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Cycling Weekly show

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To waste time while travelling, the CW team recorded its first ever podcast on June 29. And it went so well (honest!) that they've decided to keep them going.

By Cycling Weekly

Virtual Dating Assistants show

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The Click Magnet Dating Podcast is where experts dial in to discuss dating mastery, both online and off. Tune in for expert advice on meeting women, maximizing your success with phone numbers, building attraction on the date and much more.

By Virtual Dating Assistants

Podcast – Sage Rountree show

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Sage advice to help you find better balance

By Sage Rountree

Move Your Hyde Power Yoga show

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Move Your Hyde Power Yoga is dedicated to bringing power yoga to Cincinnati. Our podcasts are recordings of live power yoga classes taught in our studio.

By Missy Tyszkiewicz

Angry Trainer Fitness show

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A NO-NONSENSE APPROACH TO FITNESS. FITNESS FACTS NOT FICTION. Alfonso Moretti is The Angry Trainer – a man on a mission to transform the fitness industry. Alfonso is tired of all the lies and myths that keep us all from getting into shape – from infomercial products that don’t work to dodgy diets to unqualified personal trainers. Angry Trainer Fitness is Alfonso’s platform to set the industry straight with common sense, great advice and real workout knowledge. For more on Alfonso "The Angry Trainer" Moretti, please go to

By Alfonso Moretti Podcast show PodcastJoin Now to Follow is designed to share valuable videos on health, green living, happiness, fitness, self improvement and other similar topics that help uplift people and contribute to a better world.

By NaturalNews

The Robert Scott Bell Show show

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The Bobert Scott Bell Show with Robert Scott Bell and Don Naylor

By Robert Scott Bell

Tap Dance Made Easy - Video PodClass show

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The "Tap Dance Made Easy" Video PodClass is an ongoing, bi-weekly instructional tap dance class. Aimed at the beginning to intermediate tap dancer, episode segments include: warmups, tap essentials, time-steps, speed-steps, short combinations, and more, with an emphasis on clear instruction, proper technique/body placement, and accurate musical counts. Premium subscribers receive all episodes. Instructor: Eli Newsom, of the popular instructional DVD series "Tap Dance Made Easy". Level: Beginning to Intermediate.

By Eli Newsom

Rays of Empowerment and Healing show

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Join us for empowering, healing & uplifting audio / video meditations & creative visualizations, affirmations, talks, interviews etc. for greater abundance, joy and fulfilment. For more options visit our website

By Konstadina Sadoriniou