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MarVeena's Self Mastery TV Program show

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Spiritual awakening is a part of our souls dream. Activating our light body, stepping into our power and living life the way our soul intended. This podcast contains lessons and mediations, using hypnosis and positive NLP re-enforcement language.

By MarVeena Meek

Optics and Refraction by Dr. David Hunter show

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Dr. David Hunter’s lectures on optics and refraction are among the most popular anywhere in the world. Until now, you would have to travel to a review course to experience these concise and entertaining (considering the topic) lectures. That all changed on March 9, 2010, when Dr. Hunter recorded his entire six hour lecture series, as presented at the 2010 San Antonio Ophthalmology Course. The slides are rendered in crisp detail, and a video camera captures Dr. Hunter when he steps outside the PowerPoint to emphasize a teaching topic. There is even an accompanying handout, which serves as an independent study guide. Watch the lectures over and over, on your own time, to the point of nausea if you wish. For further review, you can purchase a copy of his book, Last-Minute Optics online. Now, anyone in the world can benefit from these popular lectures, free of charge! If you wish to make a donation to support this podcast, which was produced with the support of the Children's Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation, please visit

By David G. Hunter, MD, PhD

Living Herbs Podcast show

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Featuring the latest research and news in herbal and natural medicine, with talks on local and noteworthy medicinal plants, and an exploration of all things herbal.

By Dr. Christopher Hobbs

Smiling Mind 16-22 years program show

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Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It’s a simple tool that gives a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.

By Smiling Mind

MedscapeCME Dermatology Podcast show

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Medscape offers free CME activities for physicians and other health professionals. Medscape is organized by medical specialty, with each supported specialty having its own customized Web site. Specialty content is evaluated, created, and presented under the guidance of a Medscape program director and a medical professional advisory board.

By MedscapeCME

Rules of Engagement show

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For more than 25 years Kelleher International has been setting the standard for upscale, professional matchmaking. Their unique “boutique-like” experience, coupled with unparalleled service for a discriminating global clientele has produced an unrivaled network of highly accomplished men and woman seeking their ideal partner.

By Kelleher International Matchmaking

South Texas Gardening Podcast show

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The Bob Webster Gardening Show is South Texas' source for the best and most accurate organic gardening tips and techniques.

By News Talk 550 KTSA

Holistic Health Women's Podcasts and Radio show

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Women's Radio Show, podcasts, and broadcasts with holistic health topics that focus on holistic health, nutrition and relationship topics for women. My guests and I will be here for you with tips, thoughts, ideas and suggestions, I can assure I will help you feel and look fabulous.

By Irina Wardas HHC

Natural Standard Podcast show

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News items are created monthly and include an overview of scientific publications, conference proceedings, safety concerns, product recalls, or other important complementary and alternative medicine occurrences.

By Natural Standard

The Daily Inspiration Podcast show

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The Daily Inspiration is a podcast dedicated to exposing the roots of what inspires us as human beings. Audiophiles immerse yourself in interviews with influential leaders and experience enlightening material delivered straight to your ears.

By Devin Ambron