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Rock Your Retirement Show show

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Have you every asked yourself, "Is there more to Retirement than money?" If so, then this show is for you! Rock your Retirement is a show that is all about Retirement Lifestyle. <br> <br> Rock Your Retirement is a show that doesn't talk about money or investments. We explore how you can have a great retirement by taking a look at the following lifestyle areas:<br> <br> Social and Family Life in Retirement<br> Adventure and Travel in Retirement <br> Volunteer and Philanthropy <br> Spirit, Soul, and Health<br> Sex in Retirement <br> Sandwich Generation Issues (helping your children and parents at the same time)<br> <br> Make your retirement lifestyle better by listening to the Rock Your Retirement Show!<br> <br> Get more information on the show at

By Kathe Kline and her guests discuss Retirement Lifestyle, not money.

Chain of Wealth - Debt, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Wealth &amp; More show

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Denis and Katie interview inspiring people on topics around debt, wealth, investing, financing and more. Building wealth is a fundamental principle where there is not enough knowledge - follow them on their journey to pay back all Katie's debt and learn from the masters themselves! Episodes Monday &amp; Thursday, which are perfect for your commute, teach you actionable ways to build your financial life and achieve your dreams. During the episodes, we touch on questions that unlock thought leaders' secrets. Right after that we jump right into the value link round, where we get their take on why people fail, some of the best books or podcasts they recommend and much more!

By Denis O'Brien &amp; Katie Welsh

Lunar Abundance show

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Dr Ezzie Spencer is the creator of Lunar Abundance, and the author of "An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon". This is her podcast for women who want to create more joy, ease and abundance, using practical strategies, imaginative ideas, and a sprinkle of magic! In each episode, Ezzie delves into topics and listener questions about how to live and work in feminine flow, with accompanying meditations and playsheets. Find out more at

By Dr Ezzie Spencer | Author of an Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon

The Informed Life show

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An interview-based show that uncovers how folks from different fields manage their personal information ecosystems to be more productive.

By Jorge Arango

Peak Mind with Michael Trainer show

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Welcome to Peak Mind, I am your host Michael Trainer. I have spent the better part of the last 23 years traveling the world to learn from the best in human optimization; the Peak Minds of the world. From traditional healers to doctors at the cutting edge of modern science, from Nobel prize winners to elite performers, my goal here is to share the insights of the world's best thought leaders. The vision is that their teachings can find a place in your tool box, to help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of 21st century living. Peak Mind is a new kind of platform, with the committed aim of providing you with the cutting edge tools and next level wisdom to help unlock your full potential.

By Michael Trainer

Munchcast (MP3) show

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Your weekly trip down junk food lane with San Francisco radio personality Cammy Blackstone and geek foodie Leo Laporte. From hot dogs on a stick to pizza in a cup, Munchcast covers geek food in all its guises. You can take your gourmet, just give us the midway. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Embrace Your Core show

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Embrace Your Core is a bi-monthly podcast brought to you by SPEAR Physical Therapy, the Nation's Top Physical Therapy Practice, with the primary goal of helping people realize that to truly succeed, you must start by looking within. The Embrace Your Core podcast series aims to empower YOU to become the best YOU possible. We’ll do that by sharing the viewpoints of the nation’s top physicians, physical therapists, athletes and inspiring leaders. These guests will tell us how they recognize their unique power of self, and will share how they apply that in their daily lives. Episodes released every other tuesday of the month.

By Jon Bernfeld / SPEAR Physical Therapy

The CrossFit Podcast show

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The official podcast of CrossFit INC. Exploring all things fitness from training and nutrition, to affiliates and communities and the battle against chronic disease.

By CrossFit INC.

Are You Being Real? | The One &amp; Only Podcast show

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We interrupt the noisy &amp; superficial status quo to bring you refreshingly honest conversation, inspiring stories, and deep discussion about life's most important questions. <br> <br> Tune-in weekly for new episodes that will make you think, help you remain clear &amp; connected to what's most important (to you), and keep you motivated to do and be your best. Hosted by former Showtime Exec turned Tedx Speaker &amp; Winning Weeks founder, Mark Shapiro.<br> <br> With over 150 episodes, incredible guests such as Lewis Howes, Ricki Lake, the Real Jerry Maguire - Leigh Steinberg, and with over 200,000 people having tuned in globally, come join the conversation and help us co-create a new norm where honest dialogue about what really matters, courageous authentic living, &amp; working together to make a positive impact, becomes the new standard.

By Mark Shapiro | |

Rebound - Life After Foreclosure, Dave Ramsey style show

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In 2006, we lost a business, went through a million dollar lawsuit and lost our home to foreclosure. We’ve been picking up the pieces of our lives ever since. We’ve survived financial ruin with our marriage intact and stronger than ever. We're working Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover to pay off our debt, build wealth and give! Rebound is our story – the ups, the downs and everything in between. We're not perfect (far from it, actually). We're real people with real financial issues facing real life on a daily basis. Have a question or a comment? Leave us a message at (910) 420-0020 and we may respond on the air! Visit our website at for all the past episodes along with show notes and links.

By Spencer and Lisa Ashby