K 12 Podcasts

Ecologist Goes to Washington show

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The Ecologist Goes to Washington features the stories and reflections of scientists who have engaged their local, state, or federal governments in addressing the broader implications of their research.

By ESA Podcast

SHP Theology Podcast show

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This podcast is designed to enhance the study of Theology at Seton Hall Preparatory School.

By Mr. Lace

The Economic Lowdown show

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The Economic Lowdown is a podcast series produced by the Economic Education department of the St. Louis Fed for high school students. The series covers topics in economics, personal finance, banking and monetary policy.

By Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Georgia Stories Video show

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Georgia Stories is a multimedia site all about the history of Georgia. The series includes over a hundred videos detailing important events, people, and places from Georgia's rich past. Explore the early stages of Georgia's formation as a colony, learn about Georgia's role in the founding of the United States, discover new aspects of Georgia life during the Civil War, learn about the Great Depression in Georgia, and learn about how some of the most important leaders in Civil Rights started their lives in Georgia.

By Georgia Public Broadcasting

PE Central Podcast show

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This is a preliminary, trial feed. Final version will be announced on http://www.pecentral.org

By Mark Manross

Field Talk show

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Field Talk explores research results – and the stories of the ecologists behind them – from three of the Society’s journals: Ecology, Ecological Applications, and Ecological Monographs.

By ESA Podcast

The Russian Revolution show

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These podcasts, produced by the Choices Education Program at Brown University, bring university scholars into secondary level classrooms. They are designed to be used along with printed curriculum materials that are available at www.choices.edu. The printed curriculum unit The Russian Revolution focuses on the political and economic conditions that led to the fall of the tsar and explores the competing political ideologies that Russian people debated in 1917. For more information visit www.choices.edu/russianrevolution

By The Choices Program

Douchy's Biology show

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This Podcast is produced for Unit 3/4 Biology students More information is available at www.andrewdouch.com.au

By Andrew Douch

Wort der Woche | Deutsch Lernen | Deutsche Welle show

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Ein Format für die Frühstückspause: Lernt jede Woche ein neues kurioses Wort und seine Bedeutung in einer Minute kennen.

By DW.DE | Deutsche Welle

Audiotrainer | Deutsch lernen | Deutsche Welle show

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Lernt für den Alltag nützliche Vokabeln und verbessert eure Aussprache. [englische Version]

By DW.DE | Deutsche Welle