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The Town School Podcasts show

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Book readings, assembly performances, school projects and more!

By The Town School Community

Tea With Teachers Podcast  /  Conversation  /  Identity  /  Life Experiences show

Tea With Teachers Podcast / Conversation / Identity / Life ExperiencesJoin Now to Follow

Join teacher Aashish Parekh in a conversation with fellow teachers exploring identity and drawing on life experiences to consider how that impacts their worldview and craft.

By Aashish Parekh / Teacher

Bobby Bucket Podcasts show

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A Podcast for kids, Parents, and Readers of All ages! Celebrating READING with Books, Music, Author Interviews, and more! bobbybucket.com bobbybucket@gmail.com

By Bob Sprankle



AMERICAN HISTORY RULES in Mr. Taft's 8th grade American history class at University School of Milwaukee. Keep coming back for audio files for lessons and homework, review sessions for tests and quizzes, and messages about class material. Historical audio files and music will also be included when they fit!

By Chuck Taft

Teach Hustle Inspire: Classroom Management | Student Engagement | Educator Lifestyle show

Teach Hustle Inspire: Classroom Management | Student Engagement | Educator LifestyleJoin Now to Follow

Flourish in the classroom! That’s the goal of this podcast, to help you as an educator absolutely flourish in the classroom. Award-winning educator and professor, Dr. Shaun Woodly of ShaunWoodly.com is sharing the research-based strategies of master educators to help you create the optimal learning environment in your classroom. <br> <br> Classroom management, student engagement, teacher lifestyle hacks, and everything else that works (and doesn’t work) to help you be the best teacher you can be! This podcast is fun, engaging, and insightful; it's basically your favorite sitcom, college professor, and classroom strategist all rolled into one! It’s truly the staff development you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know existed until now! Welcome to Teach Hustle Inspire!

By Dr. Shaun Woodly: Education Professor and K-12 Staff Development Expert

The Cafe Cortado show

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If you have a question about the Spanish language, call our hotline on (408) 540 6115 in the US, or (0141) 416 2600 in the UK and we'll do our best to feature your question on the show. There are free Coffee Break Spanish pdf guides for every listener whose question or problem is featured on the show!

By Radio Lingua Network

The Mythology Podcast show

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From mermaids to death rituals, we discuss a wide variety of beautiful and entertaining stories from mythology, folklore, and legend throughout history and from all over the world.

By Beau-Caprice Vetch

A Delectable Education Charlotte Mason Podcast show

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Through weekly conversations, three moms who have studied the Charlotte Mason method of education and put her ideas into practice in their homes join together to share with one another for the benefit of listeners by giving explanations of Mason's principles and examples of those principles put into practice out of their own teaching experience. These short discussions aim at providing information, support, and encouragement for others by unfolding the myriad aspects.

By Liz Cottrill, Emily Kiser and Nicole Williams

School Run French show

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Get your child's mind ready for a day of learning by using these innovative podcasts which teach French vocabulary and grammar using interactive quizzes.

By Radio Lingua Network

NCTE Language Arts Podcast show

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The NCTE Language Arts podcast, "Conversation Currents," presents interviews with noted educators discussing current research and practice in the language arts. A new mp3 podcast accompanies each bimonthly issue of Language Arts, published by the National Council of Teachers of English. The music for this podcast ("Funky Monkey") was composed and performed by Branden Lisi and is ℗ &amp; © 2011 Branden Lisi.

By National Council of Teachers of English