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Switchboard show

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Varsity's Switchboard connects you to an eclectic array of voices and sounds, from Cambridge uni and beyond. This podcast is a highly collaborative project. Just message the Facebook page or email switchboard@varsity.co.uk if you want to get involved. Produced by Olivia Hylton-Pennant and Matt Evan Green.

By Varsity

Darkness Prevails Podcast | TRUE Horror Stories show

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TRUE Scary Stories, REAL Ghost Stories, and CREEPY Animal and Cryptid Sightings. This is Darkness Prevails, a horror podcast that specializes in giving you nightmares. With non-stop horror stories, you can finally die happy and afraid. Just remember, this world is a strange one! Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/darknessprevails/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/darknessprevails/support</a>

By Darkness Prevails Podcast

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast show

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The Paranormal Mysteries Podcast is a weekly show that covers all facets of unexplained phenomena, including Ghosts, Cryptid Creatures and Geographic Anomalies, just to name a few. We also share personal stories sent in by our wonderful listeners.<br><br>If you believe that you or someone that you know has experienced something unexplainable and you’d like to have your story shared on the Podcast you can contact us via email or on our website.<br><br>Email: <a href="mailto:ParanormalMysteriesPodcast@gmail.com">ParanormalMysteriesPodcast@gmail.com</a><br>Website: <a href="http://www.ParanormalMysteriesPodcast.com" rel="noopener">http://www.ParanormalMysteriesPodcast.com</a><br><br>If you'd like to support the podcast, please visit us at <a href="https://www.patreon.com/paranormalmysteries" rel="noopener">https://www.patreon.com/paranormalmysteries</a><br><br>Social Media Links:<br>Facebook: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/paranormalmysteriespodcast" rel="noopener">https://www.facebook.com/paranormalmysteriespodcast</a><br>Instagram: <a href="https://www.instagram.com/paranormalmysteriespodcast" rel="noopener">https://www.instagram.com/paranormalmysteriespodcast</a><br>Twitter: <a href="https://twitter.com/ParaMysteryPod" rel="noopener">https://twitter.com/ParaMysteryPod</a><br>YouTube: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/paranormalmysteriespodcast" rel="noopener">https://www.youtube.com/paranormalmysteriespodcast</a>

By Paranormal Mysteries | Supernatural &amp; Unexplained Stories

Flavor of the Day show

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Flavor of the Day Podcast is the official podcast of MAN Sports. We discuss a wide variety of topics like health, fitness, dieting, supplements, working out and much more.

By MAN Sports

TheSynCast: Christian Hip Hop, MMA, Comedy &amp; More! show

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This is an entertaining way to hear what is going on with Syntax Records and their wonderful friends. Executive Producer: sirROCDOMZ Producers: MaxOne &amp; Shane Newville Host: MaxOne Co-Host: Shane Newville Reporters: KD, &amp; Matt Pelishek, Jeremiah Bonds Engineer: Shane Newville You Can Listen To Interviews From: Twista, Zane, Houston Alexander, KJ Noons, Din Thomas, KJ52, John ( The Tonic ) Wells of The Cross Movement, Fred Lynch of P.I.D. &amp; Preachas, Ahmad (of 4th Avenue Jones ), Family Force 5, Tonex, RedCloud, Braille of Lightheaded, Adeem of Glue, L.A. Symphony, Flynn Adam Atkins, CookBook, UNO Mas, Sharlok Poems, Joey The Jerk, The Pride, sintax.the.terrific, Mars Ill, Sev Statik, Urban d., Spec, Kaboose, DJ Promote, DJ Wise, Minister RMB, Radial Angel, Dynamic Twins, Sam Hart, Sojourn of Future Shock, Sackcloth Fashion, ArtOfFact, Jeremiah Bonds, Man of War, JustMe, Dirt, Aaron Diello of JoshuaFest and Up At Nite Records. We Play The Following Artists: P.O.D., Gospel Gangstaz, Shane Newville, Tommy Percival, DJ EQ, Olivia The Band, Comunalien, Soul P., Sivion, Playdough, Vex Da Vortex of Boogie Monsters, Transistor Radio, Night Owls, Podnuous of De La Soul, bTwice, Pigeon John, Odd Thomas, Sup The Chemist, Luke Geraty, Def Shepard, Freddie Bruno of Deepspace5, Christafari, Kurupt, Othello, Supaman, Writers Block LMNO of Visionaries, Gibraan, Jayo Felony, Eeek-a-mouse, Jurny of LPG, Labklik, Just Me of Scribbling Idiots, SolSeekers, Capture of Tunnel Rats, Spoken Nerd, Absent Minded, Tre9, S.O.M., Cy The Complex, Much Luvv, Ethic, Jendor of Shadow of The Locust, Theory Hazit, MotionPlus, Cas Metah, Elias, Stu Dent, Overflo, k-Drama, Maniac The Siouxpernatural, Tactile The RhymeChild, Christin Hart, KD, T.Bizzy, Rubber Band, Lojique, The Fold, Lost Ocean, David Crowder, Red, Paul Wright, Rick Mugrage, Krystal Meyers, Calling simon, Last Tuesday, nevertheless, Noon Day Sun, The Divine Romance, Benjamin, Quick and The Dead, Stacy Clark, Run Doris Run. We Play Music From The Following Labels: Beatmart, Flavor alliance, Much Luvv, Gotee, Nureau Ink, Up At Nite, End of Earth, Hip Hop Is Music, Indian Ink, Hyborian Warriors, Illect, Reach, Lampmode, Christsyde, Quannum, Cross Movement . We Broadcast and Cover The Following Events: Joshua Fest, GMA, Cornerstone Festival, Flavor Fest.

