K 12 Podcasts

Nerd Farmer Podcast show

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A national conversation through a local lens.

By Nate Bowling

STEMCAST with Dr. Reagan Flowers show

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The STEMcast Podcast is hosted by Dr. Reagan Flowers and is designed to inspire and advance STEM perspectives. Dr. Flowers interviews STEM + Art + Communications professionals from all walks of life and discusses the significance of C-STEM in their professional and personal life. You can expect a new episode each month with a complimentary newsletter.

By Dr. Reagan Flowers | Founder of CSTEM.org

The Path to Higher Ed: Improve Your College Readiness Program, Expand College Access and Send more of Your Students to College show

The Path to Higher Ed: Improve Your College Readiness Program, Expand College Access and Send more of Your Students to CollegeJoin Now to Follow

We’re talking to the educators utterly smashing college readiness. Hear what’s working for them, what’s not working, and learn how you can send more of your students to college. Presented by SchooLinks; the online college readiness platform streamlining college planning for high school districts. Incorporating personality and career discovery with AI-driven college matching on an automated platform. The easy-to-use solution keeps students, counselors and parents engaged through the college planning process. Get the show notes at schoolinks.com/talk.

By SchooLinks

GED Test Audio Lessons, Audio GED Prep Project show

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This is an audio project to help student prepare to take the new GED Exam. GED is the common reference acronym to the standardized test called “General Education Development” which is administered by GED Testing Service LLC. In this project we will producing lessons in audio or podcast form we will be providing one new audio lesson (podcast) per week. There are about 41 lessons in total with each lesson about 25 min. in length. If the student wishes to progress at a faster pace we recommend that he purchase and download the section he is studying. These lessons are available in the menu “GED Audio Lessons”

By AudioGEDPrep.com

Teachers Going Gradeless - TG2Cast show

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This is the podcast of Teachers Going Gradeless. It hosts interviews with teacher from around the world going gradeless in order to promote learning over grading.

By Aaron Blackwelder

Everyday Einstein's Quick and Dirty Tips for Making Sense of Science show

Everyday Einstein's Quick and Dirty Tips for Making Sense of ScienceJoin Now to Follow

How do astronomers photograph a black hole? How often do planes get hit by lightning? What does the EPA actually do? Science is all around us and transforming our world at a rapid pace. Extragalactic astrophysicist Sabrina Stierwalt is here to guide you through it. She'll help you make sense of the everyday and the once-in-a-lifetime.

By QuickAndDirtyTips.com

Loud in the Library show

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Teacher librarians Chris Patrick and Tracy Chrenka share their love of books and reading with their podcast Loud in the Library.

By Loud in the Library

The Happy Student show

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A podcast for parents who want to learn specific strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially.

By Fireborn Institute

SciGirls show

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SciGirls, a PBS KIDS weekly series and website, is out to change how millions of tween girls think about science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM! In each episode, animated characters Izzie and her best friend Jake find themselves in jams only science can fix. To set things right, Izzie calls on smart, curious real-life SciGirls, who put STEM to work and save the day. Izzie also invites viewers to hang out on the website, a totally safe social networking environment where girls can connect, create personal profiles and avatars, share projects and watch every episode.

By Twin Cities Public Television

Time Turners: A History Podcast show

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Join 11-year-old scientist Lottie Turner and her robot pal Gif on a fun-filled journey through history.

By Eric Jaffe