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Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast show

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Being a human means you have an Inner Critic - that little voice inside your mind telling you how imperfect you are all day long. Journey alongside licensed psychotherapist and Inner Critic expert Joanna Kleinman for conversations each week on how to take your Inner Critic off her throne so you can live your most empowered, happy life.

By Emily Golden & Joanna Kleinman

Create Your Life Series with Kevin Y. Brown show

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Unlike any other podcast Create Your Life Series is recorded live on radio where listeners can call in and ask guests questions to find out for themselves what makes them Great. Experiences, daily habits and defining moments of high achievers from around the world are just the tip of the iceberg of the actionable tool you can begin to implement after listening to one episode. Join Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author and speaker Kevin Y. Brown as he discovers the tools to help you Create YOUR Best Life. Learn more about the show

By Kevin Y. Brown

Why You're Broke show

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Being broke doesn't just apply to your bank account. Join Chelsea Logan, serial entrepreneur and success coach, as she shares her insights and experience from working with entrepreneurs and professional athletes. Learn how to create wealth, improve your business, and love life. Get the show notes and tweetables at

By Chelsea Logan: Serial Entrepreneur and Success Coach

The Space Between show

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Active Yogi, Kate Kendall, connects with all kinds of people who are living an inspired life and mindfully making a difference to the people around them. A podcast with a twist, they have this conscious conversation whilst practicing yoga. Practice with them at home or simply sit back and listen.

By Kate Kendall

Run Eat Repeat show

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Running Weight loss Healthy Living

By Monica Olivas

Medically Speaking Podcast show

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Medically Speaking podcasts are informative discussions with medical experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center and the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. The goal is to provide listeners with the latest information on diagnosing, treating and preventing a variety of health problems so that they can become better health care consumers. Each podcast covers a specific health topic and features an interview with a top specialist. Medically Speaking podcasts are produced by the Communications and Public Affairs Department at the University of Maryland Medical Center.


The Quantified Body show

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The data revolution has begun. The knowledge you will gain over your body, your health, your performance, will explode in the next 5 years. Empowering you to make better decisions about your body and get the results you’re looking for, instead of just guessing or following the latest opinion fad in health or fitness or anti-aging. The Quantified Body introduces you to the cutting edge in this trend – wearable devices, biomarkers, the latest lab tests, quantified self protocols, biohacking tactics, n=1 experiments and crowd science. Guests on this show include scientists, lab technicians, practicing physicians, citizen scientists and others with insights and perspectives on data collection and use towards health management and optimization. This show has the mission to hunt down the best, most accurate, most accessible sources of data we can find – that provide the clearest insights – to make better decisions about our bodies – whether it be towards the goals of better health, disease resolution, higher performance or longevity. Find more at

By The Quantified Body

The Enneagram Journey show

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Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!

By Suzanne Stabile


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Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network® as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media. Because of its long history, staying power, and public trust, the Good News Network has remained #1 on Google. Anthony Samadani interviews incredibly inspiring people from all walks of life, that have dedicated their personal, professional and/or spiritual lives to creating and sharing GOOD NEWS.

By Good News Network

The Ergogenic Podcast: Nutrition / Training / Supplementation  show

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The Ergogenic Podcast is your #1 resource for everything relating to weightlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, diet, exercise, and supplementation. We provide the highest quality cutting edge information based on the most current scientific research, alongside interviews from leaders in sports science research, nutrition, exercise, and supplements.

By Jon & James: Nutrition, Training, and Supplementation Experts