrites, corporate media whores -- and the bourgeois liberal pantywaists who refuse to fight them? Are you wondering whether elections will be enough? What's going on? And what can be done about it? Conceptual Guerilla Radio cuts through the rhetoric, the propaganda, and the meely-mouthed excuse making, and confronts how corporate imperialists are destroying our country, and destroying our planet. If you're serious about real change, tune in to Conceptual Radio, five days a week.

Safety Lately show

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From technical standards to innovations in the world of safety management, listen to these short collections from ASSE's Virtual Classroom. For more information, visit:

By American Society of Safety Engineers

Medicare Insights Weekly - JH Part A show

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Weekly Medicare JH Part A news and updates.

By Novitas Solutions

Australian Social Trends - Australian Bureau of Statistics show

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Australian Social Trends (AST) podcasts bring you short, easy listening highlights from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest release of the AST publication. Each quarterly release of AST contains several in depth articles, which cover many broad areas of social concern such as population, health, work and housing just to name a few. We aim to do this in an interesting and easy to understand way. Other aims of AST are to address current and perennial social concerns and to provide answers to key social questions. Each podcast will focus in upon the highlights from a different article.

By Australian Bureau of Statistics

50 Coffees in London show

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Bernie Mitchell is on a mission to connect 50 people in London around the collaborative economy!

By OuiShare Radio