By Syntax Records

the mind machine show

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The mind machine is a podcast devoted to the latest research in applied neurosciences, physiological computing, neuroadaptive interfaces and human factors psychology. Each episode features a conversation with a different researcher about their work. Our discussions will focus on emerging technologies, such as: brain-computer interfaces, system automation, affective computing, wearable sensors and assistive technology. The conversations will cover technical aspects of the work as well as potential societal impacts. The podcast will present academic research in a way that is both informal and accessible for both professional and non-professional listeners.

By Stephen Fairclough


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HOST: Mike Shea/AP Founder - THE AP PODCAST SERIES is produced by Alternative Press Magazine/AltPress, the nation's leading voice in underground, alternative and punk music in today's youth scene. Not just another podcast with rambling hosts, THE AP PODCAST is an in-depth conversation and insight into the music business with the people who influence what we hear and see. Thought-provoking and entertaining, the show is geared toward today's music fans, aspiring musicians, educators and music industry professionals. Listening to THE AP PODCAST, you'll actually learn something about how the music industry functions (or dysfunctions) and how it's adapting (or not) to today's ever-changing technology and music fans' desires.

By Alternative Press Magazine

Porozmawiajmy o IT show

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Pokazuję trendy, technologie, zjawiska i metodyki, które są obecnie stosowane w IT. Poprzez ten podcast chcę docierać do ludzi z branży na różnym stopniu zaawansowania jak również ludzi spoza, którzy dopiero zastanawiają się nad wejściem lub myślą o wyborze tej ścieżki zawodowej. Większość odcinków to wywiady z ekspertami w swoich dziedzinach. Nie ograniaczam się tylko do aspektów technicznych. Poruszam tematy związane z rekrutacją, zarządzaniem, umiejętnościami miękkimi czy pracą na różnych stanowiskach. Zapraszam na stronę podcastu: https://porozmawiajmyoit.pl/ #polskipodcast

By Krzysztof Kempiński

PodCraft | Learn the Art of Podcasting in Focussed Seasons show

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Taking you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster! This podcast is all about the brilliant world of Podcasting – teaching you how to make, grow and monetise a great show. In this podcast I cover the full range of Podcasting skills, looking at: Podcasting Equipment – what microphones to buy, when to get a mixer, how to set it all up. Podcasting Techniques – recording interviews, recording outside events. Podcast Editing – what software to use, how to create the best audio possible. Podcast Promotion – how to grow your audience, how to market your brand. Podcast Planning – scripting, episode planning, topic generation. Podcast Monetisation – how to make money out of your broadcast without turning off your audience. And more – podcasting environments, events, speaking skills.I'll be bringing on guests from popular podcasts, talking to novices and experts alike, and generally helping you to create the best podcast possible. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, or feedback on the podcast, get in touch on twitter at @thepodcasthost or through the website at https://www.ThePodcastHost.com

By The Podcast Host

You Are All Alone show

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1,100 from the present, 1,000 years after the rapid fall of man, DuPaul of Mordarium encounters an entity that changes his life and the world forever. With cursed knowledge bestowed upon him, he must wade through the memory of the world to determine what really happened, and why the world had so thoroughly forgotten humanities existence. A fraught journey awaits DuPaul as he sets out to change the world with the knowledge entrusted to him, but the fear of failure is real when compared to the rest of the world, You Are All Alone.

By Nick Richardson