Government And Organizations Podcasts 2013 Podcast show 2013 PodcastJoin Now to Follow brings to the Bay Area EMS Community quarterly CE dinner talks that feature 3 hours of up-to-date research topics.


Trump: The First Year show

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Join us for Trump: The First Year, Crowell & Moring's series about the regulatory changes emerging from the White House under the new administration. Visit for more.

By Crowell & Moring LLP

Red Nose Day 2011 Podcast show

Red Nose Day 2011 PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The chart topping Red Nose Day Vodcast series is back! Get all the exclusive video before anybody else as we hurtle towards the big day itself (that’s March 18th by the way!) Possibly the best thing about this Vodcast is that it’s free. Yes, you read that’s free! So do the download thing and enjoy what is going to be a fantastic feast of free exclusive content. Did we mention it’s free?

By Comic Relief

Colorado Energy Leaders Podcast show

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Transitioning to clean energy within the next several decades is increasingly important for our way of life. But this transition has to take place in complex, real-world environments with agreements between many people with competing interests. This podcast features interviews with energy thought leaders in Colorado to discover how to navigate a transition to clean energy in a state where fossil fuels contribute heavily to the state's economy.

By Jordan Cox


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Sometimes, it takes more faith to stay than to go.

By Michael Thomas

Barrier Island Center Podcast show

Barrier Island Center PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The January 2013 podcast

By Barrier Island Center

The Policy Shop show

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A podcast at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The Policy Shop is where national and global public policy is examined. Guests include Nobel laureates Sir Angus Deaton and Harold Varmus, writer Germaine Greer, author and academic Michael Ignatieff, former UN under-secretary, Baroness Valerie Amos, and Big Data entrepreneur Anthony Goldbloom. Listed by iTunes as new and noteworthy, subscribe for the latest episodes.

By The Policy Shop

The GOHSEP Get a Game Plan Podcast show

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The GOHSEP Get a Game Plan Podcast highlights key issues in emergency management, we have timely interviews with subject matter experts at all levels of government along with practical information to help you become more resilient before the next disaster strikes.

By Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Casting Indiana's Progress show

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News clips, interviews and session audio from the Indiana House of Representatives Republican Caucus

Burn Bin show

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What do people who have no purpose in life do? … Oh, and they’re too much of pussies to join the military. But yeah, real failures at life. Anyways, they make a podcast. And that’s us and we are totally awesome!... in a totally newbish way, but we are still learning, but it’s damn funny to watch a train wreck, so come aboard the Failwarts Express as we take it full powered into a shitblock wall! Don’t worry cause we try our best to make you laugh as we start to hone our podcast skills. Nick, a fiery, hot blooded, crass, sarcastic, and slightly idiotic fellow, gives a unique flavor to the podcast. He is the main voice of the show and has a hard time shutting up. Igor, a silent, laid back (nice way of saying ‘lazy douche’), and money hungry man who seeks nothing, but fame and fortune brings his quiet ass as the co-host. He tries to avoid talking as much as possible and does whatever he can to make Nick do most of the podcast as a solo act… until he starts being sexual or homoerotic, then he does whatever he can to make Nick shut up.

By Nick and Igor