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Sip and Shine Podcast show

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History Channel meets Unsolved Mysteries: we talk Reality TV and hot mess struggles while nerding out over copious amounts of wine and candy. Locked Up Abroad stories, True Crime, Cults, History and everything in between is here for your listening pleasure. Are you the one to go down the rabbit hole when you read an article on a strange topic? Robert Stack's voice still causes you to get scared? Run up the basement stairs when you turn off the light? This show is for you. So come Sip with us about some interesting stories, Sparkle with guest co-hosts or Shine a light on interesting topics.


The Easy Wins Podcast show

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Welcome to the Easy Wins podcast hosted by Mitch Harb(@easywinsmitch). The ultimate goal of this show is to take the stress out of your health/ fitness journey and show you how to focusing on the #easywins is all you need to reach your goals! On this show you'll hear from the top experts in the Health and Fitness space on how to live a complete healthy LIFE! New Episode every Sunday and Friday!

By Mitch Harb

Treating cancer the 3E-way show

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This podcast is a practical resource for people with cancer and anyone interested in alternative cancer therapies. Your hosts Klaus Pertl and Lothar Hirneise share breakthrough ideas and insights as well as important insider knowledge with you that they have gained from 20 years of consulting and working with thousands of people with cancer, worldwide. If you have an interest in finding out what people have done who have survived cancer, then this podcast will give you the inside story.

By Klaus Pertl & Lothar Hirneise, cancer researcher, mind coach and author, founder Original Budwig Center Germany

Better Than Better - Ketones show

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This show is dedicated to educating the world on ketones and how amazing they are for our health. We talk to not only the leading researchers in the world on ketones but also professionals that specialise in this area and also the general person that is transforming their lives on ketones and their experiences.

By Dr. Andrew Timbs

DailyBurn Fit Minute (audio) show

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Join DailyBurn's Mason Bendewald for lively talks with today's star trainers and leaders in fitness. Experience the best fitness anywhere with DailyBurn!

By DailyBurn

I Love Weight Loss show

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The Gray Twins are experts in the field of Weight Loss and Muscle Toning. With Centres in Milton Keynes & Bedford. This free information will help you transform your body.

By The Gray Twins

Dr. Eric Pearl - The Reconnection show

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The Official Podcast of Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. Learn more about Reconnective Healing at our website Join us on Facebook: Watch us on YouTube: This Podcast was created using

By TheReconnection

Sepsis:KnowFromDay1 show

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Sepsis is a critical, life-threatening condition, which results in more than 200,000 deaths in the U.S. every year. The SepsisKnowFromDay1 podcast series, sponsored by bioMérieux, features panel discussions and presentations by experts in the fields of diagnostics, critical care, emergency medicine and infectious diseases in the diagnosis and management of this complex condition. Over the past decade, numerous scientific and clinical studies have investigated the use of a novel biomarker known as procalcitonin, or PCT, as a diagnostic test to aid in the assessment of sepsis. This series provides a forum for scientific exchange and the sharing of experiences to help in the understanding and management of patients suspected of having sepsis. Please subscribe to the podcast to receive the latest episodes as they are released. Additionally, we encourage you to share this podcast series with your friends and colleagues. Additional podcasts and webinars from bioMérieux on how industry experts utilize procalcitonin and other clinical information to better assess and manage patients can also be found at

By bioMérieux

Dr. Annie Thiel Show show

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Dr. Annie Thiel Show Live at

By Dr. Annie Thiel

Mindset Matters  show

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Mindset Matters is a podcast dedicated to exploring how your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can inspire you to take action to enrich your life and the lives of others. We’re going to explore how mindset affects all aspects of your life – including your health, relationships, productivity and performance. There is remarkable new science that reveals how your brain works and how you can better work your brain with a more productive mindset, consciously changing the way you think and perceive to feel more focused, energized, loving, compassionate, creative, innovative and productive. Your mindset affects your performance – at work, or in sports or at school – we’ll talk about how you can learn how to change your mindset to navigate stress better so it doesn’t distract you as much at work, school or at home. We’ll also talk about how you can get more done in less time and work better with others. We will also discuss how your mindset can help rewire your brain for wellness – by being more mindful about how you eat or adopting a healthy lifestyle. It’s my honor to invite you on this journey, where I will offer you thoughts and ideas from many of our great leaders and experts today, so you can have the tools to change your mindset and very possibly, change your life.

By Daniel Friedland, MD: Leadership Trainer and Expert in Health, Wellness and Peak Performance