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Beyond Macros Podcast show

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The podcast dedicated to helping people who do CrossFit learn a holistic approach to improving their fitness that goes beyond exercise. Brought to you by Matt Walrath, founder of Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps CrossFitters get leaner, stronger, and perform better through nutrition habit changes instead of restrictive dieting. Featuring weekly interviews and insights from thought leaders in the fitness industry including researchers, coaches, doctors, and business owners.

By Matthew Walrath

The Competitive Edge - Fitness Uncensored show

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"The Competitive Edge - Fitness Uncensored" kicks off our series of Podcasts that seek to be a wealth of information from active competitors perspectives on the fitness industry. From general topics of dieting all the way through to stage posing and everything in between, make sure you tune in for real time tips, tricks, advice and discussions from these 3 Australian WBFF Pro competitors. This promises to be a no filter view on all things fitness, positives, negatives and all the BS that comes with it. Get the real story, uncensored! Join our Facebook Group to stay up to date with our podcasts and discussions! Edited and Produced by Rachel Hustler For media / sponsorship enquiries please contact Rachel @

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The key to weight-loss and keeping it off is eating the correct healthy foods. It is a fact that we can lose weight without diets pills, without exercise, without extra costs on fake diet plans and without low-calorie diets! If you are the type of person who doesn't want to exercise and love to eat yet want to lose weight, well you can actually eat while losing weight The foods that can help weight loss are very healthy and anyone can eat it without restrictions. They are 100% pure and healthy. People who are so concern about their weight should listen to this audio. Some weight loss foods are mentioned in the audio you can take note off.

Misa Hopkins Podcasts show

Misa Hopkins PodcastsJoin Now to Follow - Discover the path towards self-healing. Let Reverend Misa Hopkins walk you through the journey towards self-discovery, healing and peace. Achieve the ultimate wellness of mind, body and spirit in these series of talks with Misa. Now, using her background as a teacher and healer, along with her intuitive abilities, she provides practical insights to help people unlock the spiritual mystery of self-healing. Through her loving support, people around the world are discovering the root causes of their illnesses, owning their natural abilities to heal, and embracing the Divinity within themselves. As a healer and spiritual counselor, she has helped many people uncover their innate potential for self-healing. Listen in and learn more about the power of your mind, body and spirit from the respected author, educator and lecturer herself!

By Misa Hopkins Podcasts

Doctors On Health Audio Newsletter show

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Commentary from doctors on current health news related to medicine, viewer questions, doctors tips and suggestions, and the latest medical research.

By Doctors of

Bariatric Advantage Podcast show

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As the market leader in micronutrient replacements for the pre and post operative weight loss surgery patients Bariatric Advantage is proud to make available our webinars to the general public in the form of PodCasts.


The Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast Feed show

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Dr. Robert Su, with guests, presents the Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast each week to inform everyone about the science behind the carbohydrate link with diabetes, hypothyroidism, pre-and neonatal health and more.

By Robert K. Su, MD/Disc of Light Media

The Healthy Mind with Dr. Zafirides show

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The Healthy Mind with Dr. Peter Zafirides is a weekly podcast celebrating our true strength and courage. My goal is to provide information that educates, inspires and empowers you towards positive change in your life. We'll cover a wide range of mind-body topics relating to emotional and physical well being. Knowledge truly is power. Knowledge leads to Empowerment and Empowerment leads to Action. And true success, true happiness, true fulfillment only comes from taking Action. I believe that Action - in the midst of adversity - is the true definition of strength and courage. NEVER DOUBT HOW TRULY POWERFUL YOU ARE!!!

By Peter Zafirides, M.D.

The Kick  show

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The Kick podcast is about endurance athletes keeping pace with their passion. The dad who wakes up at 4 a.m. to get a run in, the mother doing her first triathlon or the grandfather biking to set an example for his grandkids. Get ready to be inspired, as athletes of all levels share their personal stories of trials and triumphs every Tuesday. Hosted by Shane and Meg Johnson.

By The Blister

lifecompass's podcast show

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The Healer. Author of The life Compass and Compass of NOW books. Trainer of Compass Mind Management. หลักสูตรเข็มทิศจิตใต้สำนึก บริหารจัดการความคิด ให้อภัยเพื่อชีวิตที่มีความสุขประสบความสำเร็จอย่างเต็มศักยภาพของตัวเอง โทร. 086 745 9777 ไลน์ compassteam 086 745 1777 ไลน์ compassbook 086 745 0777 ไลน์ lifecompass 086 664 8870 ไลน์ compassclass 087 677 2342 ไลน์ compasssmile ไลน์@ : @lifecompass เวลาสำคัญเปลี่ยนชีวิต, ครูอ้อย, เรียนเข็มทิศชีวิต, ฐิตินาถณพัทลุง, เข็มทิศชีวิต, ddnard, ฤทธิ์แห่งใจ ,compassteam, lifecompass, compasssmile, compassclass :

By เข็มทิศชีวิต