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Diego Muda Vidas show

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Diego muda vidas, Coach de relacionamentos e sexual para mulheres ensina a desenvolver sua alto estima e lidar com a psicologia por das atitudes masculinas e como conquista-los após ter treinamento mais de 10 Mil homens pelo mundo na arte da conquista. Site: http://mulherdeelite.com.br/vv-1c/

By Diego Muda vidas

May The Best Brand Win show

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Marketing has its good points and bad points and depending on how it’s used can either build or destroy brands and companies. May the Best Brand Win will look at what’s happening each week in marketing, branding and public relations and discuss the good, bad and the really, really ugly. Guests will include marketing executives from leading companies, agencies and even some celebrities.<br><br>Marketing is an ever-changing topic and you’ll want to be sure to tune in so you know the very latest and best ways to reach your audiences and avoid the many mistakes we see on a weekly basis.<br><br>For more info visit <a href="http://www.robertsoncomm.com" rel="noopener">www.robertsoncomm.com</a>

By EnterTalk

The Adventures of Danny and Mike show

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A weekly offering of adventure and fun featuring those infinite children Danny Tamberelli (@dtamberelli) and Michael C. Maronna (@michaelcmaronna ) (The Adventures of Pete &amp; Pete). Produced by Jeremy Balon (@remybalon) at @SeltzerKings Studios and a part of the Last Podcast Network (@lastpodnetwork)

By Danny Tamberelli, Michael C. Maronna, Jeremy L. Balon

Cryptoconomy show

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Join Mark (CEO), Will (Editor-In-Chief), and their guests as they explore how emerging technology can change governments, industries, and commerce as we know it. Learn a little bit about our team as we discuss crypto, philosophy and a bit of cosmology with ICO Executives, Influencers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, &amp; Pundits. Honest, Ad-free, &amp; Open minded conversations. Help us by subscribing &amp; downloading the UBDI app on Google Play or the Apple App Store Project: https://www.ubdi.com/

By Cryptoconomy

FvgTech [Audio] show

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Questa è la versione solo audio di FvgTech, il programma TV con Focus sul digital world: le novità, il futuro, il mondo social, l’informatica e tutto quanto è tecnologia. Questo è il podcast in versione solo Audio delle puntate andate in onda in televisione.<br><br>Ogni settimana spiegheremo in TV le nuove tecnologie, il digitale e il mondo della rete assieme a Gabriele Gobbo (esperto di marketing e mondo digitale) e ai suoi ospiti. Con spiegazioni semplici e adatte ad un pubblico anche poco esperto degli argomenti trattati, così da diffondere le conoscenze di base anche ai non addetti ai lavori. <br><br>Un’occasione per i telespettatori di sfruttare e conoscere il vastissimo mondo della tecnologia, reale e virtuale. FvgTech va in onda ogni Mercoledì alle 18:00 e in replica ogni Venerdì alle 22:00 su CafèTV24 FVG (Canale 213 Friuli Venezia Giulia e Veneto Orientale) e successivamente in versione completa video su iTunes Podcast, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo e in versione solo audio su iTunes Podcast, Spreaker e SoundCloud.

By Gabriele Gobbo

Human Factors Cast show

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Take a deeper look into the human element in our ever changing digital world. Human Factors Cast is a podcast that investigates the sciences of psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. Hosted by Nick Roome, and Blake Arnsdorff.

By Nick Roome and Blake Arnsdorff

MC Variety Hour-ish show

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In the Era following the show Jackass, Americans have never felt so safe to make terrible decisions. We are here semi-weekly to go over our views and ideas of what has inspired an entire ‘branding’ of 3 generations. Backtracking through personal stories, the history we know, and good old fact-finding research we put out a podcast on what the fuck is going on? With so much news and political overload, we pepper a ton of random variety into today's news, issues and politics. Our podcasts range from the debauchery of being average to the latest annoyances of social media. Feedback is welcome!

By MC Variety Hour

Podnews podcasting news show

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Daily news about the global podcasting and on-demand audio industry. Curated by james@crid.land - visit https://podnews.net to subscribe to our free, daily, newsletter for all the links and more. ETH: podnews.eth

By Podnews LLC

Miscast Podcast show

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Welcome to Miscast Podcast, hosted by Doodles &amp; Daniel Leonov discussing all things music, YouTube, current events &amp; more Listen for free on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/user-739821240 Download on iTunes/Apple Podcasts Watch on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaWRj1EMjqlYN9sEgCCg0PQ Watch on Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/miscastpodcast and get all episodes 100% advertiser free on Patreon http://www.patreon.com/miscastpodcast

By Miscast Podcast

Sebrant chatting | Трёп Себранта show

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Трёп Себранта

By Andrey Sebrant